How to unlock hushh sound machine


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Hushh sound machines are made to provide you quality sleep. It creates a relaxing sound that makes you feel relaxed and fall asleep quickly. But if your hushh machine got locked and you don’t know how to unlock  hushh sound machine, then read this article carefully to get the easy solution to your problem.
In this article;
Unlocking hushh sound machine
How many types of voices hushh sound machine generate
How to use hushh sound machine
How to charge the hushh sound machine
The battery of hushh sound machine
Effect of amber LED light on battery life
Rohm comparison with hushh

Unlocking hushh sound machine:

The Hushh has a child-safe option that locks it in an ON or OFF position, keeping it out of the reach of little children who might try to play with it while it’s on. The kid lock may be activated if your Hushh unit’s control buttons aren’t responding.
To turn off the child lock, press both “POWER” and “SELECT” buttons at the same time and hold them for a few seconds. Hold until you see the signal light blink three times. After doing this step, please press the volume buttons to adjust the volume.
If your hushh sound machine still does not work, then try this method to reset it;

1. Unplug your hushh sound machine
2.  Run your hushh sound machine until its battery is completely used. It can take up to 2 days if your hushh sound machine’s battery is fully charged.
3. As your hushh sound machine is turned off because of battery. Now, re-plug your sound machine to charge it.
4. Turn ON your hushh sound machine, and it is ready to use again usually. Use your hushh sound machine as you were doing before and enjoy your quality sleep. Now you know how to unlock hushh sound machine, so if you ever face this problem again, just repeat this process.

How many types of voices hushh sound machine generate:

There are three different types of sounds a hushh machine generates;

  • Deep white noise (this sound is like the white noise of a fan).
  • Bright white noise (this sound is similar to the white noise of an airplane).
  • Gentle surf (the sound of soft ocean waves).

How to use hushh sound machine:

Hushh sound machine is very simple to use. Press the power button located on the side of the hushh sound machine for a few seconds to turn it ON. After turning it ON, if you want to change the sound, just press the “S” button once located below the power button. Press this “S” button again if you want to change the sound.

To activate the child lock of the hushh sound machine, hold down the “S” button for a few seconds and do the same to deactivate the child lock. Use the volume UP button to increase the volume and the volume down button to decrease the volume.

There is also an amber light on the back of the hushh sound machine to use at night. Just press the power button twice to turn it ON and press it twice again to turn it OFF.

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How to charge the hushh sound machine:

Charging is also easy as “how to unlock hushh sound machine.” You can use your mobile USB charger to charge it.

The battery of hushh sound machine:

Because the Hushh sound machine features an internal rechargeable battery, you’ll never have to worry about replacing batteries or about your child accidentally opening the machine and playing with the batteries. The USB connector that came with your unit is used to charge the battery.

The lasting of the battery depends upon these factors;

5. The battery life of your hushh sound machine will last 12 hours when you use it on medium volume and without using the amber LED light. It will last 10 hours if you use it on high volume and 14 hours on low volume.
6. If you don’t use amber LED light and play it on the low volume, you will get more battery life from your hushh sound machine.
7. Different sounds have different battery life. The best sound for long battery life is “bright white sound.”
8. Charging your hush sound machine with a good quality charger with help to keep your battery performing well. Bad quality or cheap chargers can ruin your battery life.

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Effect of amber LED light on battery life:

Hushh sound has a very small amber LED light. This light is used to find or locate your hushh sound machine at night. This light also increases the beauty of your hushh sound machine. This light consumes battery and will finish your battery early.
If you use this light with maximum sound, the battery will last approximately less than 5 to 6 hours. If you use your hushh sound machine without amber light, then it will be up to 10 hours continuously.

Rohm comparison with hushh:

Hushh and Rohm are the same in comparison to functions, but there is a difference in shape.
The hushh sound machine has a tiny amber LED light which Rohm does not have in it.
Hushh has a loop of plastic that you can use to attach to the buggy or side of the cot; Rohm does not have this feature.


In this article, I shared easy steps on how to unlock hushh sound machine features of this machine which provides you quality sleep. Your baby will sleep comfortably while listening to its sound. It comes with a good battery which gives you approximately 12 to 14 hours of life. It gives you three sounds option. It has an amber LED light on its back which you can use at night time to locate it in the dark. This light also affects battery life. If you want to use your sound machine for a long time, then use it without amber light. Keeping your hushh sound machine on low volumes also helps to provide a long battery life.

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