How to wash Newton Mattress


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New parents are most worried about how to wash newton mattress. But, you don’t need to worry anymore because as a parent of 3 children, I know the solution to your problem. I am going to share all the experiences that I learned after facing so many problems.
Taking care of your newton mattress and washing it is very easy. It is completely washable from the cover to the core. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you ensure that your baby is having a comfortable sleep on the most hygienic and safest mattress.

Table of content;
Washing cover of newton mattress
Washing wovenaire core
Drying newton mattress
Factors to consider when buying a newton mattress sheet
Types of newton mattress sheet
How many sheets you need to buy
When should you need to change the sheet
What is newton mattress sheet made of?
What is wovenaire?
Is a crib mattress pad required with a newton mattress?

Washing cover of newton mattress:

Our coverings are machine washable and engineered to shrink after the first wash to match your needs. We recommend washing the outside cover (not the inside viscose layer) in hot water and drying it in a warm setting until totally dry before using it for the first time. After that, make sure your cover fits properly. All next washes should be done according to the instructions on the care tag.

For a balanced load, we recommend washing the inner and outer covers at the same time; however, no additional laundry should be added to the cycle. Simply unzip and remove the Wovenaire core’s cover. Before washing in cold water with mild detergent, re-zip each cover closed separately. Dry immediately in the dryer on a low heat setting until completely dry. Hanging to dry is not a good idea.

Like wool, this Viscose material has natural absorptive characteristics, which might result in Odor if you leave it damp. If an Odor develops, simply wash the cover again using the previous methods and add 1/2 cup baking soda to the wash.

Washing wovenaire core:

After removing the cover from the wovenaire core, you can also wash it. Place it in a tub or under the shower and spot the dirty area on the whole mattress. Wash it using cold water. Please avoid using hot water, avoid using harsh detergent try to use vinegar or mild detergent.

Drying newton mattress:

Shake the core aggressively to release any trapped water droplets. Allow it to dry on its side. This will take between 2 and 6 hours, depending on the amount of air circulation in the space. Place the core in a well-ventilated room or in front of a fan to speed up the process.

Never dry it with a hand dryer:

Now you know how to wash newton mattress, for your baby’s comfort, I am going to share some factors that you have to consider when you are going to buy a newton mattress.

Factors to consider when buying a newton mattress sheet:

Sheets for the newton mattress, also known as “Crib sheet,” are so important to your child’s comfort and safety as a newton mattress. For your child’s comfort, you must consider some main factors before buying a crib sheet.


A newborn baby lies on his back for most of the day. As a result, his body can quickly get hot and sweat because of lying in the same position. To protect your baby from this problem, look for a sheet that is made of breathable material. Breathable material allows good air circulation, keeping your child calm and sweat free.


For your child’s safety, the fitting of the crib sheet around the mattress is very important. Buy a sheet that fit tightly around the mattress, and the mattress must also be fit tightly inside the crib. It is important because your child tends to move around a little bit in his crib. If the crib sheet is lost there is a chance of sheet bunching up, which is very dangerous for your child.
Please avoid leaving any extra fabric and other things like bumper pads, extra blankets, and pillows because your child is yet not able enough to move away if something is pressed against his face. If something is pressed against his face, it can make it difficult for your child to breathe, which is very dangerous.


The products which contain fewer allergy-producing substances known as allergens are described using the phrase “Hypoallergenic”, especially in cosmetics and fabrics. While it’s difficult to say that these items will never produce an allergic reaction, they have been shown to reduce the severity of reactions. Because your baby will be sleeping on his or her crib sheet for several hours each day, it’s important that you provide them with the most hypoallergenic fabrics possible.

Therefore, you must have to look for hypoallergenic products. The breathability factor and breathe-through technology keep humidity and moisture out, preventing dust mites from multiplying. Another important factor to consider is how to wash newton mattress sheet, so please buy a sheet that is easy to wash and dry.

Types of newton mattress sheet:

When it comes to crib mattress size, there are two options: standard and mini. The size of crib sheets you choose will be determined by the size of your child’s bed.
Take a look at the measurements for both mattress sizes below to make an accurate choice.

Standard sheet:

The size of the standard sheet is 52 inches X 28 inches. These sheets can easily fit a newton mattress up to 8 inches thick. These sheets are designed to fit perfectly and safely on your child’s mattress. You can also fit these sheets on other mattresses of the same size.

Mini sheet:

If you buy a mini size bed and mattress for your child, then this sheet is best for you. The size of this sheet is 24 inches X 28 inches. This sheet also fits perfectly on a mattress and provides your child great comfort and safety.

How many sheets you need to buy:

After knowing how to wash newton mattress, it’s time to know how many sheets you need to buy for your child’s bed or mattress. Here is the main factors which depend on how many sheets you need to buy;

When should you need to change the sheet?

To figure out how many sheets you need to buy, you have to consider the main thing how often you will change your child’s mattress sheet. As a parent, you have to know how to wash newton mattress sheet and when you should change it.

Drool, spit-up, sweat, and diaper leaks are common in your child’s bed. You have to quickly change your child’s crib sheet if one of these things happens. For this, you must have an extra crib sheet to keep your child safe and hygienic.

Make sure you check your child’s crib sheet daily for any soiled areas that may have been noticed. Changing your child’s crib sheet once in a week requires three to four sheets. But if you want to change it daily, it is better to buy at least six sheets.

What is newton mattress sheet made of?

These sheets have a top and bottom layer of 3d spacer fabric, which is specially designed to provide a better airflow. This layer is made of viscose material which is completely chemical free. These layers are manufactured from reconstituted wood pulp.

What is wovenaire?

The core of all our mattresses is Wovenaire, a proprietary cushioning material that substitutes foam, latex, and springs. It’s composed of LDPE grade 4 plastic, which is a 100 percent recyclable food quality polymer. It’s made of the same material as a yogurt jar! Wovenaire is made up of 90% air by volume, making it exceptionally light and airy. It is GREENGUARD Gold Verified, which means it has been thoroughly tested and certified to emit the fewest chemicals possible. Wovenaire is also hypoallergenic, and unlike foam and latex, it does not off-gas or leak hazardous chemicals. Wovenaire is an excellent choice for your infant because of all of these factors.

Is a crib mattress pad required with newton mattress?

When it comes to breathability and waterproof protection, crib mattress pad is a perfect addition to your Newton mattress. Because the covers of the Newton mattresses are water resistant and machine washable, a pad isn’t required for the first few months because spills are minimal and stay on the cover, making cleaning easier.

Using only a sheet on the mattress and a cover can let your child to breathe freely during their rollover stages. When spills and leaks get worse, adding Crib Mattress Pad is a great way to preserve the comfort and breathability your young one loves while also adding waterproof protection for faster clean-ups. Our pad is particularly useful for traveling or in day care situations because it allows ANY crib to breathe.


In this article, I shared how to wash newton mattress and the easy steps to wash it. Few types of crib sheets, their sizes, and when you should change your child’s crib sheet. I hope after reading this article, you got all the information about your child’s mattress; the child’s comfort and safety is the main thing that every parent wants.

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