How to Cut a Memory Foam Mattress


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Have you ever been in a problem that made you wonder how to cut a memory foam mattress? When it involves mattresses, memory foam gives a stiffer, more exciting surface to sleep on than most bedding substances. Memory foam is a space-age substance frequently used for beds and mattress toppers.

While detailed scientific studies are missing, proof suggests that memory foam mattresses enhance sleep and are beneficial against pain. It may be difficult to find memory foam mattresses pre-reduced for your needs.

How to cut a memory foam mattress

How to cut a memory foam mattress in 2023:

You can also cut out a memory foam mattress at the cottage effortlessly, and use the gear you probably already got. So, let’s know how to customize your old foam mattress to modern sizes and make it perfect for your desires.

You can cut a memory foam bed in your necessities. All you want is a cutting device, a marking pen and a tape degree. However, a few mattresses include more materials which include fiber glass and gel which makes them tougher to cut.

Memory foam affords a stiffer, greater comfortable floor to sleep on than several other bedding substances. It’s to be had in special widths and thicknesses for nearly any software and may be reduced to size with a lot of not unusual equipment. Getting a direct, smooth cut is vital, but cutting reminiscence foam may additionally invalidate your assurance. You also must exercise caution while using scissors or knives for your DIY tasks.

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Why Do You Need to Cut Your Memory Foam Mattress:

You may also need to cut the memory foam mattress for several reasons, inclusive:
Setting it and put it on the smaller mattress
Setting it in a different vicinity including an internal ship or a van
Roll a large bed into two singles beds
Customize a bed for a different bed body
Reuse the bed for different petitions, particularly as preparing sears cushions, makeshift pillows, padding, mats for a headboard, and greater. Whatever your cause, and get instant results whilst cutting memory foam, the smooth reduction is vital; though, this will void your guarantee.

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Collect your material

The largest trouble you may face when cutting memory foam is getting a smooth side. Using the wrong device or a blunt one will make the rims jagged and difficult, which may reason them to interrupt down.
Even the usage of the proper device will be too aggressive and will bring about rough, and jagged edges. Before cutting the memory foam you need to select the proper cutting device. So, here we have some alternatives to pick:

1. Carving knives

These tools have serrated blades, not like the clean edges observed on formal blades. The serrated recommendations are the clue to getting a soft side, so use brief, mild to and froth motions to reduce via memory foam and prevent making use of an excessive amount of strength and condensing it.

2. Electric knifes

Related to severing knives, those even have a serrated sword. They are excellent for cutting the froth into strange shapes or using stencils. Just surround the blade along the threshold and reduce it along the template.

3. Utility knife

These also can be utilized to cut memory foam due to the fact they’re surgically strong. However, in contrast to serrated knives, they also have got an easy aspect, so as opposed to sawing via the froth as you will with a serrated knife, you have to create luminous licenses to slice the froth. Cut the first shallow preliminary first, then reiterate the procedure to deepen the cut until the foam is cut.

4. Heavy-obligation scissors

These are exquisite secure manner to cut thin pieces of memory foam which include. Mattress covers are smaller than inches wide. Use a short chop while cutting and be careful to snip your fingers.

Work carefully

Anyway use a warning when cutting foam using any cutting method and put on shielding equipment consisting of gloves, eye protection and respiration.

If you’re making a misstep or with any cutting method forms and shapes, you can stick foam again together, only using spray sticky made for memory froth. Sprinkle it on each portion and slice them jointly. Be extremely cautious due to the fact they pact on touch, and if executed proper, you may not see the splice chains.

You can just need a ruler, drywall rectangular and or a tape measure to assist you to assess and slice your froth. Alternatively, you can use a portion of hardboard, plywood, or something with an extended straight piece to estimate and cut the witch will also want a marker to draw a definition or simply freehand or template it.

After accumulating your appliances, ensure you take off that set including maximum memory foam mattresses. The sofa cover offers a delivered layer of safety for the bed. Stare to pull off the edges; if not, you may need to cut off the lid.

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How You Can Cut off a Memory Foam Mattress to the Required Size:

Now, if your devices are ready, it’s time to start cutting down the memory foam mattress. A short phrase of caution before we start, even if you want to cut a memory foam mattress or memory foam, you will need to verify first, whether or not it includes with or without fiberglass. If so and you start to cut, the fiberglass elements could be discharged into the house. This can lead to very ugly results, at least mention it( it might also even influence your health).

To find out if your bed collects fiberglass or not, read the outline online or attain out to the agency you have sold it from. If you study that there’s fiberglass for your mattress, cutting it’d not be an option. And maybe in destiny, you will want to bear in mind one of the first-class memory foam beds without fiberglass.

And in case your mattress is a comfortable fit for cut, right here are some important steps you would possibly need to follow with:

1) To remove the mattress cover

1) Remove the mattress cover. If it is no longer to be used for removable, use a stitch remover to “open” your bed.

2) Place your bed on the company floor

You also use a sheet of plywood under it to avoid destroying your ground in the possibility of your blade chopping into it. If the bed is skinny and comparatively portable, you also need to steady it in the region by way of setting something heavy in the nooks (like a pair of books, as an example). They don’t need to be heavier (to avoid negative foam), simply enough to avoid the bed from sliding off.

3) Determine the size of the mattress which you want:

Degree it, draw the lines and mark the size used according to the fresh size using a marker pen or a sharpie.

4) To Cut the pillow without condensing the foam:

Save in mind that the lowest location of the froth may be of a higher density, which indicates you could make a piece greater try whilst you acquire it. Also, even when dealing with smoother foams, it’s valuable to utilize a drywall square (or a part of plywood) to save you from warping the bed.

5) Well-groomed off the extra bits:

If the froth frames became rough. You can use multiple scissors or a small knife.

6) Cover your fresh mattress with material:

That’s when this sewing kit might be available. If you do not need to sew,
You could also use protection pins. Simply fasten the cover towards the bed, fold the extra material, and pin all of it together (but create certain you don’t punch the mattress).

Are you Cutting a Memory Foam Mattress Horizontally and how?

In case you need to prepare your mattress thinner or memory foam, you may cut it horizontally. Allow me to inform you properly: reducing a foam mattress horizontally may be very tough. It desires precision and, of direction, a speed dial system.

Now that you have got a few choices right here. The most ordinary one is an extended horizontal saw. Secure you keep the pinnacle section of the foam but don’t press on it an excessive amount while lightly shifting the notice via the cloth. It is probably a very nice idea to place your bed on a towel or a sheath. Some froth bits might also fly around within the procedure. The fabric beneath the bed will capture them, creating the cleaning method a lot simpler for you.

Some users say you can also use it when you have a motorized notification. However, this can be dangerous, so I agree it’s useful to stick with the conventional approach. You can get injured when using a power saw, especially if you try to grab the top of the bed to keep it from slipping off while cutting. In this example, a normal saw is softer.

Another choice is a warm twine (in case you manipulate it to get a wide sufficient version on your bed). Save in psyche that this procedure needs a further regular hand. Moreover, it is probably more convenient to cut the bed if you want it in a higher position and a taller source.

That being stated, I do not advocate cutting your mattress horizontally. It’s the perfect way to harm the foam. Plus, there’s no guarantee your “new” bed will feel relaxed enough. Instead, you may want to not forget to get a new one.

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Now that you have read how to cut a memory foam mattress in a custom-made size, you recycle it into your memory foam mattress. Mattresses and bed toppers products of memory foam have emerged as the move-to solution for human beings looking for a greater conforming fabric to sleep on that moulds properly to the frame.

You may additionally have sold a bigger length memory foam bed to start with. But plans are modified and now you want to cut the memory foam toe lengthening a memory foam bed or memory foam to length requires the proper method so you don’t come up with erroneous sizes and unequal edges.

All you want is a sharp knife and a trusty ruler. And yes, a bit of a moment. But in conclusion, you may get pretty much any bed dimensions you need. Just make certain you deal with the foam cautiously and don’t compress it too much in the system. After all, you may want your “new” mattress to preserve its properties properly.

Memory foam mattresses are very cushy or even customizable with the assistance of some careful planning and a terrific blade. With only a few easy steps and an eager eye, it is clear to cut a memory foam mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Which things are used to cut foam?

Many human beings turn to traditional field cutters, conventional utility knives, and all-reason knives with bigger blades to cut foam. Some people may additionally use a ceramic-blade kitchen knife as a foam cutting knife because the blade is lengthy and the brink is even sharper than modern metal blades.

Q: Is it good to cut memory foam?

Yes, it must be good as long as you’re soft with it. Just strive not to compress it or apply an excessive amount of pressure while using the knife to prevent detrimental to the feel of the cloth.

Q: Do we cut a gel memory foam mattress?

Yes. The gel elements are infused with foam so that you won’t have to fear approximately gel leaking in during the procedure if the decision to join your bed.

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