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 Today we are intended to cover the two well-known mattresses which are Casper and Endy mattresses. These all-foam mattresses share a lot of characteristics but they are not equally created. They in one or other aspects greatly vary from one another. 

In this in-depth comparison of Casper mattresses vs Endy, we are going to unveil even the minute differences between Casper Mattress VS Endy, to give you a better insight into each mattress’s functionalities. 

Side by Side Comparison Between Casper Mattress VS Endy in 2023:

Our comparison guide includes factors that are strictly associated with any type of mattress. These factors include firmness, motion isolation, durability, edge support, trail periods, warranties, shipping, construction, temperature regulation, and many more.

Similarities Between Casper Mattress VS Endy:

Both mattresses share some characteristics. Due to some characteristics shoppers often find themselves in a dilemma to choose the best one for themselves.These similarities include:

  • Both mattresses can’t support a heavy person( one who weighs more than 230 pounds). For them, I want to recommend an innerspring mattress.
  • Both are all foam mattresses and are built by extensive use of memory foam
  • Both Casper and Endy mattress has the potential to sleep you cool
  • Both are responsive in nature_ you will feel more “on top” than “hugged by”.
  • They provide less contouring and more responsive support
  • Both features balanced support and comfort
  • Both Casper mad Endy have competitive warranties and sleep night trails.

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Differences Between Casper Mattress vs Endy:

Some of the main differences between Casper Mattress VS Endy are as follow:

  • Casper mattress is manufactured in the USA while Endy mattress is made in Canada. Casper is also expanded to Canada.
  • Endy mattress is medium firm while Casper mattress is a firm mattress.
  • Both have different variants
  • Casper is a bit lower than Endy

Construction Comparison Between Casper Mattress VS Endy:

The detailed construction of Casper and Endy mattress is as follows:

Casper mattress:

Casper Mattress VS Endy

The Casper mattress is made entirely of foam. The mattress contains four layers of foam: a core support layer, a zoned support layer, a memory foam layer, and an open-cell foam layer on top. The mattress is made of a combination of memory foam, polyfoam, and proprietary foam and has a 12 inch profile.

The top 5 inches of the Casper mattress are 3.3 PCF-density open-cell proprietary comfort foam.

The first layer is intended to be cosy and serve as a thermostat. In order to prevent the mattress surface from overheating, this layer also offers the mattress a welcoming bounce and breathability.

A 5 inch layer of responsive, high-density memory foam with a 4.0 PCF density makes up the second layer of the Casper mattress. This layer works in conjunction with the layer above to supply support and relieve pressure spots. Additionally, it helps the mattress maintain its shape and conform to the curve of your body. The mattress’ excellent motion isolation function is also provided by the second layer.

Zoned polyurethane support foam with a density of 5 PCF makes up the third layer of the Casper mattress, which is 2 inches thick. This layer is zoned, which means it provides various levels of stiffness in the hip and shoulder regions. This layer is stiffer where the hips are located in the middle and softer where the shoulder and knee areas are.

The layer also functions as a transition layer between the core support layer and the two comfort layers above it. As it makes sure the spine is neutrally oriented, it also aids in spine alignment.

Seven inches of thick support foam make up the fourth layer of the Casper mattress. This layer gives the mattress support and keeps the mattress from sinking too deep, which is what causes the quicksand sensation. High-density foam makes up this layer of material. This layer gives the mattress its sturdiness and serves as the mattress’s general foundation.

Endy Mattress:

Casper Mattress VS Endy

The Endy mattress is made entirely of foam. Three layers—5 inches of polyurethane foam, 3 inches of polyurethane foam, and comfort foam—make up the mattress. Therefore, the Endy mattress has a contoured height of 10 inches. The Endy mattress has a first layer of 2 inches of comfort foam.

This layer is intended to be cosy and control temperature. It is also made to adjust to how the body moves and how it is shaped. Its density is 3 PCF. The layer preserves temperature neutrality while relieving pressure.

Firmness Comparison Between Casper Mattress VS Endy:

Every sleeper has a distinguished sense about a particular mattress firmness. In the bedding world, the firmness scale is for rating out the firmness score of a mattress. Endy mattress is 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale which implies that Endy is a medium firm mattress while Casper scored 7 out 10 which means that it falls into the firm category of mattress.

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Feel Comparison Between Casper Mattress VS Endy:

According to, You will sink a little while you sleep on an Endy mattress due to a medium firm mattress. This sinkage provides firm support around heavier parts of the body and soft support to lighter parts of the body. Secondly, sleepers won’t feel stuck and can easily move around the mattress. In short, the mattress is a perfect combination of support and pressure relief.

Casper mattress is a good choice for back and side sleepers as it provides responsive support which uplifts the whole body of the sleeper. You will feel a little sinkage without the feel of being ” stuck in” on a mattress. The zoned support system of Casper mattress provides targeted support to every inch of the body.

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What’s like to Sleep on Casper Mattress VS Endy:

We are going to enlist the sleeper types and will correlate how these sleepers feel when they lay down on Casper and Endy mattresses.

Casper Mattress:

Casper Mattress VS Endy

Back Sleepers: Back sleepers will receive enormous lumbar support from a Casper mattress. 

Side Sleeper: Side sleepers enjoy Casper mattresses more than Endy mattresses.The zoned support uplifts their whole body leaving no chances for pressure points.

It is important to note here that struck side sleepers will find it a bit irritating because they are more in need of plus her surface. To eradicate this restless condition of the mattress, I recommend adding a mattress topper to your bed.

Stomach Sleepers: Per customer reviews, Casper’s mattress is a bit too soft for stomach sleepers. They should give a try to a hybrid mattress for a cozy and comfortable night’s sleep.

Body weight: Caspervmattress feels firmer to the heavyweight sleeper and softer to petite sleepers. As Casper is a foam mattress and fails in providing utmost comfort and support to heavy sleepers, so it’s better to go for an innerspring mattress like Satava.

Endy Mattress:

Casper Mattress VS Endy

Back sleepers: Endy mattress is the most comfortable mattress for back sleepers. They will enjoy it even more if they change their sleeping position after a certain period of time

Side sleepers: Side sleepers will find it a bit more rough and more firm. We recommend buying a mattress that is soft and breathable.

Stomach sleepers: Stomach sleepers will lose hips and spine alignment in relation to the shoulder. This condition leads to tension in the back and they will frequently report back and hip pain.

Body weight: Petite sleeper will receive significant support from Endy mattress. The main problem comes for heavy sleepers. They often feel more sinkage which leads to discomfort at night.

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Recommendation Comparison Between Casper Mattress VS Endy:

Both the mattresses have certain similarities but they are not alike. Due to these differences, one sleeper might rate a mattress as comfortable and supportive as compared to another sleeper.

Casper Mattress:

I recommend Casper mattress to the following sleepers:

Side sleepers: Side sleepers don’t need extra lumbar support for a comfortable sleep. Casper mattresses don’t push their spine out of alignment and provide enormous support to alleviate pressure. The alleviation of pressure leads to a pain-free and comfortable night’s sleep.

Back Pain sufferer: Back pain is a great blessing for back pain sufferers. Casper mattress with adequate sinkage keeps the backbone aligned resulting in relieving back pain and shoulder pain.

US Citizens: Casper mattress ships to the US while Endy is present only in Canada. If you live in the US and want to avoid additional charges of shipping and other formalities, stick to Casper mattress.

Endy Mattress:

Buy Endy mattress if you are:

Combination sleeper: Endy mattress is a bit responsive and it provides a good surface for combination sleepers to change their sleeping position.

Budget shoppers: If you are on a high budget and searching for an affordable and high-quality mattress, the good to go with a Casper mattress.

Hot Sleepers: Both are known as cooler mattresses and have innovative cooling designs to sleep a sleeper hot but Endy is a little cooler. Therefore we recommend an Endy mattress for hot sleepers in contrast to a Casper mattress.

Motion Isolation Comparison Between Casper Mattress VS Endy:

Both are known for good restriction of motion transfer but Endy shines a bit more in this aspect. Due to the greater use of memory foam, Endy mattresses perfectly isolate motion. Memory foam has the tendency to absorb motion transfer and trap heat. We highly recommend buying an Endy mattress if you sleep with your partner.

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Edge Support Comparison Between Casper Mattress VS Endy:

Casper is the winner here. To increase the edge support of the Casper mattress, an extra layer of foam is encased around the whole surface of this mattress. Endy lacks this modification due to which it is lacking behind in this aspect.

Prices Comparison Comparison Between Casper Mattress VS Endy:

The prices of each size of Casper are Endy Mattress are given in the following table.

Mattress Size Casper Endy
Twin $895 CAD $675 CAD
Twin XL $700 CAD $995 CAD
Full $1,245 CAD $775 CAD
King $1,695 CAD $950 CAD
Queen  $1,395 CAD $850 CAD
Cal king $950 CAD $950 CAD

From the above table, it is clear that Endy mattress is more affordable than a Casper mattress. Moreover, the Endy mattress has a wider price range than the Casper mattress.

Off Gassing Comparison Between Casper Mattress VS Endy:

After unboxing you will feel a chemical smell but that just quickly feds away after 48 to 72 hours. Both are even in this aspect.

Noise Comparison Between Casper Mattress VS Endy:

Casper is a bit noisier while Endy is quiet due to intensive use of memory foam.

Temperature Regulation Comparison Between Casper Mattress VS Endy:

Both Casper and Endy mattresses are all foam mattresses and etc. Both sleep hot but after reading customer reviews we have come up with the conclusion that the Endy mattress sleeps a bit cooler than the Casper mattress.

Zoned support Comparison Between Casper Mattress VS Endy:

Casper Mattress is designed with a zoned support system that provides targeted support to body parts while this feature is negligible in Endy mattresses. If you feel pressure on heavy parts of your body like hips and shoulders, I highly recommend going for a Casper mattress.

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Material Comparison Comparison Between Casper Mattress VS Endy:

In terms of material Casper and Endy greatly vary from one another.


Casper mattress is made of a polyester blend which is removable and easy to wash. The Endy cover is made of knit polyester, and like a Casper mattress, it is easy to remove and launderable.

Comfort layer

The comfort layer of the Casper mattress is made of a latex alternative called proprietary AirScape foam. It not only provides comfort and support to the sleeper but also keeps him or her cooler at night. The comfort layers of Endy Mattress are composed of open-cell memory foam and proprietary Bendy Foam. These slowly contours the body.

Contouring layer

The comfort layer of the Casper mattress is followed by a contouring layer. It is less responsive by sinking deep down to alleviate pressure from the body. It provides extra lumbar, hip, neck and shoulder support. In Endy, the contouring layer is termed a transitional layer. It is present on the firmer side of the mattress and is intended to prevent the sleeper from sinking down deep into the mattress core 

Base layer

Like many mattresses, the Casper base layer is formed by employing heavy-duty poly foam layers. While the Endu mattress is also made of poly foam. In both cases, the polyfoam base layer is intended to provide extra stability and durability to the mattress.

Company policy Comparison Between Casper Mattress VS Endy:


Both mattresses provide free shipping in their areas. As mentioned earlier, Casper is an American-made mattress while Endy is a Canadian-based mattress, so if you are not in these regions, you have to pay additional charges to buy the mattress.

Trial period 

Both mattresses come with a 100-day free night trial.

Warranties. Both Casper and Endy come in a 1year long warranty.

Buyer Guide:

Don’t let misleading and deceiving content marketing misguide you. Before buying a bed or any other material, first, acquire basic knowledge about the basic features of a particular product. You will find countless mattress types and brands on the market, claiming significant comfort for every type of sleeper and body pain.

But that’s not true as they are just intended to sell their product. The factors which might be the core part of your new mattress shopping are durability, edge support, motion isolation, mattress, size, reliability, shipping, temperature regulation, ease of movement, firmness, warranties, trial periods, size, and price.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Casper made in Australia?

No Casper mattress is not made in Australia but it is assembled in America. The materials which are used in its construction are sourced from Portugal, India, France, Vietnam, and China. This long-lasting mattress is considered to be of the founded bed box brands in the bedding world.

Is an Endy mattress cooler than a Casper mattress?

Yes, the Endy mattress is cooler than the Casper mattress.

What are the trails period and warranty of the Endy mattress?

Endy mattress provides 100 days free night trial and a 10-year long warranty with every model.


We have compared all the factors from theatre toes. These differentiation points between Casper mattress vs Endy will certainly help you to reach an ultimate decision. Our comparison of Casper mattress vs Endy is free from biases and is purely based on customer reviews. We advise you to read for at least 2 times, to avoid any confusion in mattress shopping.

We are here to provide accurate information and try our best to protect you from bad investments and deceiving contents of bedding brands. 

Hopefully! After reading this guide, you will find the perfect match for yourself.

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