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If you are physically active then you know the importance of comfortable, cozy and deeper night sleep. Whether you swim, bike, run or lift heavy objects, you need a mattress that reduces strain from your body by providing efficient contouring support overnight. Whether a person is a barber, actor, doctor or belongs to any other profession he needs a maximum of 7 to 8 hours sleep. If you don’t get enough support from the mattress you will wake up tired and in pain.

There are many mattresses on the market that are especially designed for athletes. These mattresses have more sophisticated and innovative designs as compared to normal use mattresses. They are designed by using high quality cover for pressure alleviation and pain relief, extra comfort layers for more support and comfort and support material that won’t sag.

In this guide, we have enlisted the top 5 best mattress for athletes after serving 33 sleep and medical based websites. We have mentioned the full length of each mattress for better understanding. Further down you will find a buyer’s guide that will remarkably help you while shopping for best mattress for athletes

Top 5 Best Mattress for athletes to buy in 2023:

There are many best mattress available on the market. We have selected the best of the best from that crowded list. Many athletes prefer hybrid mattresses as they provide the right combination of support, coolness, pressure relief and comfort. We have enlisted different type of hybrid mattress for you that features different layer comfort material that keeps you cool and supportive at night. Novilla and Vibe Mattresses are the hottest on the market, scroll down what features make them stand out in the market.

1.Amazon basic mattress:

Best mattress for athletes

Product Description

This best mattress for athletes features Three-layer hypoallergenic memory foam, reliable foam base for pressure relief, cooling and refreshing gel foam top layer, and supportive middle layer. The replinishing supportive layer along with gel infused memory foam, ensure maximum ventilation and aeration to keep athlete cold at not night nights.

While the hypoallergenic layer protect him from attack of infectious particles. This best mattress for athletes provide exceptional pressure relief and wake up athletes refreshed and energetic at the very next morning. Furthermore it contains a highly breathable and cooling cover, that adds extra comfort and coolness.

Product Specifications

You can buy This best mattress for athletes in queen(80″L x 60″W x 12″Th),King(80″L x 76″W x 12″Th), Twin(75″L x 39″W x 12″Th), full(75″L x 54″W x 12″Th), Cal king(84″L x 72″W x 12″Th). This best mattress for athletes is available in white and gray colors and medium, firm and plush firmness profiles. With 100 days free night test, Amazon basic mattress lasts for 10 years. It is made in the USA and is CertiPUR US Certified.

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  • Cooling gel memory foam used
  • Hypoallergenic mattress
  • Provide exceptional support and comfort
  • CertiPUR US certified
  • Not available in twin XL size
  • The faint smell on unboxing

2.Novilla mattress:

Best mattress for athletes

Product Description

Athletes commonly suffer from different types of pain due to excessive and unhealthy use of their body. The athlete often face hot flashes in night die to high metabolic rate. Implies go the fact, an athlete not only need a cooling mattress but also acquire a mattress that slowly contours their body to get rid of pain.

Novilla mayfress is a blessing for them as this best mattress beside having gel infusion have all foam construction that is absent in traditional mattresses construction. Moreover it contain an egg crate that is designed for maximum aeration and airflow through the entire memory foam.

Additionally, the mattress cover is made of Bamboo fabric that is 30% more breathable than other types of fabrics. Whether you sleep with your partner or alone, you will find no disruption. The mattress is skin friendly and free from harmful entities like chlorides, heavy metals and poisonous solutions.

Product specifications

You can buy This best mattress for athletes in queen(80″L x 60″W x 12″Th),King(80″L x 76″W x 12″Th), Twin XL(80″L x 39″W x 12″Th),
Twin(75″L x 39″W x 12″Th), full(75″L x 54″W x 12″Th), Cal king(84″L x 72″W x 12″Th). Novilla offers 12 inches, 10 inches and 8 inches for each dimension of mattress. Moreover you can purchase it in tight gel style, gray shade and medium foam firmness. Noviall mattress is manufactured in Indonesia and is CertiPUR US Certified. This best mattress for athletes comes with 100 days free night trails and 10 years guarantee.

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  • 3 different profile to choose from
  • Highly breathable and cooling mattress
  • Not prone to wear and tear
  • CertiPUR US Certified
  • Safety and herby mattress
  • The faint smell on unboxing

3.Signature Design By Ashley Chime:

Best mattress for athletes

Product Description

This best mattress for athletes is perfect for side sleepers. Sleepers really enjoy the comfort of wrapped coils and gel infused memory foam. Signature Design By Ashley Chime is designed with leverage packed wrapped coils to lessen motion transfer, gel memory foam for pressure point relief and layers of support foam for maximum support and comfort.

While the knot cover increase the cozunees of mattress the foam layers hold your body in solace. By using it, you’ll wake up feeling invigorated and pain free every time. It is made in USA and is CertiPUR US certified. Ashley chime offers free shipping and money back warranty. After unboxing, leave the mattress for 72 in a well ventilated room for better results.

Product specifications

You can purchase This best mattress for athletes in twin XL(79″L x 37″W x 12″Th), queen(80″L x 60″W x 12″Th),King(80″L x 76″W x 12″Th), Twin(75″L x 39″W x 12″Th), full(75″L x 54″W x 12″Th), Cal king(84″L x 72″W x 12″Th). This best mattress for athletes comes in white color, tight top style and pillow top, plush and firm styles. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the mattress, you can return it in 100 days. After owing, you will get 10 years of worry free warranty.

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  • Free from harmful entities
  • Suitable for both kids and adults
  • Available in different sizes
  • Breathable and ventilated
  • Expensive mattress
  • The earthy smell on unboxing

4.Olee Sleep Mattress:

Best mattress for athletes

Product Description

Olee sleep mattress is designed for ultra support and immense comfort. The customizes design of the mattress feature multilayered memory foam and gel infusion. Gel-infused memory foam guarantees airflow and higher breathability to regulate your temperature while you sleep.

Durable foam support system is employed to deter slumping, staving off you from rolling off as you sleep. Olee aleep all products are designed for improve sleep efficiency and stability. This best mattress for athletes is certiPUR US Certifed meaning Olee Sleep has passed all the regorous standards for durability, emissions, content and performance.

All the sleepers will find equal amount of comfort, support, coolness, breathability, edge support, motion isolation and durability regardless of their sleeping position and sleeping style.

Product specifications

Olee sleep mattress is available in 3 different sizes which are queen(80″L x 60″W x 7″,
Twin(75″L x 39″W x 7″Th) and full(75″L x 54″W x 7″Th). You can buy this mattress in blue and gray colors, and tight top style. Olee sleep comes with 100 days free might sleep tea and 10 years limited warranty. It is made in the Indonesia and is CertiPUR US Certified.

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  • Multi Layered foam
  • Customized support
  • Reasonable prices
  • Won’t and sturdy
  • Easy to set up and no battery required

  • The mild smell on unboxing
  • Only available in 3 sizes

5.Vibe Gel Mattress:

Best mattress for athletes

Product Description

Vibe Gel mattress combine the comfort and support of plush comfort of memory foam with traditional support of wrapped coils integrating the qualitize of two mattresses in one single mattress.

The mattress memory foam efficiently responds to sleepers body shape furnishing contoured support, extensively enhancing sleepers napping quality, and relieving the strain; while the pocketed springs give the sleeper proper uplift which help to lessen motion.

With pocket spring mattresses, each spring supports every part of your body, virtually eliminating pressure points like your hips and shoulders from occurring as you sleep. You can sleep in either side of the bed due to it’s flipapble design. This innovative features efficiently increase the lifespan of the mattress by preventing wear and tear.

The mattress sturdy support and edge support, assist you to move with ease and also get in and get out of the bed with ease. It is covered p with a soft knitted cover that is wash to clean and long-lasting. It comes in three firmness levels: medium, medium form and firm. This is an adjustable bed that fits with many of bed frames like slate bed, spring box, flat foundation and many more.

Product specifications

The Vibe Gel best mattress for athletes
twin XL(79″L x 37″W x 12″Th), queen(80″L x 60″W x 12″Th),King(80″L x 76″W x 12″Th), Twin(75″L x 39″W x 12″Th), full(75″L x 54″W x 12″Th), Cal king(84″L x 72″W x 12″Th). All the sizes are available in gel top style, and white color Buy it is worth free as this best mattress for athletes comes in 100 days free night trial and 10 years long warranty.

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  • The best cooling mattress
  • Ideal for hot sleepers
  • Support all body sizes
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • The faint smell on unboxing
  • Need more time for expansion after opening

Buyers Guide:

Your training will be severely hampered by a sagging mattress since your body won’t get the necessary rest it needs during REM and deep sleep. But before you hastily choose a new mattress to replace your old one, be sure it is suitable for an active lifestyle. We gave certain variables more weight than others when deciding which mattresses would be best for exercise enthusiasts.

We initially looked for mattresses that were cool enough for an active lifestyle. As a result, permeable hybrid mattresses fare somewhat better in our survey than those made of rigid memory foam. Many memory foam beds do, however, nonetheless manage to be chilly. Fortunately, a set of luxurious cooling sheets may alleviate even slightly overheated mattresses.

Body Type:

The range of body types among athletes means that the best mattress for a lean, mean endurance athlete may not be suitable for a more muscular bodybuilder. For instance, a larger individual can have trouble falling asleep deeply if their memory foam mattress sinks too much into them; in this case, they should choose a hybrid model with supportive innersprings.

All-foam can still function very well if the foam is thicker and more firm. If you’re unsure whether to choose memory foam or a hybrid mattress, think about your favourite sleeping position.

Firmness level:

When evaluating mattresses to promote healthy sleep for athletes, firmness was the next important consideration. You’ll probably need a firmer mattress if you’re more active than the average person—one that’s firm enough to ease pressure spots and preserve good posture or spinal alignment.

Furthermore, posture is just as crucial when you’re lying on the floor (or in bed) as it is when you’re sitting or standing, as any floor barre devotee will attest to. Because of this, we like to prescribe firmer mattresses. However, your body type will determine the precise firmness you need.

Sleeping Style:

Your sleeping habits must match those of your mattress, fortunately most are quite adaptable. However, some are more suited than others to particular sleeping habits, and we specifically mentioned a few. However, in general, a firmer hybrid mattress works better for stomach and back sleepers, while memory foam can provide the necessary pressure relief for side sleepers.


Your capacity to work out is greatly influenced by your sleep. This implies that improving your sleep has a direct relationship to improving your athletic performance. In fact, selecting the ideal mattress can be just as crucial as selecting the ideal exercise equipment for your home gym. What’s best? You can benefit from a brand-new, high-quality mattress that will be delivered to your door or flat stoop by simply using your credit card.

Frequently Asked Question:

Does an athlete need a softer or firmer mattress?

If you are a very active athlete then a firm mattress can heal you better because a firmer mattress alleviates all pressure points resulting in relieving body pain but if you are not actively engaged in athletic activities then go for a medium firm mattress for better comfort and support.

What is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress combines the benefits of an innerspring mattress with those of memory or latex foam. Hybrid beds still have the springy innerspring feel while incorporating pressure-relieving memory foam.

A mattress that is really hybrid has a coiled support layer underneath a 2-inch comfort layer. Other ‘hybrids’ are merely blends of memory foam and latex. They are not real hybrids since they lack support coils. Because of its great edge support and pressure-relieving foam, hybrids are a wonderful choice.

Let’s Sum up:

Comfortable and supportive mattresses assist athletes in getting good, deeper and cozy sleep. Like all other people, 8 hours of sleep is crucial for athletes to focus and overcome different challenges easily.

In the above list, Novilla and Signature design by Ashley Chime are the most comfortable and coiness per our research and user reviews. The Vibe Gel and Amazon basics mattresses are a blessing for you, if you are on a budget. These mattresses are CertiPUR Us Certified and free from harmful chemicals.

To have a comfortable, relaxed and pain free night sleep, we highly recommend choosing one from the above best mattress for athletes.
Sleep sell, love well!

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