How to get rid of mould on a mattress?


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If you donot know how to get rid of mould on a mattress, We will guide you in this article completely about mould removing from the mattress. Sometimes, your mattress is covered with mould which spreads very rapidly. It is very dangerous and their spores are present in the air every time. Mould can grow in warm damp areas and its presence is visible with time on your mattress. There are stains of black and pink colour on your mattress which shows that mould is present there. It is a very deep-rooted or long-term problem.

It is a widespread problem in Singapore in indoor air quality because of the humid and warm climate. If you keep your house neat and clean, mould can easily be there because of the climate. As the spores of mould are naturally able to grow in damp and warm areas and easily thrive there, they are hard to avoid in Singapore. The biggest problem with mattresses is mould because mould can propagate in a place of extra humidity and perspiration also leads to extra dampness.

The problem of mould is left undetected for many days or weeks, usually many people use mattress covers to protect their mattresses from stains. So when you change your bedding and wash them then you notice the spots on the surface of your mattress. It is a big complication that you do not notice the mould spreading on your mattress which increases its spreading. But not need to be worried about mould, you can easily remove mould from your mattress by following some tips.

Steps to get rid of mould from your mattress:

1. Vacuum

Vacuum your mattress from all sides properly. After cleaning your mattress with a vacuum cleaner, clean it thoroughly so that the risk of spreading mould spores can diminish.

2. Rubbing Alcohol

You can also get rid of mould by taking an equal amount of warm water and rubbing alcohol such as isopropyl alcohol in a disposable container. Mix it well as it is easily soluble in warm water. Take a clean cloth and dip it into the container and then squeeze it out. Now rub the mould on the surface of the mattress with this wet cloth. If you can move the cloth in a circular motion on the affected area, then you can completely clean out the mould from the mattress.

3. Rinse the area with a cloth

Clean this area by using a cloth and squeezing it in warm water. Avoid using too wet cloth, because it increases the moisture level and besides cleaning your mattress, you are encouraging the growth of more mould.

4. Spray on a disinfectant

Spray the affected surface of the mattress evenly and sparingly. Avoid using the spray on all the surfaces of the mattress.

5. Direct sunshine

After doing all the procedures, lay your mattress in the sun. This will help you dry the mattress completely and also decreases the moisture in the mattress. It also prevents the growth of mould in the mattress because sunshine does not allow the mould to grow and is harmful to them.

How to prevent mould from growing on your mattress?

We have discussed all possible tips to get rid of mould and also told you which type of environment is favourable for their growth and which is not. So you have to take precautionary measures to prevent the growth of mould. You have to do many efforts to remove mould but they can grow again if the condition becomes favourable for their growth.

Some ways are important to prevent mould from growing on your mattress. You can use these methods when your mattress is new and also when you clean out the mould for the first time to avoid growing them for the second time. The different methods to deal with the problem of mould are given below;

1. Dehumidifier

If you are living in a damped area where the climate is more humid, refer to a dehumidifier to use in your bedrooms. It can decrease the humidity level and also the chances of the growth of mould on your mattress. It is a good choice to lower the amount of moisture to avoid any problems.

2. Air Purifier

An air purifier is very useful to filter and circulate the air in your rooms. Air Purifier of an appropriate quality and type also helps to eradicate the spores of mould from the air. Removing the spores from the air also decreases their spread on your mattress. It is not used to remove the existing mould on the surface of the mattress, but rather to get rid of any mould spores in the bedroom. In this way, it helps to prevent mould growth on your mattress in the future.

3. Air Circulate

Allow the air to circulate in your room even if you are not in your room. Some people often turn off their air purifiers, air conditioners, and fans when they go away. These conditions make the environment favourable for the growth of mould, especially in damped areas such as Singapore. The people have not known the problems of what they are doing. They actually increase the risk of the growth of mould. So avoid turning off your fans or circulating devices.

4. Keep good airflow beneath your mattress

In order to keep the mould away, circulate the air thoroughly on the double sides of the mattress. Prefer a slatted bed base, it is spaced out and allows the air to move on the underside of the mattress. You can easily find a sprung slatted bed base from a mattress firm or the market.

5. Mould-resistant mattresses

Using a mould-resistant mattress is one of the best choices to prevent mould. Latex mattresses are resistant to mould naturally because the material used in their composition is derived from nature. By using a resistant mattress, you are free from cleaning the mattress and to do more efforts to prevent any problems.


We have seen How to remove mould from your mattress. There are many ways to get rid of mould that are described in detail in this article. We also read that the mattress needs proper care to avoid mould entering your mattress. It should not be treated with chemicals to avoid any damage. Hope you have enjoyed reading this article. If you find it useful, please do inform us via comment. We will come back soon with the next article. Stay tuned and Cheerful.

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By Muhammad Asim