How To Clean A Weighted Blanket With Glass Beads


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Weighted blankets are available in a sort of sizes, and while many folks want one, not everyone knows a way how to clean a weighted blanket with glass beads.

Weighted blankets are large and cumbersome. How can a daily home washer manage something that heavy and large, with the heaviest washable weighted blanket weighing around 30 lbs and therefore the largest at king size? Is it true, however, that each weighted blanket could also be machine washed?

I’ve developed this very extensive guide that covers everything you wish to grasp about cleaning your washable weighted blanket to form the procedure as simple as possible. Because glass beads don’t melt, they will be washed during a warm water cycle, but not in quandary. Steel Shot Beads – Compared to other weighted blanket fillers, steel shot beads are heavier.

Use a washer with steel shot bead fillers which will carry the burden of the blanket. After the wash has dried – which is straightforward enough if you follow the instructions that include the merchandise. confirm it is a washable weighted blanket, preferably one that may be machine washed!
This article will show you the way how to wash a weighted blanket with glass beads.

Washing Your Weighted Blanket:

Most weighted blankets could also be machine washed, although the instructions will differ supported the sort of blanket and also the cover material, and if you would like to understand the way how to clean a weighted blanket with glass beads then follow the instruction given during this blog post.
There are some things to contemplate before tossing your weighted blanket into the washer.

Your blanket’s filling: Glass bead-filled blankets have the advantage of having the ability to be cleaned at any temperature. Because glass beads don’t melt in high temperatures, they’re durable and straightforward to wash and you must be ready to know the way how to wash a weighted blanket with glass beads.

Plastic poly beads and steel shot beads are harder to scrub since they’re susceptible to melting and should damage your washer.

Your blanket’s cover material and particular washing instructions. Cotton, flannel, fleece, and Minky are the foremost common weighted blanket cover textiles.

Your blanket’s weight: there’s a limited weight capacity for all washing machines, and exceeding it could cause catastrophic harm to your machine. In most situations, washing machines can carry up to fifteen pounds of weight, though some could also be somewhat higher or lower, so check your machine’s handbook.

If a load of your blanket exceeds the capacity of your washer, you’ve got two options. you’ll either hire an expert laundry service to scrub it for you or wash it by hand.

Steps On A Way To Wash A Weighted Blanket With Glass Beads:

Step #1. Pretreating

Make an intensive inspection of your blanket for stains. to forestall these stains from baking into the material during the washing and drying process, pre-treat them before washing.
Examine the item for tears and damage further. To avoid further damage, repair any tears before placing the blanket within the washer.

Step #2. Hand washing

Your weighted blanket is often machine washed, but its weight and dimensions must be considered to ensure that it’ll not be too heavy for your machine. to cut back on wear and tear, hand washes your weighted blanket instead.

To reduce abrasion to the fabric, use a moderate detergent and avoid harsh chemicals like bleach. Check the material of your weighted blanket to work out what it’s composed of.

Laundry directions can vary counting on the fabric. it is important to stay in the manufacturer’s direction because they’re those who understand how to require care of their items.

Step #3. Air drying

Examine the weighted blanket’s fabric. While glass beads are acceptable to use in dryers, poly pellet fillers are vulnerable to melting and may be dried at lower temperatures.

Instead, hang your weighted blanket to be safe. to stay in the form of the blanket, hang it evenly across your clothesline.

Give it an honest shake every now and so to disperse the fillers still.

Step #4. Ironing

As previously stated, many weighted blanket materials will melt when exposed to extreme heat, so avoid ironing your blanket.
The blanket will shrink or the plastic inside will melt if you are doing so. rather than putting a canopy over the weighted blanket, you’ll be able to use it to cover ugly wrinkles.

What Factors Does One Have To Consider When Washing Your Weighted Blanket?

If you recognize a way how to clean a weighted blanket with glass beads then ensure you get a weighted blanket with poly pellets, glass beads, or shot fillers that will be washed. Organic materials are great for other products, but they don’t seem to be the simplest choice for weighted blankets because they break down when wet, which might cause mold growth.

Because manufacturers are the best experts on their products, weighted blankets usually include cleaning instructions. If you cannot find the directions for your blanket, here are some things to consider before washing it.

Fabric: Varied sorts of fabrics have different washing instructions. Cotton and flannel, for example, are relatively easy to hand or machine wash, but wool shrinks easily and may only be hand washed if feasible.

• Fillers: Because plastic poly pellets mustn’t be subjected to high temperatures, you need to also consider the fillers inside the weighted blanket.
Sand, on the opposite hand, shouldn’t be cleaned frequently to attenuate clumping and uneven drying, which could end in unequal weight distribution. It’s essential to use caution when cleaning rice, beans, or organic fillers because they will become soggy if exposed to water.

• Weight: the load of the blanket should be considered when washing it because it is also too heavy for your washing machine’s maximum load.
If you enforce washing your weighted blanket within the machine, hunt for commercial-sized washers that may handle laundry weighing over 20 pounds.

Blanket cover: Because blanket covers are lighter than the inner duvet, they will be washed by hand or within the machine.
However, you need to consider the fabric accustomed to making the blanket cover to attenuate fabric damage.

How Does One Wash A Weighted Blanket Without A Washing Machine?

If you would like to grasp a way how to clean a weighted blanket with glass beads then follow the instructions. Hand-wash your blanket during a washtub or bathtub with warm water and a lightweight detergent. Submerge the weighted blanket within the mixture within the tub.

Allow 5–10 minutes to soak before rinsing in warm or cold water until the water runs clear and no suds are evident. Allow to air dry

How Does One Keep Your Weighted Blanket Clean?

Weighted blankets should be washed three to fourfold every year, but you’ll do so more frequently if there are stains, dust, or musty odors and if you recognize the way how to clean a weighted blanket with glass beads.

Frequent machine washing can cause wear and tear additionally as impair the softness of the blanket, so keep it as clean as possible instead.

Do not allow pets to sleep in bed with you

They may shed or mark the blanket with dirty paw prints. They’ll also leave an odor on the blanket. Provide separate, washable sheets for your pets to sleep on instead. Allowing pets to lie on the bed with you and your weighted blanket isn’t recommended.

Pets shed, leave dirty tracks on the weighted blanket, and odourise the blanket.

If you cannot sleep without your pet, ensure their paws are clean before they step on your blanket, or provide a separate, easily washed sheet for them to lie on.

Avoid eating In bed

If you are not careful, eating in bed may end up in stains on your blanket. Food odors cling to fabrics, and you do not want your blanket to smell like food all the time.

Use a removable cover

Removable covers protect your weighted blanket from most stains and odors, so you will not wash it as often. A removable cover is additionally easier to wash and much less costly to repair.

Do not use the weighted blanket as a bedspread:

Weighted blankets are intended to hide and treat the individual instead of the bed. After you’ve finished using the weighted blanket, fold it up and store it. In this fashion, you’ll protect your weighted blanket from daily activities that might damage or dirty it.

When Cleaning A Weighted Blanket, Avoid These Things:

If you recognize a way how to clean a weighted blanket with glass beads then avoid these things before washing.
Only wash when necessary to take care of the precisely regulated weight distribution.
Do not use quandary to clean your clothes (cold or warm only)
Strenuous spin cycles should be avoided (centrifuge)
Don’t dry out the inner blanket, and do not hang it to dry.
There are going to be no vinegar, bleach, or other harsh cleaning chemicals.
If the duvet is Minky or plush, don’t use fabric softeners.
Your weighted blanket should never be washed in the dryer.
Do not iron the within blanket or try and flatten it by putting heavy things on that.
Most washable weighted blankets now on the market are often used with these instructions. However, if you’ve got an older blanket or one that you simply manufactured yourself, you may not be ready to use it. Everything relies on the ingredients.

What Reasonably Glass Beads Are Utilized In Weighted Blankets?

The glass beads accustomed to filling weighted blankets are referred to as micro-glass beads since they’re small, minuscule beads that look and want sugar crystals or white beach sand. When it involves weighted blankets, glass beads are the foremost comfortable and quiet filling available.

Is It Possible to scrub A Weighted Blanket within the Washing Machine?

Care Instructions for Weighted Blankets
The majority of weighted blankets include one in all these instructions:
Wash and Dry within the Machine:
When washing your blanket within the machine, use a bleach-free, gentle detergent and wash it in cold or warm water on the gentle cycle. Fabric softeners should be avoided.
Final Points to stay in Mind When Washing Your Glass Bead Filled Weighted Blanket

1. Always read the care label on your weighted blanket before washing it:

Failure to follow the manufacturer’s exact instructions will almost certainly end in damage to your blanket moreover as your washer. Because the guidelines of the way how to clean a weighted blanket with glass beads during this article might not apply to all or any weighted blankets, always check the care label first.

2. Don’t wash your weighted blanket too frequently:

If you wash your blanket too often, the fibers of the blanket cover or the blanket itself are damaged. looking at how often you employ the blanket, restrict washes to once every two to four weeks. As a result, any stains or spills should be cleaned as quickly as possible to reduce lasting staining or damage.

3. If possible, wash your blanket separately:

It’s usually a decent idea to scrub your weighted blanket separately from your other laundry. This not only reduces the number of weight you place into your washer, but it also reduces friction within the machine, which implies less damage to your blanket’s fibers. If your blanket contains a Minky cover, this is often very vital.

4. Avoid having your weighted blanket dry cleaned if the least feasible:

Dry cleaning may appear to be a viable choice. for a few people, having their blanket cleaned by an expert could also be more convenient, efficient, and effective. The washing machines used are typically industrial-size, making them well prepared to handle huge materials.

A cleaning service, on the opposite hand, is more likely to use high-strength, chemical-based cleaning agents, which may harm your blanket furthermore because of the environment and everybody in your home.

When it involves washing your weighted blanket, most manufacturers advocate avoiding cleaning services unless they utilize all-natural materials and have experience with weighted blankets.


There are numerous advantages to utilizing a weighted blanket. However, if you want them to last a long time in your hands, you must take special care of them.

If you’re not sure how to clean a weighted blanket with glass beads or other non-organic elements, consult the manufacturer’s instructions because they know what’s best for the item.

Your weighted blanket could become a routine for you, providing warmth and respite from tension and worry. As a result, you must take proper care of your blanket and avoid using any chemical cleaning agents or harmful toxins that may cause unnecessary damage.

You should be able to know how to clean a weighted blanket with glass beads with ease if you follow the instructions given in this article on how to wash a weighted blanket filled with glass beads, as well as the instructions on the care label on your blanket.

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