12 best fabric for throw pillows


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Throw pillows are an essential part of your home decor. They are an accessory to your sofa or couch and act as a focal point in the living room. The throw pillow is one of the most popular decorative items to add to your house. If you are looking to buy the best fabric for throw pillows for your sofa, here are the 12 best fabrics for throw pillows you can choose from.

Are there any types of fabric that pillows are made of?

Generally speaking, pillows should be made of one type of natural fiber, such as cotton, linen, or silk. However, you may find that certain pillows come in several different types of fabric – such as a mix of cotton and silk, a mix of cotton and polyester, etc. – and Some pillows come with a variety of fabrics in one cover.

1.Polyester fabric:

best fabric for throw pillows

Polyester fabric is the best fabric for throw pillows and is a durable material that has been used for many different types of products for many years now. It has proven itself to be a reliable fabric that will last for a long time even if used for throw pillows.
The gold foil throw pillow from MaxFox is a great addition to your home décor because of its style, Durability, and Functionality. The fabric can be made into patterns and shapes.

The pillows made with polyester fabric are inexpensive and as easily replaceable as compared to cotton pillows. The polyester pillows are less in weight such that their weight will be only two or three pounds. But these pillows are less breathable than cotton pillows.

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This fabric also provides exceptional softness and comfort for users and it is machine washable. However, the pillow itself may get slightly puckered during shipping and it may need to be vacuumed before use to remove any wrinkles.

  • Very affordable for the price
  • Fluffy when you open the vacuum bag
  • Looks Great on the covers
  • The 18″ case fits perfectly, and it’s nice and full.
  • The ends do not fill to the tips covering on pillows is somewhat like hospital pillows

2.Geometric fabric:

best fabric for throw pillows

The Geometric Pillow is a great addition to any living space and is one of the best fabrics for throw pillows. It adds a beautiful look and feel of geometric patterns to your room. The Geometric Pillow is made from 100% polyester material. The fabric is very soft, and durable and can last you for a long time if you take good care of it. The material is also resistant to wrinkles and stains so it will always maintain its original appearance.

Even though the Geometric Pillow is made from polyester material, it is still a very durable and breathable material. It is also very comfortable to sleep on, and you can choose from a variety of different sizes to make sure you can find one that fits you perfectly. There are around nine different color options to choose from and it comes in large sizes too. Overall, this is a very high-quality and highly recommended product.

  • Excellent quality pillow. Very durable material.
  • This is a great touch to any living space.
  • Reasonable Price and Highly recommend.
  • Some people smell fish when they have opened the packaging.

3.Velvet fabric:

best fabric for throw pillows

Velvet is a great and best fabric for a throw pillow that can be used for many purposes. It has such a smooth texture that it feels great to the touch and it also feels like velvet. Velvet pillowcases are among the most popular products sold in stores because of their softness.
This particular pillow case by Velvet is an excellent choice if you want to get this material at an affordable price. The fabric is extremely soft, silky, and luxurious, so you don’t have to worry about any allergies or skin irritations.
In addition to being highly comfortable, these pillowcases are also durable and easy to care for. This product comes with a polyester cover that feels nice against the skin and protects it from dirt and stains.

The velvet pillow comes in a variety of bright colors and it can last for decades if used properly.

  • They get amazing results at a great price.
  • They’re wonderfully soft, and they make the perfect cuddle pillow.
  • This product is smooth, soft and silky and not gaudy or shiny.

4.Satin fabric:

best fabric for throw pillows

The Satin pillow covers are made of a nice fabric and they are so soft that they will surely give you the comfort you need. You can also make them as a gift for your loved ones.

This is one of the best fabrics for throw pillows which is made from cotton that is used to make glossy pillows. It gives you a cooling effect thus it is an excellent choice for summers. The satin and polyester fabric have 90 percent same characteristics.

These are available in 3 different colors and if you have any questions about the size of the cover, you can contact the company for free measurements. The stitch quality on these pillows is also good.
Overall, these are very soft and comfortable pillows. They don’t lose shape even after years of use.

  • The stitches in these pillows are very good quality.
  • These pillows are a perfect fit for the comforter made by the same company in the same family
  • These are pretty and very soft. I’m very satisfied with the purchase.

  • The quality is good, but I can see some very small marks on the fabric.

5.Silk fabric:

best fabric for throw pillows

The Pillow Décor Throw Pillows are a great way to change up the look of your room without making a big investment. They are made of the best silk fabric, so you won’t be disappointed with the quality. These throw pillow covers are going to give your home a sophisticated, elegant look that will instantly brighten up any room.

Silk fabric is a synthetic fabric that is mainly composed of fibroin and it mainly comes from silkworms. Silk fabric has 4 types which are Tasar silk, Mulberry silk, Muga silk, and Eri silk. The silk fabric is expensive because to prepare 1 kilogram of silk we need 5000 silkworms.
These throw pillow covers are a great addition to your bedroom. Silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world and these throw pillow covers are going to add that classy element to your home.

  • This is a nice set of pillows. It looks expensive, but it’s affordable.
  • This pillow is a beautiful colour, and the fabric and packaging are great. It’s a perfect pillow for you!
  • It-Worth the price.

6.Chenille fabric:

best fabric for throw pillows

If you’re looking for a nice-looking and best fabric for throw pillow, then you should definitely get a hold of the Chenille Throw Pillow. This best fabric for throw pillows is made from high-quality material that is extremely soft to touch. It is available in various colors, including red, orange, yellow, grey, and black.

The Chenille Throw Pillow is also well designed with an excellent-looking cover that is very soft to touch and also easy to put on and remove.
Chenille is also very comfortable to sleep on and it is made from a very durable fabric that will last for a long time.

I must say that these pillows are well worth the money. You can’t find anything better for the price. If you want something nice-looking and durable, then I suggest you buy a pair of these Chenille Throw Pillows. They will be a perfect match for your sofa and you won’t have to worry about them getting stained or damaged in any way.

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  • It is beautifully made and looks great in the living room.
  • A beautiful pillow cover, this is a lovely color!
  • Very reasonable price.
  • They are much silver, not charcoal grey

7.Faux Fur fabric:

best fabric for throw pillows

The Faux Fur throw pillow covers are definitely worth the investment and are regarded as the best fabric for throw pillows. This luxurious throw pillow cover has a thick, soft, and plush look and feels that will instantly transform your bedroom into a warm, cozy place to sleep.

Faux fur fabric is a synthetic and knitted fabric that is a blend of acrylic and polyester and it is less expensive than animal fur. There are 2 different sizes of the product, 20 by 20 inch and 18 by 18 inch. The machine-washable pillow cover makes it easier to clean after using it. It is possible to easily remove and insert pillow inserts with the help of the invisible zip. It is soft and lightweight due to being made from 100% polyester material. It is also strong enough to endure several wash cycles.

Overall, we like these faux fur throw pillow covers because they come at a reasonable price and offer an elegant look that you can’t find elsewhere. So if you want to add a touch of luxury and warmth to your bedroom, then this is an excellent choice.

  • This is a soft item which is very well made
  • Awesome quality, great price
  • It was a bit awkward at first, but then I got used to it

8.Wool fabric:

best fabric for throw pillows

The wool throw pillow is the best fabric for throw pillows. This throw pillow has a super soft feel and a great texture. It is made up of 80% wool and 20% cotton and it is easy to clean. It is available in different sizes and colors, so you should have no trouble finding the right one for your needs. The fabric is soft against your skin, but it’s also good for allergies and colds, and it keeps your feet warm during cold weather.

The wool pillow is breathable and has excellent insulative properties but this type of have little foul smelling and with multiple uses, it becomes lumpy and hard.
Overall, I highly recommend Wool Throw Pillow. I found it quite comfortable and soft, and if you’re looking for a throw pillow for your home, then this is one of the best options that you can choose.

  • The quality of the hide looks good, super soft and curly
  • Microfiber is durable and looks good.
  • I’d recommend this for the price.
  • The hair was very thin and it was long-haired.

9.Square fabric:

best fabric for throw pillows

The Square Pillow is a very nice fabric that is sure to suit many people’s needs. It is an excellent quality throw pillow made with durable material that is hypoallergenic and will provide comfort and support for your head while you sleep.
This pillow is available in a variety of colors and you can choose from a wide range of sizes so you can find the one that’s right for you.
The corners are a bit flimsy, but you can’t expect more from a throw pillow and the fact that it’s made with high-quality material means that you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged or falling apart.
The price is also a great deal for the number of pillows you get. It’s definitely a must-have if you’re on a budget, but at the same time, it won’t break the bank.

  • Soft and comfortable
  • I really like these throw pillows. They’re a very reasonable price for 4 large-sized throw pillows.
  • It’s soft and fluffy
  • The corners are soft and the filling is weak.

10.Striped fabric:

best fabric for throw pillows


The striped throw pillow cover is just like the name suggests. It comes in two beautiful color options, including black and white or gray and white. This throw pillow cover is made up of 100% polyester that is soft and comfortable.

This best fabric for throw pillows has many unique features and mostly the attractive color that helps it stand out in the market.
It also comes with a zipper closure on both sides so you can keep it tucked away when not in use. The material is very durable, so you don’t have to worry about washing this cover again and again. You can wash them on a gentle cycle with cold water and hang them to dry.
I would say that these are very nice throw pillows for the price.

  • Super-comfortable and super-elegant
  • PERFECT color! Just like they promised.
  • The pillowcases with this design are really strong, and the price is unbeatable.
  • The zipper is good quality, but the materials are of low quality.

11.Paisley fabric:

best fabric for throw pillows

Paisley is the best fabric for throw pillows and is a very popular motif in the world of interior design. The paisley fabric is commonly known as butoh or butoh. It is commonly believed that it originated from Persian and has ornamental design in particular.

This throw pillow is a simple and elegant way to bring in this motif to your room. The back of the pillow is covered with a gorgeous and stylish silk fabric that is so soft to touch and gives you a wonderful sense of luxury in your home.

This pillow is really affordable and you can use it for many different things. Whether you are looking to enhance your living room decor, or make your bedroom look more inviting, these paisley throw pillows are a great way to start.

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  • These are very pretty, and they’re very colorful.
  • They are such well-made pants that have a hidden zipper for removal.
  • This is an extremely well-made and beautifully made upholstery fabric.

  • I thought these were cushion covers, but when I got them home, they were pillowcases.

12.Checkered fabric:

best fabric for throw pillows

This is one of the best fabrics for throw pillows for those that love the art of decorating their home with checkered patterns as it has a symmetrical design with an alternating square. The checkered design is one of the most popular designs for throw pillows and they are a great way of adding personality to any room. These throw pillows have a classic look that will never go out of fashion.

They’re made from sturdy, durable fabric that makes them a pleasure to work with, and you can buy these in a variety of different colors and sizes. You can choose between sets of 2, 4 or 8 pillows depending on how much you want to spend. They also come with a matching sheet set, so you can use the entire set together.

  • Fantastic durable fabric, good quality
  • This is a really good value, at the price paid. I was pleased by the quality for the money spent.
  • The perfect match for white and black.
  • Reasonable Price
  • They’re a little rough and there are some places where the fabric started to fray near the zipper.

How to Select best fabric throw Pillows:

Size and Shape:

The throw pillows that come in a variety of shapes and sizes can be used to change the look of a single piece of furniture.

1. Square.

Round throw pillows are a great choice because they can double as extra pillows and have multiple uses. They typically come in a 16- to 18-inch diameter and can be found in different sizes. You can use them to make your couch, chair, or bed look more comfortable.

2. Round:

You’re probably most familiar with round pillows because they’re rarer than their square and rectangular counterparts. But they do look pretty cool, and can add an interesting twist to otherwise linear designs.

3. Bolster:

The primary purpose of cylinder-shaped bolster pillows is to support your arms and back when you sit. They’re most commonly used in beds.

4. Lumbar.

Rectangular lumbar throw pillows are often used to provide a decorative contrast to a square pillow or to offset a square pillow.


How to choose the best type of Fabric pillow for your needs?

Cushion fabrics are most often made out of cotton or linen, which are both hypoallergenic and can be cleaned with the help of water and detergents. Cotton’s availability makes it great for every home and cushion needs.

Which Material you can use to make pillows?

Most pillow-type pillows are made of polyester, which is inexpensive, easy to wash, and causes few allergic reactions. The least expensive pillows are made of polyester.

Which Type of Fabric Should You purchase?

Nice fabrics for New Bies
Choosing a good-quality, woven fabric, such as cotton, linen or a cotton-linen blend, is essential to getting the best results when sewing clothes for kids and teenagers. You may also want to choose a woven fabric without too many loose threads.


Whether you need a new throw pillow for a sofa, chair, or bed, you’ll find lots of great options here. There’s a wide range of colours, designs, and styles. You’ll also find reviews of many of the throw pillows listed above. If you’re in the market to buy best fabric for throw pillows you will certainly love this selection.

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