Looking for a comfortable pillow that is too customized to your needs and according to your budget preferences? Well, you landed in the safe hands. We are here 24 / 7 to guide you to get the pillow you desire and suits best to your requirements. Also, you are touching upon such a sensitive topic which usually people would not find themselves looking for considering its role is overly underestimated in our lives but it does not have to be this way. It has a huge role in your posture, normal functioning of your joints, effective in many diseases and overall confidence.

Are you ready? For I am about to take you down the aisle to choose from the best pillows guide of 2022, so that you may discover your ideal match, I carefully selected 10 products that cater to a wide range of sleep preferences, temperature preferences, and price points.

Best Pillows of 2022:

Methodology: what parameters to look for while choosing the right pillow:

Although the role of pillows in our life has always been taken for granted, still its importance cannot be neglected when it comes to posture and alignment of the body. It will be quite unconventional and unprofessional for me to tell you the job of your pillow but as I vowed to spread awareness regarding selection of the right pillow, let me enlighten my knowledgeable audiences that your pillow performs these most important functions for you:

It provides you support.
It keeps your body alignment and balance in place.
It makes your sleeping position even more comfortable for you.
It keeps your posture right.
It soothes your joint disorders and even helps with pain in specific parts of your body.
It keeps your head, neck, and spine in neutral alignment.

So, basically the pillow’s role is to maintain the natural C-curve of your spine, keeping it from being craned. Simply look to see if your ears are in line with your shoulders and your chin is in line with your sternum to determine if you have a neutral spine alignment. Hence, now you are equipped with the information regarding the importance of a pillow; below I will make it much easier for you to look for the following main factors while buying a pillow according to your sleep position. But to know about it in more detail, be sure to check out my guide to picking the best pillow for your position.


In contrast to back sleepers, stomach sleepers must adhere to a strict guideline to maintain neutral alignment of their spines. If you sleep on your stomach, a soft pillow with a low loft will support your spine’s natural curve and keep your head and neck from being forced upward. Finding a stomach sleeper pillow might be challenging because your neck can easily strain in this position. Visit my website for a variety of choices and check the best pillows for stomach sleepers.

Side sleeping:

Side sleepers would usually require a pillow to lift the head in alignment with the neck and spine; off the bed a little bit. Typically, pillows with a firmer feel and a higher profile are best for side sleepers. A pillow with a loft of 4′′ or more helps to relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips while supporting your head in harmony with your spine. While you sleep, tighter support will stop your head from sagging during the course of the night. See my review of the best pillows for side sleeper for more information on side sleeping.

Back sleeping:

People who sleep on their back usually needs an average stifness and height of their pillow. Back sleepers should keep to what I refer to as a “happy medium” build when it comes to firmness levels and comfort. In essence, this means that for your pillow to support good posture, both its loft and stiffness should be rated as medium. Back sleepers, however, offer a little more leeway in terms of loft and firmness experimentation. Find out more in my roundup of the best pillows for back sleepers.

Combination sleeping:

Combination sleepers usually have difficulty sticking to one sleep position. You’ll want a pillow that is adaptable enough to be comfortable in the majority of situations if you tend to change positions throughout the night. Additionally, you should get a larger pillow because combo sleepers have a propensity to roll off of them during the course of the night. For the majority of combo sleepers, a medium-loft pillow is what I’d suggest because it will keep your spine in a neutral position. Check out my best pillow for combination sleepers roundup for more information.

Amongst all these details of pillows for example, the colour, shape, style, warm or cold, stuff; the most important detail is of supporting your posture. If the pillow matches your requirements then you are most welcome to look for other details as well because for some people it does not stop here. They go overboard with the pillow requirements and some studies have shown girls usually tend to buy pink colour, round shaped pillows just because it was found more appealing.

Types of Pillows:

Back in the day you cannot find much variety in the pillows section but today as every field is advancing from the tiniest needles to the gigantic buildings, so has the pillow industry. Now, you can find pillows made of different materials and shapes, tailored to the needs of different people. I’m hopeful after reading the guide below you will be able to choose the one that suits you best.

Whatever your favoured sleeping position, knowing the different pillow kinds that are best for it will help ensure that you don’t wake up with a stiff neck.

Down Pillow

The soft fibers that are closest to the skin of a goose, duck, or swan are used to make down pillows. De-quilted duck and goose feathers were used to create these cushions. These feathers, which are thought to be the softest, are found on the bird’s chest or underbelly. They feel more like sleeping on a cloud to the person using them. They typically tend to be more costly. Finding a down pillow with an ethical source is also crucial, since animals are hunted down to fulfill this need.

Who this pillow is best for:

Due to its cushion and pillow softness, down is one of the greatest pillow materials for stomach sleeper.

Down Alternative Pillow

Down alternative pillows may be ideal for you if you enjoy the feel of down but want a hypoallergenic (and less expensive) substitute. A synthetic variant of the traditional down pillow is called a down alternative cushion. Microfibers of polyester are commonly used to make these cushions. Although they are far less expensive, they are intended to replicate the sensation of being down. The best down alternative pillow is an excellent choice if you want a soft down sensation without using real feathers.

Who this pillow is best for:

Although down alternative pillows can be used by stomach sleepers as well, back and side sleepers prefer them because of how soft and fluffy they are. Due of its affordability and accessibility to the general populace.

Feather Pillow

The conventional stuffing used in feather pillows is excellent for offering support without deflating. If you’re searching for a cosy, supportive solution, feather filling is a great choice. But it’s crucial to remember that many feather pillows also contain a small amount of down, so people who are allergic to down should be careful to check the feather pillow’s filling before making a purchase.

Who this pillow is best for:

 Best feather pillows are soft and fluffy, similar to actual down, but because of their higher loft, they are among the greatest pillows for back and side sleepers.

Cotton Pillow

The popularity of cotton pillows has been declining in favour of more contemporary synthetic materials like memory foam. However, cotton is a traditional pillow material that does have some benefits, especially for those who are allergic to synthetic materials. Additionally, washing your cotton pillow frequently is simple because cotton pillows are easy to clean. The fabric is odourless and breathable too.

Who this pillow is best for:

Although almost every sleeper can use cotton pillows, it’s vital to keep in mind that unlike memory foam or feather pillows, cotton will not conform to the contour of your head.

Latex Pillow

These pillows are constructed from rubber tree-derived natural Talalay or Dunlop latex. Latex seems buoyant and springy, virtually the polar opposite of memory foam. It is said to be naturally cooling and offers some great pressure relief. Because they offer excellent head and neck support while still feeling soft and cuddly, latex pillows are becoming more and more popular. Both solid and shredded latex pillows are offered for sale. However, keep an eye out for latex-blend pillows, which are frequently combined with potentially harmful polyurethane foam. It is moldable and its durability is guaranteed. Latex pillows are typically more expensive

Who this pillow is best for:

It works for both back and side sleepers. Since this pillow has a loft that is higher than average, it is not advised for stomach sleepers.

Memory Foam Pillow

These pillows are made specifically from memory foam. A relatively new material called memory foam is made to support your body. Compared to the down or down alternative, it is significantly denser and responds to pressure more slowly. In general, memory foam pillows are more ergonomic than conventional pillows, making them a perfect option for anyone with neck trouble. These can mold the shape of the foam to the position that is more comfortable to you.

Who this pillow is best for:

It is best for back and stomach sleepers however, side sleepers may find it difficult to use because of its firmness.

Memory Foam Alternative Pillows

Many businesses now provide their own exclusive variations of memory foam that feel similar to the traditional substance with a few minor changes. For instance, while memory foam does have a reputation for retaining body heat, cooling materials can be used to fill memory foam substitute pillows. However, you can also find memory foam pillows with graphite or copper infusions, which help to dissipate heat. Gel memory foam pillows are particularly popular. Alternatives to memory foam may also be more aerated, which enhances breathability.

Who this pillow is best for:

It works best for back and side sleepers.

Shredded Memory Foam

Traditional memory foam pillows are increasingly being replaced by ones made of shredded memory foam. Shredded memory foam is an excellent fit for almost every sleeping preference because the filling may be added or removed depending on the individual’s preferences for the pillow. It is moldable and has customized support too. It can be cleaned easily as well.

Who this pillow is best for:

It is best for sides and back sleepers. Although some stomach sleepers may like shredded memory foam, others claim that the firm substance makes this cushion uncomfortable.

Bamboo Pillow

Since best bamboo pillows contain antibacterial and moisture-absorbing qualities, they have been a growing trend in the pillow market. You get the advantages of a shredded memory foam cushion with the cooling capabilities of bamboo because the majority of bamboo pillows are actually comprised of a shredded foam inner with a bamboo viscose shell.

Who this pillow is best for:

It is found to be suitable for back sleepers. Bamboo pillows may be too firm for stomach and side sleepers because they are constructed of dense, shredded memory foam.

Gel Pillow

People are said to stay cool at night thanks to gel pillows. In order to provide the cooling properties of gel with the softness of another substance, many gel pillows are really formed of gel blended with another material, like foam or latex. Similar to memory foam, the gel material is solid and keeps its shape effectively, but it can also be shaped to meet the contours of the sleeper. They are easy to care for but a little expensive.

Who this pillow is best for:

Suitable for back and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers may find it a bit too firm to find a comfortable position.

Polyester Pillow

Pillows made of polyester fiberfill, sometimes known as poly-fill, are a common option for people on a tight budget. Poly-fill pillows tend to absorb heat and become lumpy pretty fast, though, because the substance they are composed of is less expensive.
They are lightweight and hypoallergenic however, they are not breathable and longlasting.

Who this pillow is best for:

It works for all sleeping positions and is quite easy to be used by all sleepers.

Buckwheat Pillow

While buckwheat pillows have long been popular in Asia, they are just recently beginning to gain popularity in North America. Buckwheat shells, which are firm but still breathable, are used to fill these pillows. The buckwheat shells, however, can be noisy if you move around as you sleep, so keep that in mind. They are malleable, breathable and have a cooling effect. It has heavy weight and too firm for some sleepers.

Who this pillow is best for:

It is best for back and stomach sleepers. Buckwheat pillows may be excessively stiff for those who sleep on their sides.

Microbead Pillow

In terms of feel, microbead pillows resemble buckwheat pillows, however they are made of a synthetic material known as homogeneous polymer particles. Microbead pillows, a synthetic substitute, provide many of the same benefits as real buckwheat pillows, such as breathability and adapting to your head shape, but they may also lose their shape more quickly. They retain heta as well.

Who this pillow is best for:

Microbead pillows may be preferred by certain stomach sleepers, but back sleepers prefer them more because of their high level of firmness.

Hybrid Pillow

These pillows are a relatively recent addition to the market. They are adjustable and reversible pillows featuring a softer, more down-like side and a firmer, typically cooling side. These pillows are excellent for people who have trouble deciding what they want in a pillow or who prefer to experiment.

Who this pillow is best for:

These kinds of pillows are suitable for combination sleepers, who switch positions throughout the night.

What Exactly Is a Pillow Loft?

Pillow loft basically means the height or length of the pillow. Do not worry about the fancy wording of it. It is basically important for the sleeping positions to keep supporting and maintaining the head, neck and spine alignment. There are three types of pillow lofts given below:

Low Loft:

Low-loft pillows are typically 3′′ tall or smaller. For a neutral spinal alignment, these pillows work best for stomach sleepers who require little to no loft.

Mid loft:

Pillows having a mid-loft are 3 to 5 inches tall. Given that they offer a medium level of support, they are ideal for back or combination sleepers.they provide good support to back and combination sleepers.

High loft:

These pillows are perfect for extreme side sleepers because they are 5′′ or taller. To keep their neck in alignment with their spine and avoid neck strain, side sleepers require a loft that is higher.

What Size Pillows Can I Buy?

There are several brands that sell pillows in many sizes. There are three common sizes: standard, queen, and king. Additionally, there are specialty pillows available, such as body pillows and ergonomic pillows.


20″ x 26″ is the size of a standard pillow. The least priced and most widely used cushion size is called “standard.”


The largest pillows are king size, measuring 20′′ by 36′′. Given their vast surface area, they are ideal for people who move about a lot while they sleep. The most costly pillow in the group is this one. Combination speakers usually love these pillows.


The size of the queen pillow is 20″ x 30″. On a queen-size bed, two of these pillows fit comfortably. Queen-sized pillows are typically used in hotels because of their perfect fancy touch.


Body pillows typically have a 20 x 54 mm size. For side sleepers, who can put these cushions between their legs to reduce knee rubbing, they are very helpful.

Final Thoughts

Since pillow shopping could be underestimated by people, it is important to pay more attention to the details mentioned above since it could regulate your posture and daily life activities could be influenced by it. You may get many sorts of pillows that meet your demands, whether you’re seeking hypoallergenic bedding or something to relieve back discomfort. Now you are well equipped with the knowledge regarding shape, size, loft and types of pillows; you won’t ever need a pillow again if you do it this way.


What is the best pillow for side sleepers?

In order to maintain neutral spine alignment and ease shoulder strain, side sleepers typically need a pillow with a lofty profile and a firmer texture.

What pillow is best for stomach sleepers?

To preserve neutral spine posture and ease pressure in the lower back and abdomen, stomach sleepers typically require a pillow with a low profile and a soft feel.

What is the best pillow for neck pain?

The pillow that encourages neutral spine alignment when you’re in your preferred sleeping position is the greatest one for neck pain. Of course, this will appear different in each position, but the best method to stop neck pain is to make sure that your head and neck are always in line with your spine.

How long should you keep pillows?

Pillows should generally be changed every one to two years. The materials used to manufacture your pillow, however, have a big impact on how long it will last! Every six months, you should make sure your pillows are still supporting you correctly.