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You cannot enjoy a trip without having quality sleep on a comfortable bed. The car air bed is an ideal solution to provide you with a peaceful and comfy sleep as can be fitted on the back seat to make sleeping in a car more satisfying. However, these air mattresses can alter in comfort, so with many choices accessible, choosing the right for your needs may be a head job.

So make your search easy and convenient. This article focuses on the best car air mattress. Whether you are a camper or a traveler, the best car air mattress makes your trip all.

King Camp SUV Air Mattress is a built-in pump bed that is soft and durable. Let’s dive into the list of the top best car air mattresses that you will need to get a comfortable trip.

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Top 5 Best Car Air Mattress to buy in 2023:

If you don’t enjoy your trip just because of not taking proper sleep, it’s terrible, thus we recommend you to choose the best car air mattress. Because it is so soft and durable, it offers you cloud-like comfort. So select any from the list of our top 5 picks.

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1.Inflatable Car Air Travel Bed Mattress:

Best car air mattress


For enjoying an ideal trip with your pet Inflatable Car Air Travel Bed Mattress is of course an amazing option for you. It is a car bed that is stable because of its high-quality PVC and sleek black flocked material in construction. You can have this luxurious bed while traveling or camping in any place as its surface feels like soft leather and it also transforms the car back seat into a comfortable one.

This best car air mattress has a unique design that is cheap for travel and also you can use it as a comfort. Fortunately, I can use an Air mattress that is a great assistant for the outdoors. Thus you can use it for Universal cars, camping, Travel, beach chairs, and many more.

The air mattress is easily storable for travel and quickly inflated into the desired firmness with an air pump that blows it off with the cigarette lighter. Moreover, its super bearing capacity makes it a great option.


It is an inflatable cat air mattress that feels plush. It doesn’t have a built-in pump which is made by the ENGLAND brand. This best car air mattress is waterproof and it offers dimensions of 53.14″L x 15.7″W x 11″ Th.

  • Ideal back seat gap pad
  • Assumes super bearing capacity
  • Comfortable and cheap air bed for traveling
  • Used in a Rav4
  • Auto Accessories inflation Bed
  • Some consumers say it does not long last

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2.KingCamp SUV Air Mattress with Pump:

Best car air mattress



If you want to buy the most durable air bed for your car then KingCamp SUV Air Mattress is a very soft and durable air mattress. It is the best car air mattress containing a durable top that is made from heavy-duty PVC and flocked materials.

Plus it features an amazing design as it contains six independent portions for offering you more support so you can completely inflate the bed for multi-person use or can you can also partly inflate it for a sole person. It has an easy setup so you can set it in any place.

Moreover, it is universally fitted and adjusted to hatchbacks, jeep trucks, SUVs, and MPV. You can enjoy safe travel as it includes an adboard that preserves your cranium against whacking the door grip.

All with all the desire of this brand to keep you and your kids safe, the SUV inflatable air mattress kit weighs 3.2 KG, which is foldable and simple to hold up. Fortunately, this best car air mattress comes with 2 air cushions, one carry bag, one air pump, one repair kit, and one instruction included along with every purchase.


This model of King Camo is a black air mattress which is recommended by 3.9 out of 5 stars customer reviewers. It offers an extra firm feel and this best car air mattress is constructed with polyester which assumes dimensions of 9″L x 52″W x 4″ T.

  • Built-in pump for quick inflation
  • Easily fitted to back seat air mattress for RV and trucks
  • The ideal sleeping pad
  • The soft and durable top surface
  • Soft air mattress for camping, traveling, and hiking.
  • Scattered complains about the pinhole that leaks air on the larger side

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3.Rightline Gear SUV Air Mattress:

Best car air mattress


If you are traveling in a car and looking for the best air mattress then Rightline Gear SUV Air Mattress is the ideal solution for what you are looking for. This best car air mattress has enough toughness for an SUV beat. It is adjustable for your SUVs, crossovers, minivans, and Jeep Wranglers.

This matter is also the best air mattress for a jeep wrangler. As the air bed comes with a 12V air pump and an easy setup therefore the quick values inflate the air bed in a few seconds.

Also being an air bed it has a Flocked top surface that contains O-beam support for offering you a relaxed night’s sleep while camping or traveling. For your convenience, this best car air mattress comes with an added air pump, stuff sack, patch kit, and set-up guide.

Moreover, it is skillfully made in the USA and backed up by a one-year worry-free warranty. As the mattress dimensions are 73” L x 54” W x 7” H therefore is adjustable for all types of adults.


This model of Rightline Gear SUV Air Mattress offers dimensions of 73″L x 7″ W x 54″T and a weight of ‎6.5 pounds. This best car air mattress has scored 4.3 out of 5 stars from customer reviewers. This model is Queen in size and is constructed from Polyvinyl Chloride that offers a medium firmness level.

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  • Best mattress for a jeep Wrangler
  • Perfectly fitted to SUVs, minivans, and Jeep Wranglers.
  • Offers one year warranty
  • Very durable for car
  • Easily setup in any vehicle
  • Some buyers complain that the self-sealing valve failed on the very first inflation
  • Others say it’s not adjustable to a 4-door wrangler.


4.Car Air Inflation Travel Bed Mattress:

Best car air mattress


If you are searching for the best comfortable and durable air mattress then Car Air Inflation Travel Bed Mattress is an ideal bed for your vehicle. It is very durable because it is constructed from high-quality PVC and sleek black-flocked materials. It has a soft surface for proper sleeping which provides you with a luxurious bed. This best car air mattress  is ideal for traveling

Universal car, camping and you can also use it for a beach chair. This best air mattress is designed for all outdoor activities as it’s easy to store and inflated. An air pump can blow it under 5 minutes for perfect shape so you can carry it with you in the car.

Fortunately, this best car air mattress contains two pillows that are ideal for couples so there is more need for an extra pillow. This Mattress’s overall load-bearing capacity is 150kg, which is ideal for two adults for a healthier night’s sleep.


This best car air mattress is made by the ENGLAND brand. It is a firm mattress that is made from Polyvinyl Chloride that keeps it waterproof. Its dimensions are 53.15″L x 32.28″W x 19.69″.

  • Ideal for Universal car Back Seat
  • Tipped with PVC material
  • Support Outdoor Camping Mat Cushion
  • Easily storable
  • Quickly inflated air mattress
  • Some consumers say this mattress leaks quickly

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5.King Camp Car SUV Inflatable:

Best car air mattress


For a relaxing and more comfortable sleep while you are traveling in a car the KingCamp Car Air Mattress is the exact solution for having comfortable sleep. This best car air mattress has a premium top surface that is skin-friendly for deeper sleep.

Plus it is also waterproof and made from flocked which keeps its surface dry while to keep sliding, the best air mattress has an anti-slip material underside so to make your bed soft and warmer in cold weather you may also cover it with a blanket.

It is the best sleeping mattress that is perfect for indoor and outdoor activities like camping, traveling, and hiking, in a car, and also you can use it as a temporary bed, and on long road trips. Moreover, it is an ideal bed for personal use and you can also gift it to your loved ones.

This quickly Inflatable air mattress, only took two minutes for the pump to inflate therefore you can inflate it into its desirable firmness. Fortunately, this air mattress has an included storage bag that is ideal for folding and storing the mattress.

This best car air mattress is an ideal choice for kids and adults as it comes with two pillows and two separate pillows which are easily inflated. The company offers you a 365-day warranty so if you are unsatisfied or feel uncomfortable in the bed you can directly contact the company.


This model of KingCamp Car SUV Inflatable is made from polyester which is recommended by 3.0 out of 5 stars customer reviewers. Its dimensions are ‎55.5 x 35.4 x 17.7 inches and its weight is ‎2.63 Kilograms. Moreover, this best car air mattress is backed up by a one-year warranty.

  • Back Seat Air Mattress
  • Waterproof mattress for Backseat
  • Air Pump for easy inflation
  • Contains 2 pillows
  • Portable car camping mattress
  • Bandcamp-Proof Aerobed for Road SUV, Truck, and, Camping
  • Consumers say this mattress leaks quickly

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Buyer’s Guide:

People know mattress buying is a ment. But it’s important for a comfortable night’s sleep. With so many options in the market, buyers get confused about which things to keep in mind. To clear your confusion this buying guide is going to be very helpful for you.

Features and Design:

The most important thing that all buyers need is to look for mattress design and features. The features of the best air mattress may be larger in size, design, color, and many more.

While you are in the market look through the mattress design as the most basic car mattress is mostly rectangular having two supportive legs. Also, keep in mind that many models contain a detachable section that can be quickly inflated. So this design is very helpful for all travelers as it can easily fit into any car.

Size of the Air Mattress:

Remember that an air mattress features different sizes so before buying it you must note the width and length of your car. If you buy an SUV, you must look for an SUV travel mattress. Your mission should not be to buy a big or very small best car air mattress.

Cover Of The Air mattress:

As you know most air mattresses are made using PVC plastic material which can produce a terrible smell. However, if you are buying the best car air mattress consider the inflatable car mattress which the cover stops the smell and makes the air mattress more sound.

Air pump:

Today most air mattresses in the market have a built-in pump air pump or an air pump that you could separate for fast inflation. However, the car air mattresses are not used; they have no air pump to inflate them. Also, remember that an expensive mattress comes with a built-in pump for quick inflation of the bed.


While buying an air mattress look through the number of pillows as most car air beds come with two inflatable pillows. So if you travel with your partner there will be no need for an extra pillow.

Quality Material:

The best Car air mattress is constructed from different materials but remember that not all materials will give you the best experience. The air mattress design for a car traveling uses PVC material. It is a waterproof material that is used in many air mattress construction.

PVC has cycles of inflating and deflating and is the most durable material for an air bed. Moreover, Some products are made of polyester or oxford cloth, which is also a decent material that looks beautiful on a car air mattress and is durable.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are the main types of the best car Air Mattresses?

The best way for making more space for sleeping in a car is using a mattress. A car air mattress is fitted into a car to give a more open sleeping spot. However, some air mattresses are cozier than others.

Can an Air Mattress Adjust in a Car?

Yes, an air mattress is adjustable in a car but you should look about for its size. Thus it is ideal to measure the car’s interior parts and the back portion to get perfect dimensions. Moreover, no mattress has a precise size thus always measuring your car dimensions.

Does Sleeping on an Air Mattress Permanently Cause Back Pain?

Yes, using an air mattress for the permanent can cause pain in the back and the shoulder. So then you will not be able to sleep properly if your spine is out of alignment. Thus it’s recommended to use an air mattress for temporary use and, it would be best to confirm it won’t affect your health.

Is it possible to use a regular air mattress in a car?

Yes, you can use a regular air mattress in a car but remember that only the high-quality SUVs and vans can comfortably adjust to a conventional twin air mattress. Moreover, a mobile mattress is designed for cars that work well for making your sleep a comfortable one.

Let’s Sum Up:

Buying a mattress is a big investment. It’s an ideal choice for making a night’s sleep comfortable. For those who are traveling in a car, the best car air mattress is an ideal solution to provide them with a calm and comfortable sleep. The car air mattress is easily adjustable in the back seat. For those who are new to buying the air mattress, we prefer to choose any of the mattresses from the above-mentioned list of 5 top picks.

Our personal choice for the built-in pump air mattress is the KingCamp Car SUV Inflatable mattress. It is fitted into the back seat and contains a built-in Air Pump. Also, it features 2 pillows and an air Bed cushion.
To know more about our top picks and buyer’s Guide just go up!

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