How to choose a right pillow


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There are so many factors that affect your sleep quality every night. One of them is your pillow; without the right pillow during sleep, you are at the risk of getting different pains in your head, neck, back, and shoulders. From hundreds of options in the market, it is very difficult for you to know how to choose a right pillow.
In this article, I will share some factors and qualities of pillows that you must consider to choosing the right pillow.
In this article you will learn;
Choosing the right pillow
Right pillow for back sleepers
Right pillow for side sleepers
Right pillow for stomach sleepers

Choosing the right pillow:

The most important job of your pillow at the end of the day is to support you in your favorite sleeping position throughout the night. I don’t just mean that it feels nice and comfy when I say support. The right pillow should support the natural curvature of your spine while keeping your head, neck, and spine in a neutral posture. Keeping a neutral spine not only reduces neck and back pain it also relieves pressure from your whole body.
If you want to make sure that your spine is in neutral alignment, see whether your ears are in line with your shoulders and your chin is in line with your chest.
How to choose a right pillow for different sleep positions? Each sleeping position needs a different type of pillow to get a healthy posture. Because your sleeping position is only one expression of your sleeping habits, there’s much more to think about when looking for the right pillow. Hot sleepers, memory foam fans, eco-friendly users, and latex fans are likely to require various types of pillows to meet their needs.
I’m going to combine some of these “wishes” with various sleep habits. This way, you will know exactly how to maintain a neutral spine in each sleeping position, and you will be able to pick and select the unique qualities you want in your pillow.

Right pillow for back sleepers:

If you are a back sleeper and want to know how to choose a right pillow for you to maintain a healthy posture, look for a happy medium pillow that has a medium loft and medium firmness. Pillows that are filled with material that conform to pressure, like memory foam, are beneficial for back sleepers.

Medium loft

If your pillow is too lofted, your head will be lifted upwards. In that case, you will get neck pain and bad sleep. If your pillow is not enough lofted for your head and your head is just like lying on the mattress, it will also cause pain in your body and ruin your sleep. To avoid these painful and uncomfortable sleeping postures, medium loft pillows are best for you. These pillows will relieve pressure on your shoulders and neck by giving you a nice, soft, and balanced height between your head and bed.

Medium firmness

If your pillow is too soft, there is a chance that it will lose its shape because of the weight of your head. Therefore, medium firmness pillows are best because they support your head enough to be aligned with the spine.

Conform to pressure

Materials that conform to pressure firmly can help keep the head cradled and in neutral alignment with the neck. Additionally, pillows with a tufted top will provide an additional cushion on which you can rest your face side (many back sleepers sleep with their head tilted to one side).

Customizable support

Pillows that sleepers may modify to match their unique demands are becoming increasingly popular among bedding brands. For example, some pillows have a replaceable middle element that lets you control around with loft and hardness. Many pillows also have adjustable fillings, which means you can unzip the cover fabric and alter the internal stuffing until you get the right feel and support for your body. This is especially beneficial for mixture sleepers or those who are still working out their ideal sleeping habit.

Cooling quality

Pillows with cooling characteristics are recommended for hot sleepers. For example, some pillows have a cooling gel pad on one side of the pillow, which keeps that side cool all night. Pillows with cool yarn or phase change material woven into the fabric are ideal for sleepers who want their entire pillow to feel icy-crisp. The phase change substance is specifically designed to make your pillow seem cool to the touch.

Bouncy support

Another consideration is the level of support you want from your pillow. Some people dislike sinking slowly into their pillows and may feel trapped by body-conforming foam. If you want a pillow with a lighter feel and a bouncy response to pressure, look for Dunlop or Tala lay latex. These materials offer bouncy, buoyant support.
Now let’s read how to choose the right pillow for side sleepers.

Right pillow for side sleepers

Side sleepers require a pillow with a higher loft and firmer support to maintain a neutral spine and good posture. Side sleepers may find that fluff-able fabrics such as “Kapok” or shape-able materials like “down” are very beneficial in this posture.

High loft

Another important thing to look at in a pillow for side sleepers is to look at the pillow’s height. A lofty pillow will lift your head up to make a neutral alignment with your spine. A tall pillow will also reduce pressure on your shoulder and ensure that it does not bear the brunt of your body’s weight. Your pillow will not be lofty enough if you ever feel your shoulder digging into the mattress.

Firm support

Pillows with a medium-firm or firm level of support will keep your head and neck aligned with your spine as you sleep. Your head will progressively sink down after some hours of sleeping if your pillow is excessively soft. This will cause a bad sleeping posture by not aligning your spine.

Shape able and fluffy

Firmer pillows might be difficult to adjust to, so look for fluffier fabrics like Kapok, down, or down-alternatives. Because these materials are naturally soft and make sure your pillow is well stuffed and has a high loft. For side sleepers with broader shoulders, having a pillow that can be fluffed up to a higher loft is generally advantageous. In addition, easy-to-shape pillows allow you to reach one arm beneath the pillow in a comfortable embrace, which is a favorite move of many side sleepers.

Moisture absorbing

Just because a pillow is made to be cool doesn’t imply it’s also designed to absorb away moisture. If you’re going through a phase or suffer from night sweats, it’s advisable to choose a naturally absorbent fabric. Polyester, Synthetic fibers, and bamboo are all examples of materials that aren’t made to be cool to the touch but will absorb moisture away while you sleep.

Natural pillow material

If you have sensitive skin or are prone to breakouts, using pillows made of natural materials is a good option. Sleepers looking for organic, hypoallergenic materials might consider organic cotton, cellulosic fibers, and natural latex. Also, you don’t have to pick between the cover cloth and the inside fill. Many bedding businesses only use natural materials in the creation of their sleep accessories.


Many sleepers can’t get enough of memory foam’s deep sink and progressive response to pressure, which is why it is so popular. On the other hand, memory is not always loved by sleepers because it tends to trap body heat. What can we do about it? Instead of one solid piece of memory foam, look for pillows that are packed with shredded memory foam. Individual popcorn-sized shreds can move freely within the pillow’s cover, providing for significantly improved ventilation. The pillow is releasing your body’s heat in this way, yet you’re still getting a good night’s sleep.
Now you know how to choose a right pillow for side sleepers. If you are looking for a pillow that is suitable for both side and back sleepers, look for a pillow with adjustable fillings so that you can adjust your pillow according to your need.

Right pillow for stomach sleepers

When it comes to stomach sleeping, choosing the right pillow might be difficult. In fact, some specialists advise against sleeping in the prone position because it places the upper cervical spine in end-range rotation or extension. This basically means you’re more likely to strain your neck and put pressure on your lower back or abdomen.
Here are some factors to consider while choosing a right pillow for stomach sleepers;

Low loft

Stomach sleepers require a pillow with a low loft to keep a neutral spine position (two inches or shorter). Your head will be craned upwards, and your entire posture will be thrown out of line if the loft of your pillow is even slightly too high. Keep in mind that your pillow should support your spine’s natural C curvature.


Soft support pillows will provide a comfy cushion between you and your mattress. These pillows also make sure that your head is not raised too high. The harder the pillow, the more likely your neck will be pulled out of line with your spine, and you will get pain in your neck and back and a bad sleep too.


For stomach sleepers, pillows filled with feathers or down substitutes are perfect. Those materials, on the other hand, are easily compressed into a very low loft. They’re also quite shape-able, which is ideal for stomach sleepers who prefer to hug the pillow’s surface rather than sleep with their arms at their sides. Finding a pillow with an adjustable fill is also advantageous, as you can reduce the loft as needed.

Pillow cover

Pillows with obtuse forms or deep curves are commonly used to support specific positions or body types. Unfortunately, this is not perfect for people who want to use pillow covers to decorate their pillows. If you have any silky, decorative shams that you want to use, look for a cushion that features a “classic” shape. Alternatively, if you don’t want to use a pillow cover, use cover fabrics that are known for being silky and hypoallergenic (like Tencel or organic cotton).

Animal product

As you know, Down is best for stomach sleepers because it is shape-able and easy to compress into a very low loft. Some people don’t want to sleep on pillows that are made using animal products. Therefore, products like fiber or micro denier can be used in pillows. These are also easily washable; you can choose one of them if you are looking for an easy to wash pillow.
If you are a stomach sleeper, I hope after reading this you know how to choose a right pillow for you,


Does the type of mattress impact a pillow?

Yes, the firmness of your mattress and pillow should collaborate to achieve optimal alignment. Rather than just looking for the correct kind of pillow, it’s a good idea to look at your mattress and pillow together. The following are the main reasons why your mattress influences your pillow selection;
Your body will sink into a softer mattress, causing neck pain and poor alignment. A firm mattress will not conform to your body shape, and a softer cushion may be more pleasant for you.

What is the size of a standard pillow?

A standard pillow measures approximately 20 inches wide by 26 inches long. It could be either smaller or larger than this, depending on the manufacturer.

How many sizes of pillows are there?

Standard and king-size pillows are the most common sizes. A normal cushion is suitable for most users, but if you like something larger, a king pillow may be perfect.


In this article, I shared how to choose a right pillow for all types of sleepers. Back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers have to choose a right pillow according to their sleeping style. You can use a pillow with adjustable filling if you are a side and back sleeper. I shared the qualities of different pillows so you can easily choose the right pillow for you. Choosing a bad pillow will disturb not only your sleep but also hurt your neck and back. I hope after reading this article, you are now able to choose a right pillow for you.

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