How to clean a purple mattress


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The most remarkable product to choose for your room is a mattress. It’s a unique feature of your room because it can provide you with a certain sense of comfort and relaxation, and it’s an item that will last for many years.

Purple mattresses are among the most incredible mattresses on the market today. Because you sleep on your purple mattress for a long time, it accumulates stains and becomes unclean.

There are a few helpful hints for keeping your purple mattress clean and lasting a long time. Purple mattresses should be washed every six months, not more commonly. Let us examine how to clean purple mattress.

Who invented the purple mattress?

Terry and Tony Pearce, twin brothers, designed the purple mattress in 2016. They were both material and production gurus.
They drew on all their knowledge to create the most comfortable mattress imaginably. They began with a less pricey foam and then produced their hyper-elastic polymer, which was highly supple and delicate.

Benefits and recommendations:

The purple mattress can provide you with numerous advantages, including the ideal feeling of stress release. Another fantastic feature of purple mattresses is their ability to reduce motion transmission.

Side sleepers and stomach sleepers will also benefit from a purple mattress. People who have this kind of sleeping habit can avoid a lot of the troubles that they would have if they slept on a different mattress.

Table of content

· What defines the purple mattress from the rest?
· The unique purple layer
· Take all necessary items for cleaning the purple mattress
· Remove all bedding from the bed and wash it
· Clean your mattress with a vacuum
· Use stain removers
· Baking soda is a remarkable ingredient
· Vacuum the purple mattress again
· Let your mattress out
· Turn the mattress over
· Must use a purple mattress cover
· Meat tenderizer
· conclusion

What defines the purple mattress from the rest?

The purple mattress is unlike any other mattress on the market in several mattresses. What makes it unique is that when you lie down on it, it effectively manages the pressure on your body.

You will notice that it supports your body with its large capacity and quick-release pressure when needed, returning to its natural shape in no time.
Because the air penetrates through the top layer, it improves your sleep.

Purple mattresses 2 and 3 are appropriate for persons who carry up to 220 pounds; however purple four is not suitable for fat people because it is considerably softer and not endorsing for the heavyweight.

The unique purple layer:

Looking closely at the purple mattress, you’ll notice that the top layer is purple, and the other ers are the supporting layers.
It’s comprised of a hyper-elastic polymer grid that snaps under a certain strain level. When needed, the purple grid gives assistance and pressure relief, producing an ideal sleeping environment.

Specification and construction of the purple mattresses
• A 100-night trial period and a no-questions-asked return policy
• Warranty of 10 years
• Smart comfort 2″ hyper-elastic polymer
• Grid top layer 3.5 1.8 lbs. density polyurethane foam
• Middle layer 3.5 1.8 lbs. density polyurethane foam
• Baselayer 4″ 2.0 lbs. density polyurethane foam (WxLxH-Inches)
• A purple mattress weighs around 140 lbs.
• Knit fabric (29 percent viscose, 67 percent polyester, 4 percent polyester-lycra) weighs 450 grams per square meter +10 percent non-skin
• Model Number: TBP-K 01
• Bottom: 100 percent polyester stitchbond with non-FR coating
• Fire retardant
• Shipping dimensions LxW-diameter-inches 76″ x 16″

1. Take all necessary items for cleaning the purple mattress:

First and foremost, if you intend to wash your purple mattress, invest in high-quality cleaning supplies. You will notice a difference if you utilize high-quality bedding goods.

· Vacuum cleaner
· Detergent
· Baking soda
· A soft cloth or a white towel
· Enzyme cleaner

2. Remove all bedding from the bed and wash it:

You must first remove and clean all bedding after gathering all of the ne cleaning supplies. Remove all of your bed’s covers and quilts and any fitted sheets if you have them.

After you’ve removed everything from your purple mattress, carefully read the instructions on the tag. After taking all of the necessary precautions, wash and dry your bedding completely, as this is one of the most crucial procedures in avoiding bacteria and germs.

3. Clean your mattress with a vacuum

You would help if you vacuumed the purple mattress once your bedding had been washed and dried. Make good use of your vacuum and clean your mattress from top to bottom.

Vacuuming your purple mattress will assist in the removal of all dust and mold spores. A vacuum is a helpful tool for cleaning purple mattresses and eliminating dust and debris that can accumulate while being washed.

4. Use stain removers

When your purple mattress has been vacuumed sufficiently, it will require spot cleaning to restore its original appearance. The thickness of the stains determines the type of stain remover you need; remover will work for most stains and spots, but an enzyme cleanser or hydrogen peroxide will be required if there are stains of blood pee or vomiting.

If you need to clean the mattress immediately and don’t have any remover or enzyme cleanser on hand, dishwashing soap will help.
Because hydrogen peroxide effectively removes blood stains, you should keep some on hand.

It would help if you never cleaned your purple mattress with harsh chemicals or detergents; any foam product cannot withstand harsh chemicals or detergents.

Always remember to use a light cleaning solution and gentle hands when rubbing the mattress. Leave the mattress for no more than five minutes after applying the solution.

Use a dry cloth or a white towel to clean the mattress, and use cold water throughout the procedure because hot water will harm the mattress.

5. Baking soda is a remarkable ingredient:

Baking soda will significantly impact the cleaning of the purple mattress. It is a normal byproduct that can be used to eliminate odors for a long time.
Sprinkle baking soda on your mattress and gently rub it in, then leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, or an hour if you have the time.

You will have an unscented mattress if you leave baking soda on your mattress for an extended period. It is, in fact, as simplistic as it seemed.

There are numerous ways to clean various types of stains on the mattress using a few natural ingredients, so let’s look at a few basic ones.

· For bad smell

Make a baking soda and lavender oil combination and sprinkle it over the mattress. Let the mixture sit before vacuuming it.

After completing this natural mattress treatment, you’ll notice a significant improvement.

· For urine and sweaty mattresses

Baking soda and dishwashing liquid produce an excellent solution with hydrogen peroxide. Put the solution in a spray bottle and spray it on the mattress.

Let it air dry and see the change.

• To remove blood stains:

Spray hydrogen peroxide on the bloodstains, and wipe them away with a clean and dry thoroughly.

• To get rid of stains caused by vomiting:

Spray the blot with water and vinegar, then wipe it clean with a cloth and let it dry naturally.

6. Vacuum the purple mattress once more:

To clear the scattered baking soda from your mattress, you’ll need to use the vacuum once more.

The creases of the purple mattress are the most crucial component that will absorb the baking soda, so examine closely at them and make sure you vacuum all around them.

Always double-checks your mattress after this process; you should be able to remove all of the baking soda.

7. Let your mattress air out

Your purple mattress will require airing out and drying in the open air following all the processes and following the cleaning and vacuuming operations out of the mattress after it has been vacuumed and cleaned.

It will be the best method if you can keep it outside in the open air. If you wish to dry the mattress in the room, open all of the windows in that room and allow the air to circulate.

Keep an eye on it until it dries fully, and thoroughly lay the bedding on it until it is entirely dried since any leftover moisture can create fungally.

8. Turn the mattress over

Another task for adequately cleaning your mattress is to flip it out the mattress. Repeat on the opposite side ten times more. Although cleaning your purple mattress is a time-consuming task, it is worthwhile because it will save you money.

It’s essentially the same procedure for all other memory foams. Still, if you have a purple mattress, you may eliminate this step because it’s made with the patent-pending Gelflex (TM) technology.

So it doesn’t have to be twisted; it’ll work better if you keep it straight. Preventing excessive wear and tear on a single side is critical.

9. Must use a purple mattress cover:

You’re trying to keep your purple mattress clean, so here is a tip: never use the mattress without a mattress protector.
A mattress protector is an excellent way to protect your mattress from everyday concerns such as a spilled cold drink or cigarette smoke.
A mattress protector will spare you from many headaches in your daily life. A purple mattress protector is a unique type of mattress protector.
Because it is waterproof, airy, and lightweight, it is perhaps the most excellent mattress protector.

10. Meat tenderizer

Meat tenderizer may seem like a bizarre notion, but believe it or not, it is an excellent way to clear blood spots from your purple mattress.
Make a paste with one teaspoon of tenderized beef and cold water, then apply it to the blood stain and allow it to dry.
You can either wash the stain away or vacuum it up. You will notice different do. So if you believe it is necessary to repeat the process, do so.

Is purple mattress protector washable?

Many people have asked if it is washable protection, and the answer is simple: yes, it is.
However, it should always be washed in a delicate, delicate cycle with a small amount of detergent, and air drying is preferable for the protector.
It can be dried in a drier too. After washing the purple mattress protector, you’ll notice that it appears to be brand new.

A quick review:

Most people consider the purple mattress the best, and a clean purple mattress has no equal in a broad spectrum of mattresses.
It has a high elasticity rating. The most distinguishing feature of a purple mattress is that it will crumble in an emergency without causing any damage to other parts of the mattress.
According to several customers, a purple mattress is perhaps the most sumptuous mattress if you want to keep warm. It might not be a good choice in a frigid environment.
Purple mattresses are ideal for couples and children since they do not disrupt the other sides of the mattress, only the side with the pressure.

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You can learn how the grid system works by watching the demos in this tutorial on YouTube.

A one-sentence reminder for cleaning the purple mattress

· Keep your mattress covered with a mattress protector
· Your purple mattress must be wiped every six months, but stains must be cleared as soon as possible.
· Changing sheets once a week is an excellent way to keep the mattress clean and bacteria-free.
· Get the most excellent mattress protector; it’ll be a wise investment.
· Clean the dust and feathers using a vacuum cleaner regularly.
· Use baking soda to remove foul odor. It’s the best simple solution
· To keep your mattress in good condition, flip it every three months.


A good night’s sleep is the most critical step in living a healthy life, and you may sleep well if you are in the right area.

A purple mattress will assist you in getting a good night’s sleep. It’ll need to be cleaned now and then when you’ve had your purple mattress for a while.

As little more than a result, we’ve offered some material to get you thinking about a variety of topics that how to clean purple mattresses and make them odorless and long-lasting.

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