How to make your own bath pillow


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It is difficult to avoid body, relax or feel comfortable in a slippery bathtub, especially if it’s a straight-back tub. When it comes to bath time, you want to ensure that you are obtaining the most relaxation possible. Thankfully, there is an answer in the form of a bath pillow.

You can purchase one and keep it on hand for whenever you want to relax in the tub. The issue is what to do if you don’t have your fluffy bath cushion with you. Don’t worry, you can make a bath pillow at home.

If you want to know how to make your own bath pillow, then read this article carefully. When you want to get relax during a bath but don’t get a comfortable position, it’s the worst feeling ever. Positioning your head on the edge of the bathtub will start hurting you after a while. You can use a bath pillow to relax and feel comfortable during the bath.

This article will teach you how to make your own bath pillow in such a simple and straightforward manner that almost anyone can do it. If you appreciate DIY home design projects, you will not only obtain a pillow from this experience, but you will also enjoy the process of making your own bath pillow.

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What is a bath pillow?

When you want to make your bathing experience more comfortable, you can use a bath pillow. You no longer have to worry about your slippery bathtub, especially if you want to rest your head on the tub’s edge.

Insert the bath pillow beneath your neck while resting your head and neck against the tub’s edge. It will undoubtedly suffice to make you feel at ease. Bathing may take longer than usual and will be more soothing.

When you feel uncomfortable during bathing, you have to bath quickly. As a result, you will not get the relaxation which you want.
Steps to make a bath pillow.

You can make two types of bath pillows at home. I am going to share a step-by-step guide on how to make your own bath pillow;

  • Using towel
  • Using noodle floaties

Using towel:

Using the towel pillow technique, make a DIY bath pillow. Cotton fibers, which are commonly used in bath and hand towels, also form a terrific bath pillow. Because they are pleasant and lightweight, they are good material for the towel pillow technique.


But, aside from an old bath or hand towel, there are a few things you’ll need for this. Before you begin, make sure you have scissors, a tape measure, a needle, thread, or a sewing machine on hand. Styrofoam peanuts or sponges are also required. You can begin constructing your bath cushion once you have all of these items ready.

Measure your bathtub size:

Start by using your measuring tape to measure your tub while adjusting the bath cushion in the tub. You can use your old towel to sew the pillow cover to the size you measured. The foam cushioning, sponges, or Styrofoam peanuts you have on hand can then be used to fill it.

Fill and close your bath pillow:

Don’t forget to sew the pillow closed after you’ve filled it in. You now have a bath pillow that you can use in your tub whenever you want to unwind.

Placing your bath pillow:

One of the most important things to remember while using a bath cushion is to situate it correctly. In this manner, you can enjoy total body relaxation for the most pleasant bath time. If the pillow continues to slip, suction cups can be used to secure it to the tub. It’s also a good idea to use a pillow insert so you can wash the bath pillow more easily in the future.

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I am sure that you will find it very exciting that you have to options for making your bath pillows. The two methods are widely used by users to have a relaxing bath.

These two

  1. Noodle flootie method
  2. towel pillow technique

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The Famous Flootie Method

This is the most widely used method in which we use kid’s noodle flootie. You have to follow the following steps while making your own bath pillow

Using noodle floatie:

To start, you’ll need a noodle floatie to build your bath pillow. Noodle floaties make fantastic bath pillows for youngsters. This is due to the fact that they are soft and easy to form into a pillow that can support the neck while bathing.

Take measurements for the area where the cushion will be placed:

Begin this DIY project by measuring the area of the bathtub where the cushion will be placed. Also, remember to record the measurement. The color of the floatie you want to utilize can then be chosen.

Of course, it’s best to pick one that complements your bathroom so that the colors blend together and create a more pleasing look. DIY projects are versatile and exciting because you can adapt them to your desire.

Cutting noodle floatie with a knife:

Cut your chosen floatie to the appropriate length with a knife. When cutting the floatie, it’s a good idea to add an extra inch to provide optimal comfort.

Finding the best position for noodle floatie:

It’s critical to keep the floatie in the best possible position when making this bath pillow. You’ll be able to properly float your head and have a more pleasant bath experience this way.

This DIY bath pillow has one flaw: it does not work for everyone. As a result, it’s best to figure out what will work best for you. If anything does not make you feel at ease, the second step may be the most important to remember.


This is also liked by many people who are willing to make their own bath pillow. But keep in mind that you must have some sewing skills for the complete accomplishment of the task. Follow the following essential steps to make your own bath pillow.

Sew old towels

First, you have to sew old pillows to give them the shape of a pillow cover. Don’t worry it will not be good and beautiful at this stage.

Leave one end open

While sewing the pillow cover, keep in mind that you have to keep one end open as we have to fill the filling material from this open end of the pillow cover

Fill styrofoam or sponge

Filling the pillow with a sponge or styrofoam depends on your priorities. But we recommend choosing both because sponge keeps your pillow afloat on the water surface and styrofoam gives it a specific and beautiful shape

Stitch the open end

when you become pretty sure that the pillow is now adjustable so sew it’s open it and give it a final finish

How to choose a bath pillow:

If you don’t want to, or you don’t know how to make your own bath pillow and want to buy it from the market. There are some things to consider when buying a bath pillow.


The comfort of a bath pillow is influenced by factors such as material and type. If the material isn’t soft, the feel on the skin could be annoying. Mesh is softer and more pleasant to the touch than inflatable plastic. Of course, comfort is highly personal, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Some people suffer from neck and back pain. Therefore a foam choice that supports only the neck and back while the rest of the body relaxes on the bathtub surface is beneficial. Others may be more sensitive to the hard bottom of the tub and might benefit from a full-body pillow.

The best way to find out which bath pillow is best for you is to notice which part of your body is uncomfortable during the bath. So, you can easily buy a pillow that supports extra comfort to that body part.


The material used to make bath pillow is also important to consider. The material of the bath pillow depends on its comfort, durability, and how much time it will take to get dry. Mesh over the foam, and inflatable plastic are commonly used in bath pillows.

You can easily store and carry inflatable plastic with you on travel. This bath pillow is not as comfortable as others. Mesh pillows come in a few options like 3d or 4d printing. This refers to the thickness and number of layers of the mesh that covers the foam.

Suitability of tub:

When looking for the best bath pillow for you, keep in mind the type of bathtub you have. A full-body pillow is unlikely to fit inside a shower tub. A neck and back pillow may also be beneficial in a jacuzzi bathtub, while the rest of the body benefits from the bubbles or jets. Because freestanding tubs are deep and built of hard materials that are hard on the bones and joints, a full-body pillow may be the best option for full-body comfort.

Which bath pillow is best for you depends on the style of the bathtub in your home and the type of bath you prefer. Compare the shape, size, and depth of the bathtub to the shape, size, and comfort level of the bath pillow.

Suction cups:

While trying to relax, rearranging and placing a bath cushion can ruin the mood. Many bath pillows have poor suction technology, which causes frustration at a time when you should be relaxing and refreshed. Look for products with extra-large suction cups to avoid ruining your spa experience.

These are more secure against the tub’s side and are less likely to slip during a soak. Bath pillows also require a sufficient quantity of suction cups. It is insufficient to have them only on the four corners. Each corner, the center, and all surfaces that will come into contact with the tub, such as headrests and extra-wide shoulder supports, should have suction cups.


Bath pillows are hard to clean because they are used in water. If you do not dry bath pillows properly, there is a risk of growing mildew. If you want your bath pillow to dry properly and quickly, please look for 3D or 4D mesh. These pillows are breathable and allow a good airflow in their layer, which helps them to dry quickly.

Cleaning your bath pillow regularly is important to prevent bacteria and other diseases. Choose a bath pillow that allows easy access to corners and creases to clean and sanitize it properly. Also, look for a bath pillow that has an option to remove suction cups to clean them easily.
When should you change your bath pillow

Knowing how to make your own bath pillow is good, but you also have to know about the life of your bath pillow. It is necessary to change your bath pillow when it has completed its life.

Your bath pillow will lose its form and firmness after some months or year. You will also notice that you are no more feeling comfortable on your bath pillow. Your bath pillow is home to bacteria and other different diseases. Sanitizing it will help but changing your bath pillow is important to prevent bacteria.

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In this article, I shared some easy steps on how to make your own bath pillow. You can make a bath pillow by using a noodle floatie method and by towel pillow technique. The bath pillow will make you feel comfortable during the bath.

If you try out this in yourself, you will only spend 20 US Dollar on its making.

I also shared some types of bath pillows so you can easily select one best for you. Keeping your bath pillow clean is also important for hygiene. You must have to change your bath pillow when it has completed its life. Changing your bath pillow will protect you from different diseases and provides you comfort during your bath.

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