How to clean backrest pillow


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 How to clean backrest pillow

The backrest pillow provides excellent comfort for your back and support for your arms as well. You can do your work efficiently and comfortably with the help of a backrest pillow. If you like to do your work sitting on the floor, then this pillow is best for you because of its armrest feature. A backrest pillow is also best to use while watching TV, playing video games, reading books, and other activities.

The backrest pillow is usually made of memory foam, so you have to be more careful while cleaning this pillow than any other pillow. If you are worried about how to clean a backrest pillow without damaging it, then please read this article carefully. I am here to share the most effective and easy ways to clean your backrest pillow.

Before you start your cleaning process, please read the care instruction label attached with your backrest pillow. It will help you to make your backrest pillow last longer. You must also know when to clean your backrest pillow.

When you should clean the backrest pillow:

When you should clean your backrest pillow depends on how often you use it and how you use your backrest pillow. These pillows are very sensitive to moisture and detergents; therefore, you don’t have to clean them more often. If you use your backrest pillow just to read books, use a laptop, or watch TV, you have to clean it every 2 to 3 months. But if you use this pillow every night to sleep, you have to clean it every month.

Changing dress and taking a shower before going to sleep also affect when you should clean your backrest pillow. Your body’s sweat and your dead skin cells will make the backrest pillow heavier and full of bacteria. For better hygiene, never wait for your pillow to smell bad to clean it.
Suppose you accidentally spill something on your backrest pillow. In that case, you have to clean it as soon as possible to avoid getting stained and Odor.

If you have pets at home, then you have to clean your backrest pillow twice a month.
Now, if you think it is time to clean your backrest pillow. These are some easy steps of how to clean a backrest pillow.

 How to clean backrest pillow

Vacuum your backrest pillow:

Vacuuming your backrest pillow is a great step to remove dust particles, hairs, and other particles from your backrest pillow. If you vacuum your backrest pillow weekly, it will help your pillow to look clean and fresh for longer. Make sure to vacuum curved areas as well to clean them perfectly.
You can use a vacuum before cleaning your backrest pillow and every week for maintenance as well. You cannot harshly wash your backrest pillow, so; a vacuum is the best option to make your pillow clean.

Hand washing your backrest pillow:

After removing dust from your backrest pillow with a vacuum, now you have to hand wash your backrest pillow to remove the stain and smell from it. Backrest pillows are made of memory foam, so you have to use gentle cleaners on them. You can also use home ingredients like baking soda and vinegar for cleaning your backrest pillow. Now take a clean cloth or towel, dip it in a mixture of detergent or baking soda and rub it gently on your pillow. Rub more on stained areas to clean them properly.

 How to clean backrest pillow


After removing stains from your backrest pillow, it is important to remove detergent particles from your backrest pillow as well. These particles can fade and weaken your backrest pillow’s fabric. Take a clean cloth and dip it in cold, clean water, then press it in your backrest pillow to clean the particles left. Clean the cloth with water and repeat this process until you clear the detergent particles from your backrest pillow.

Dry Vacuum:

After cleaning, now it’s time to dry your backrest pillow. For drying your backrest pillow, you can use a wet-dry vacuum to soak up the moisture left on the surface of the backrest pillow. Use vacuum gently and keep moving it on your backrest pillow. Please don’t use a home vacuum or regular vacuum to save yourself from getting an electric shock because of moisture. Moistures can also damage your home vacuum internally.

 How to clean backrest pillow


The vacuum soaks up the moisture from your backrest pillow, but it is not enough to make it dry completely. You can use your hairdryer to dry your backrest pillow. The hairdryer throws warm air, which will evaporate the moisture left inside the layers of your backrest pillow. Please use a hairdryer on the lowest heat to prevent your backrest pillow from getting damaged. Keep moving your hairdryer on your backrest pillow for 10 to 15 minutes.
Keep your hair dryer 5 to 7 inches away from your backrest pillow, and please read the instruction label of your backrest pillow before using a hairdryer on it.


The last step to dry your backrest pillow is to place it in the open air for a couple of hours. Sunlight will dry your backrest pillow completely and will also kill the bacteria. Don’t forget to change the position of your backrest pillow to make sure it dries from all sides completely.

As mentioned above, I shared how to clean a backrest pillow. It is also important to know when you should replace your backrest pillow instead of cleaning it.

When should you replace your backrest pillow:

Cleaning your backrest pillow at a time will keep it neat and hygienic. However, your backrest pillow will lose its form and firmness over time, and it has to be replaced. You will notice that your backrest pillow is no more providing you a good posture to get relax on it. Over time your backrest pillow is full of bacteria, oil particles, and dead skin cells, so you must have to replace it to get rid of bacteria.

The backrest pillow must be changed as soon as possible if your baby or pet pees on it. Cleaning pee from your backrest pillow can only remove stains, but bacteria is still inside your backrest pillow. You can be affected by different diseases if you do not replace your backrest pillow in this condition.

 How to clean backrest pillow

wash backrest pillow

Normal pillows can be washed in a machine only with certain types of fillings. Backrest pillows are different than other pillows because of their size, shape, and fabric. Machine wash will damage the foam and fabric of your backrest pillow. It is better to wash your backrest pillow with your hands to make it last longer.

How to choose a backrest pillow:

All backrest pillows are made different, which is a very good thing for users. Everyone has their own needs when it comes to buying a backrest pillow. That’s why the backrest pillow market prefers the customer needs. These are some tips for choosing a backrest pillow;
Look for a shredded memory foam backrest pillow that provides good support for sitting up and soft cushioning. You can also customize its firmness by adding or removing extra material.

Look for a backrest pillow with different color options so you can match it with your room’s interior or furniture color.
Look for a washable micro plush cover or natural bamboo cover so you can keep your backrest pillow clean.
Look for a backrest pillow that gives an option to remove the neck roll pillow on a bungee for extra neck support.
Choose a backrest pillow that gives different size options, especially if you are looking for a pillow for your children.

Look for a removable soft neck roll pillow or which can attach at different heights or positions. This is a great option if your pillow has multiple users, or you can also use this feature to support your lumbar instead of the neck if you want.

Looks for a backrest pillow having multiple pocket options to store your mobile, remote and other belongings.
If you have latex sensitivities, look for a backrest pillow that is made of sturdy (Certi-Pur-US-certified foam) which is hypoallergenic and also offers firm support.

If you are buying a backrest pillow for your kids, then it is best to buy a pillow having lightweight and cartoon characters. Your kids will enjoy sitting and playing with these pillows, and you can do your work easily.

Benefits of backrest pillow:

There are a lot of bed pillows available in the market. Backrest pillows are different from all of them because they are designed specially to prevent muscle tiredness. People who work in an office and have to sit all the time on a chair have a chance to strain their muscles, especially when they do not change their position for a long time.

Normal chairs can’t provide you a proper backrest. Sitting in the same position for a long time can cause back pain due to poor body posture. The backrest pillow provides you a good body posture while sitting on a chair for a long time. If your body posture is good, then back pain and discomfort will go away from you. The backrest pillow will Mold according to your position and will give your back proper support. A backrest pillow will support your spine properly to make you feel comfortable and prevent spine-related pain as well.

Backrest pillows are also beneficial for people who love to travel. Sitting for a long time in a bus, train, car, or plane will make you uncomfortable and can cause back pain. If you are uncomfortable during your journey, you can’t enjoy it because of pain and discomfort. We all know that economy class seats are not comfortable enough for a long journey. A backrest pillow will make your journey comfortable by providing proper back support.
You can also use a backrest pillow in your car daily for going to work if you have back pain issues.

Types of backrest pillow:

If you want to buy the best backrest pillow, then you must know about the types of these pillows.

Orthopedic memory foam backrest pillow:

This pillow provides proper spine support because of its curved structure. If you want to improve your posture, then this type of pillow is best for you.

Premium support backrest pillow:

This pillow is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a budget backrest pillow. This pillow is best for those who work in front of their computers or laptops for a long time. It can lessen your discomfort and will protect you from having back pain.

Memory foam backrest pillow:

This is the most common type of backrest pillow that people use. It provides you the support that you want at a very reasonable price. These backrest pillows can reduce the chance of muscle fatigue by increasing blood flow in your body.


A backrest pillow is a thing that every office worker, traveler, and person who wants proper back support must have to buy. It can save you from getting bad posture and back pain. I have shared the types of backrest pillows so you can choose the right one for you easily. Keeping your backrest pillow clean is also important to protect yourself from bacteria.

I have shared some easy steps on how to clean a backrest pillow which you can follow to keep your backrest pillow clean. Using of vacuum and hairdryer properly will help you to dry your backrest pillow quickly.

After reading this article, I hope you can now choose the right backrest pillow for you, and you can also keep it clean by following this cleaning method. I hope how to clean a backrest pillow is no more a headache for you.

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