5 BEST CHEAP PILLOWS for Combination Sleepers


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Although it is difficult to find an inexpensive and reliable pillow, but it is hard, not impossible. Each sleeper has their preferences and wants a pillow according to his wishes. With our given list of the best cheap pillows, you will find an inexpensive pillow that is reliable and meets all your needs. 

Top 5 Best Cheap Pillows for Combination Sleepers to buy in 2022:

Finding cheap and suitable pillows is not easy but our top recommendations of the best cheap pillows in 2022 can help you save your money and get the best quality pillow. Following are the best cheap pillows that are ideal and inexpensive in the market.

  1. Coop Home Goods –  Adjustable Loft Pillow
  2. Coop Home Goods- Eden Bed Pillow 
  3. View star Queen Pillow 
  4. Pure down Goose pillow
  5. White Goose Luxury Down Pillow

1. Coop Home Goods – Adjustable Loft Pillow :

Best Cheap Pillows

You might think you will need to compromise on the quality if you go for the cheap pillow. Still, we want to tell you that you might not be right this time because Coop Home Goods – Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow is the best desirable and adjustable pillow that you can avail of at the lowest price. The pillow is 60 percent polyester, and the rest, 40 percent, includes bamboo-derived viscose rayon. 

The manufacturers of this pillow belong to the USA, which again convinces us that pillow will have made by competitive manufacturers.

You can adjust the pillow according to your desires and customize it to achieve the right balance, support and relaxation. No worries! If you are a stomach sleeper or else a side sleeper, this pillow welcomes all types of sleepers.

Get yourself prepared for the most calming night’s sleep. With this pillow beneath you, it will become a challenge for you to wake up each morning and leave this cozy, soft and comforting pillow.

The pillow is entirely under your control. Any ache and increased snoring are symptoms of poor sleeping. The pillow’s unique design enables you to add or eliminate memory foam, fill and shape the pillow that suits you best. 

Our Coop Home Goods Eden Pillows are GREENGUARD Gold certified to offer safety. it does contain any hazardous chemicals and guarantees that you and your loved ones do not get hurt. Our constructions of the pillow are free of cruelty;  there wasn’t any animal harmed in making this.

The material used in the manufacturing of this pillow makes sure you do not sweat in the night and maintains good breathability. The sleeper wakes up with excellent freshness. We make our foam with fresh materials in place of repurposed materials. You will get an additional ½ lb bag of memory foam fill to add to the pillow if you need a higher loft.

You can purchase this pillow without giving it any second thought. It comes with a 100-night free trial, and you can make yourself fully satisfied with it. If you are not comfortable with the pillow, you can contact the company and ask for a refund. The pillow has five years of guarantee.

  • It comes with an additional ½ lb bag of memory foam
  • It does not include any hazardous chemicals
  • It does not let you sweat and gives good cooling
  • It is a bit firm

Why do we like it?

We suggest you give a try to Coop Home Goods – Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow. The pillow has numerous perks. It gives you to customize it just the way you want. It helps you to get a comfortable sleep. It makes you avail additional bag of fill in case you want higher loft for yourself and, yes, a 100-night free trial to satisfy you in all ways. The cherry on top! The pillow is one of the best budget pillows.

Who is the manufacturer?

Coop Home Goods is the manufacturer of Coop Home Goods – Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow. The company offers the best adjustable memory foam cushions. The corporation has built a strong relationship with its customers and provides 100 percent quality products.

How was our experience with it?

The pillow was good. After using it, my shoulder and neck pain just disappeared. Although it was a bit firm, it didn’t trouble me.

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2.Coop Home Goods- Eden Bed Pillow:

You no longer need to find a cheap and ideal pillow as we have added Coop Home Goods Eden Bed Pillow. The best of the best! This is soft, cozy, and gel-infused memory foam pillow along with microfiber fill mixed to give you a sweat-free sleep experience. Not only this, it has a gusseted design that provides the sleeper edge-to-edge support.

The pillow will help you out to combat daily body aches, exhaustion, and poor posture. To enhance your comfort level, the pillow allows you to customize it according to your preferences. You are allowed to add or eradicate memory foam fill to adjust the pillow’s loft as per your requirements.

The manufacturer has made sure that the pillow does not contain any chemical that can hurt you or the closed ones, as no animal has been hurt in the making of this pillow. It is 100 percent safe.

Lulltra fabric and a mix of bamboo-derived viscose rayon as well as polyester not only offer breathability but also give fantastic softness. The great side is when you avail premium choice, you get the chance to wake up with good energy and freshness. You also get an additional bag of memory foam. The company gives you a 100-night free trial. You can give it a try and check whether you are comfortable with this pillow or not. The pillow has five years of guarantee, and it has good durability.

  • It is durable
  • It comes with the bonus of a memory foam bag
  • It is customizable and 100 percent safe to use
  • It retains heat

Why do we like it?

We love each pillow of these manufacturers. They have always satisfied their purchasers. The pillow comes with a bonus bag of fill. It holds good durability. It is soft, cozy, and reasonable. You must not miss it!

Who is the manufacturer?

Coop Home Goods is the producer of Coop Home Goods Eden Bed Pillow for Sleeping. We added two pillows of the same company to our list, and that is because the manufacturer is reliable and has ensured to satisfy their purchasers with great quality pillows continually.

How was our experience with it?

According to my experience, I recommend this pillow to those who want an adjustable loft. This pillow is ideal for me. I adjusted it according to my preferences. Although it made me feel warmer, it might not be ideal for those who can’t compromise on the cooling quality of the pillow.

3.Viewstar Queen Pillow:

Best Cheap Pillows

We all have different preferences, and some need a pillow that can help them get rid of back or neck pain; some want it to maintain a good posture, whereas few love pillows that are soft and cozy. The next pillow in our list of the best cheap pillow is view star Queen Pillows. 

With its softness, this pillow is going to make you fall in love with it. It is packed with spongy down-like fiber, which gives pleasing plumpness. The unique design does not allow the pillow to go flat in the middle of the night. The plush fiber case of the pillow makes you feel like sleeping on the cloud.

The manufactures have made these cushions with excellent balance between softness and firmness; it provides significant support to the neck and is the best pillow for neck pain.It also gives support to the head to maintain a good comfort level. The pillow is good for all types of sleepers.

The bother cover of the pillow and fiber stuffed is breathable and makes sure you sleep sound and relaxed.

You can wash the pillow whenever needed. The material used in the pillow was carefully selected; it does not contain any material that can harm the sleeper.

  • It is soft and firm
  • The pillow is breathable
  • Sometimes it gets flat in the middle of the night

Why do we love it?

We recommend you try this pillow, especially if you like cozy and soft pillows. The pillow is fit for all types of sleepers. It provides decent coolness and a considerable relaxing time for the sleeper.

Who is the producer?

HOMEIN CO., LTD is the producer of view star Queen Pillows. The manufacturers have secured a good reputation in the marketplace with their impeccable quality pillows.

How was our experience with this pillow?

The manufactures have done a great job. I found this pillow-soft, supportive and reasonable. It was a pleasant experience. However, sometimes in the middle of the night, the pillow used to get a little flat.

4.Pure down Goose Pillow :

Puredown Goose Down Feather Sleeping 100% Cotton Pillow is all in one. It is soft, comfortable, durable, and washable, and just everything you expect from the ideal pillow.

The case of it is 100 percent cotton; the stuffing includes 95 percent Grey Goose Feather and 5 percent Grey Goose Down. With its ultimate design and good quality, the pillow makes sure you get the best sleeping experience. The pillow, along with the supporting neck, helps in spine alignment as well as gives standard firm support. What makes it cherry-pick? It welcomes all types of sleepers.

You don’t need to stress the durability of the pillow. It is built with 100 percent cotton; it has a very soft texture as well as the cover is breathable and skin-friendly.

The stuffing of feather and down has been selected wisely. Pillow is made with premium choice materials, and it does not contain any odor that can discomfort the user.

To maintain hygiene, you can wash it in the machine. It would be great if you fluff it each morning to keep it in a decent condition.

  • The pillow is washable
  • It has good longevity as well as it is comfortable
  • It welcomes all types of sleepers
  • It was a little stiff

Why do we like it?

We added this pillow because its overall features make it an ideal choice. The big thing is it is inexpensive, but still you can avail good quality, durable and comfortable pillow. Do not miss this one as it is among the best affordable pillows.

Who is the manufacturer?

Puredown is the producer of this pillow. The company is among the reputable bedding stores. It focuses on making unique bedding collections that provide significant luxury to the user.

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How was our experience with this pillow?

I found this pillow durable, and it has been made with quality material. The only thing that I think must be improved is that this pillow is a bit stiff.

5.White Goose Down Luxury Pillow:

Best Cheap Pillows

The pillow is 100 percent Egyptian/cotton. The manufacturing company is in the USA. The pillow will give you the ultimate luxury. Apart from giving you firm support, it makes sure you get the next level of comfort.

 It offers softness, support, comfort, and relaxes you to get rid of back pain and wake up fresh and happy. You can shape the pillow according to your wishes. Furthermore, it is breathable and does not let you sweat during the night. it is also one of the best hypoallergenic pillows.

  • It offers great comfort
  • It relieves you from body aches
  • It was extra soft

Why do we like it?

We like this pillow because it is comfortable, relaxing, and cozy. It has all the aspects required to satisfy the customers. You can avail of it at a low price. It is hypoallergic and breathable; it can be a good choice for people with allergies.

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Who is the manufacturer?

Continental Bedding is the manufacturer of this pillow. The company sells unique quality bed pillows. 

How was our experience with it?

My experience was fine. I had a beautiful sleeping time, and I woke up fresh and sound. However, I found this pillow extra soft, as my head sank into it, but I still love to sleep on it.

Your fundamental guide to select a pillow:

Looking for a comfortable and cozy pillow, then you need to choose the individual process. Selecting the pillow of your choice includes the size of the pillow, shape, and the material filled inside the pillow. To choose the right pillow of your choice, you need to follow the given selecting criteria. Here are the following six essential points which make you choose the comfy and suitable pillow for you. 

1. Fill/fiber

To select a pillow fill, you need to know first the various types of pillow fill. The various types of pillow fills have advantages and disadvantages, so you need to select by keeping in view not only the advantages but also the disadvantages of the fills of the pillow. Let’sLet’s discuss the most usual types of pillow fill.

Down: Looking for a soft pillow, the first fill that comes to mind is the down pillow. The down pillows are light in weight and soft. The down pillow is a perfect choice whenever you look for a night’s sleep with a peaceful place under your head. 

The composition of fibers of the down pillow is duck or goose fibers. In comparing the softness, you will find the goose fibers to be softer than duck down. The goose down is more expensive as compared to the duck fibers due to having more softness.

 On the other hand, Down pillows consist of some filling except the goose and duck fibers. The “all down” and “pure down” pillows contain goose or duck fiber filling and consist of other fillings and feathers.

Several people face allergic reactions and are sensitive to use down. Several people come with the outcome of challenging allergies caused due to down pillow, in actual the reason due to insufficient allergy cleaning of the pillow filling. Some of the dirt is left on the down pillow due to insufficient cleaning, and the resulting hypo down as allergy and discomfort.

 There is a type of down pillow known as “hypodown,” which is the hypoallergic down, and it is a cleaned fill and a blend of pure down and consists of a natural substance known as syriaca. Syria boosts the properties of the down pillow, makes the down pillow allergy-free, and enhances the durability of the down pillow. Down pillows with good quality are higher in rates and expensive, but they give the worth of their costs.

Synthetic down and polyester fill.

Synthetic down pillows are inexpensive as compare to hypoallergenic down pillows, and they require replacing more often. Polyester pillows are pretty cheap than other pillow types. They are likely to be soft but more minor than down. Additionally, they get flat with time and require replacing more often as compared to other pillow types.

What is fill power?

Here are some essential things you need to know the greater the number the superiors will be, the quality of the cushion, and the more durable it will be. A fill power of around 600 and more significant is a symbol of the high-notch quality natural down or synthetic pillow.

 However, there are power has some limits. A pillow with more than 800 fill power never means your pillow will survive for years, and it does not matter whatever the sale pitch has to say.


Wool pillows are hypoallergenic and repellant to fungus and dust mites. These pillows absorb moisture from the sleeper’s head and neck ; it is effective at aiding regulate the user’s temperature during sleep. These pillows keep you sweat-free in the summer and provide warmth in the winter. This is the best firm pillow and durable.

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Just like wool pillows, cotton pillows are hypoallergenic and repellant to dust mites. These cushions are likely to be firm and flat. These can be the ideal choice for those with allergies and sensitivities to chemicals.


Latex pillows are firm in comparison to down pillows. Although the firm does not mean they will not be comfortable, latex pillows are very relaxing. They maintain their shapes; they are not going to change their shapes upon squishing like other pillows. These cushions are resistant to dust and fungus. These are made to provide additional support to the neck and head.

Memory foam:

These pillows have now become too popular in the last few years. These pillows are customizable. They are responsive to the weight and body heat and softens and customizes according to head, shoulder, and neck. 

They divide the weight of the sleeper evenly. Furthermore, they are demanded to relieve head and neck pain and comforting the sleeper throughout the night. Although memory foam preserves heat that can be annoying, there are high-quality memory foam available in the market; these are made with ventilation constructed in the pillow.

 However, such pillows can have some chemical odors when you get receive and unpack them. These smells go within few weeks, but they can trouble few sleepers.

Fill weight:

Down as well as a synthetic pillow are lighter as compare to memory foam and latex pillows. However, it depends on the individual what weight of the pillow he is comfortable with but in case you want to reshape and customize your pillow, then going for a light-weighted pillow can be a better option.

Quality of fill:

Comfort, longevity, and support differ in each type of pillow. You need to decide which pillow will be fit for you, considering your personal preferences. However, the excellent quality comes with more significant price tags.


Mostly a medium-sized pillow is satisfactorily large for people. However, if you choose a large-sized pillow, that will be fine as it will help you to keep posture in alignment. The wideness or slimness of the pillow should make you nap with your neck, shoulder, and head aligned with your back and provide you comfort.

 However, better ensure that the pillow cover fits properly. Never stuff a large cushion into a small-sized case or try to stuff a medium-sized pillow into an extra big pillowcase.

Pillows are also constructed with unique designs and shapes to enhance stability and support for your neck and head. Some of these can be suitable; cervical and customizable pillows may aid with back pain and neck pain. They increase support and stability levels and release pressure points throughout the body.

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Choose pillow covers that are breathable and natural. Pillow covers extend the life of the pillow as they protect against sweat and stains. Although decorative pillows look beautiful on the bed, it is better to remove them before sleeping.


Synthetic materials such as memory foam are constructed through chemical processes. Most of the pillows are gone through antimicrobial treatments. Consider your allergies and chemical sensitivities when choosing a pillow type; it would be great to know the chemistry used in making your pillow. 


We have given you the list of the best cheap pillows. You can get all the information about each pillow and select according to your preferences. However, if you want a pillow for any serious medical condition, consulting your doctor will be a better decision.

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