10 Major Rubberised Coir Mattress Disadvantages In 2023


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Lack of sleep can lead to many diseases including depression, blood pressure problems, heart disorders, and many more. A healthy diet and healthy exercises are not enough to maintain good health. You also require good sleep to recharge your body. Sleep is very important to maintain the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of human beings. In a good and uninterruptible sleep mattress plays a very crucial role.

If you are going to buy a rubberised coir mattress then wait please rubberised coir mattresses also have many disadvantages alongside advantages. Our team experienced major 10 disadvantages with this mattress.

This article will enhance your knowledge about rubberised coir mattresses and may change your decision about it. 

Have a look at Rubberised Coir Mattress Construction:

The construction of a rubberised mattress includes coir fiber and rubber to provide a comfortable and soft feel. Coconut husks are a natural resource to produce coir fiber. The fiber was processed further with many other processes before making sheets and mattresses.

The rubber and coir fiber that is used in the construction contributes to the thickness of the mattress. Firmness of the mattress is directly proportional to these materials. Higher the density of these materials means higher firmness.

Two layers are used in the construction. The first one is called the inner layer which is made of coir fiber and the second one is called the outer layer consisting of latex foam. Comfort is provided by the inner layer and support is provided by the outer layer. Shape and structure are also dependent upon the second layer.

Basic 3 Advantages Of Rubberised Coir Mattress.

Like any other mattress, rubberised coir mattresses also have advantages and disadvantages. Here I would like to have an eye upon the basic 3 advantages of a rubberised coir mattress.

Organic material

Rubberised coir mattresses are built with organic materials like rubber and fiber. So if you are a nature lover or keen to use natural-based items then rubberised coir mattresses are made for you.

Cooling factor

During the hot summer ventilation and cooling is very important. While a rubberised coir mattress is made with rubber and fiber that provides good cooling properties. If you are located in hot areas then you can consider this product.

Eco-friendly properties

Rubber and coir are environment-friendly elements. Their decomposing properties are also very good. Rubberised coir mattresses also provide very good recycling properties and make them easy to recycle.

Breath and ventilation 

A comfortable sleep required air circulation. While choosing a mattress keep in mind breathability and ventilation process. This type of mattress provides good ventilation and breathability and supports your sleep.

Major 10 Disadvantages Of Rubberised Coir Mattress

Like any other product in this world this mattress also has a dark side story, keep in mind these major factors before making your purchase and giving your investment a long life.


Due to the higher content of latex, rubberised coir mattresses can be more expensive than other types of mattresses.


Due to their natural construction rubberised coir mattresses can behave heavier in weight. You have to put more force when lifting them or during the sheet-changing process.

Allergic properties

Save your money by buying a worthy product. You may feel allergies and sensitivities due to Rubberised coir mattresses. Therefore make some research before making any decision.

The Unpleasant Odor

During the early days, you may feel some unpleasant odor due to the fresh paint or polish. Other factors which are used in the construction of mattresses also can contribute. This odor will disappear after a few days. 

Not easy to clean

Children and pets can roll food or drink on the surfaces of the bed. Making it hard to clean easily. You may wash the dirt with warm water. 

Pressure on your body

During sleep, the human body needs to rotate or move, while if you are sleeping on a rubberised coir mattress you can feel more pressure than on other mattresses. This is due to its construction. If you are a sensitive person or have soft skin then count this major disadvantage of a rubberised coir mattress.

Life span

A well-constructed rubberised coir mattress can last up to 5 years. For other mattresses like memory foam and others life is 8 years plus. With a high budget and low life, it’s not a good deal.

The sagging issue

This type of mattress will start sagging after a few minutes of sitting or lying. You may feel pain in your back after some minutes. They did not have any spring or other supportive material inside to get more outstanding support.

Foam mattress vs rubberised coir mattress

The foam mattress is comparatively more durable than any rubberised coir mattress, they also can adopt any shape according to the user while the coir mattress is unable to perform this.

Medium firm mattress

Rubberised coir mattresses generally did not have medium firmness, they provided higher. As most orthopedic doctors recommend using a medium-firm mattress that is good for your body.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Can patients use rubberised coir mattresses?

No, rubberised coir mattresses are not made for patients. Because it provides extra firmness and it’s also prone to sagging that is not good for patients if they are suffering from back injuries.

Is the rubberised coir mattress soft?

Simply no rubberised coir mattresses are not soft; they provide high-quality firmness.

Does a rubberised coir mattress smell bad?

Yes, you may experience some odor from a rubberised coir mattress. This is due to its construction.

Are rubberised coir mattresses good for old ages?

No, this type of mattress is not made for old age. This mattress can increase their body pain due to its higher firmness.

Final thoughts

You are putting in a decent amount to buy a mattress, and expecting many good night’s sleep. But what if you fail to get the right thing? Do proper workout about rubberised coir mattresses and give your investment a life. If you are looking for a mattress for your soft skin, or you want to get the next level of comfort then rubberised coir mattresses are not the right thing for you. 

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By Muhammad Asim