Why do my Air Mattress keeps deflating?


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As Air mattresses are made up of textile-reinforced urethane plastic, rubber, and PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride). These materials help to keep the mattress firm and adjust it. The main disadvantage of these mattresses is their perceptivity to lose air and flatten overnight due to pressure put on it, temperature, and design of the mattress.

There are various other reasons for deflating mattresses are their usage in an incorrect manner and invisible holes. If you are bothered about the deflation of your air mattress, so don’t need to bother at all and must read the article completely to know how an Air mattress deflates and to prevent the deflating of your Air mattress.

8 Reasons Why Do My Air Mattress Keeps Deflating:

Some of the causes of deflation are puncture, temperature, overweight, holes, over-inflation, stretching, inappropriate storage, flattening from pets and kids, and sitting at the corner of the mattress.

1. Higher Temperature

Sometimes, an air mattress can lose air due to extreme temperatures or changes in temperature. At night, the temperature falls, and the air condenses which causes the mattress to bring down before you wake up. Once the air loses, the mattress does not function as expected and is susceptible to holes.
Heating also causes the mattress to deflate. If the room temperature is much higher, it causes the PVC to soften which further increases the loss of pressure. Must check the temperature, when you fill your mattress. Try to keep the temperature constant overnight.

2. Excessive Weight

There is a specific weight that air mattresses can hold and they are structured in such a way as to carry a specific weight rather than King or twin mattresses that are not made to afford the same weight. If you can exceed the weight limit, it causes the mattress to stretch and deprive the air inside it. It must be necessary to know the weight limit of your mattress and not exceed this limit in order to keep your mattress fluffy and air-filled. The maximum capacity that a mattress can hold for two people, is 650 lbs.

3. Holes

As we discuss above, thin material is used in making air mattresses that are sensitive to piercing, penetrating, and deflating. To see the invisible hole, you should put some pressure on all sides of the mattress to hear the escaping of air.
It is not easy to locate the hole especially when it is too small. The best method to prevent holes is to put the mattress in a danger-free area.

4. Over-inflation

It is the overfilling and filling of a mattress to its maximum volume or capacity. To keep the mattress far from over-inflation, one must fill it up to 90 percent of its total capacity particularly when it is used for the first time. The chances of rupturing is increasing each time when it is filled to its maximum capacity. So follow the instructions that are required to keep an air mattress retaining its structure.

5. Stretching

The brand new air mattress when used for the first time will sink faster. It loses some air but actually, it goes through a change. Its different parts take time to expand properly and acquire a shape. So stretch the mattress for 2 days so that it maintains its natural position and does not put any weight on it.

6. Sitting at the Corner of the Mattress

Avoid sitting at the corner of the mattress because, in this way, you put maximum pressure on this small portion which leads to holes and increasing deflation of the mattress. Put an equal amount of weight so that the leakage chances become less.

7. Flattening of Air mattresses by pets and kids

Inflation is often caused by pets and children if they too much interact with it. Cats usually puncture the air mattress either by walking on it or pinching their claws into it. Children often jump on the mattress which leads to holes in it. Keep them away from the mattress to prevent puncturing. Another option is to buy a puncture-proof mattress.

8. Improper Storage

Must deflate the mattress, fold it, and store it away when it is not in use. Fold the mattress with great care to extend its life span. Improper folding increases the risk of holes and exaggerates them so that the chances of leakage also increase when used.
So must ensure that the storage place is free of any danger and sharp objects. Sometimes, air mattresses are preferred for camping use, so choose the best option to pack and stored it.

How to prevent an Air Mattress from deflating overnight?

Air Mattress is the best choice for those people who want to reduce pressure on their back or joints, due to its ability to manage its firmness. One must keep the temperature constant, not put the excess weight beyond its capacity, not sit at the side so that it has to bear much weight, and keep it far from the reach of children and pets.

An air mattress should maintain its structure for about two weeks and it is a natural process that it loses air and factors for escaping air are already talked about above. Putting a balanced weight on an air mattress does not mean that you even place a light object on it. It means placing a weight that it could easily bear so that you can prevent it from leakage and increase its life span.


Hope you have read the complete article about Why do my Air Mattress keeps deflating. There we discussed all possible causes for the flattening of air mattresses. We made it clear how to use and store it properly to use it for a long time. If you’ll follow all these instructions, then you must prevent your air mattress from puncturing. Hope all those things will prove very helpful to you. Please do inform us via comments if you find any mistakes, and we will come back soon with more information. Keep on following our website.

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By Muhammad Asim