Organic And Natural Mattress Are They Worth It?


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Did you make your mind to shift to a natural and organic mattress? If yes then you are at the right place. What makes a mattress organic and natural? So basically it’s the materials that are used in its construction like cotton and wool.

A human spends almost one third of his life while sleeping, and sleep also affects our daily life routine. If you are not getting a great recharge time (sleep) it’s likely that sooner or later your body will not support your mind and in consequence you will lose your health. Many people face allergies and irritation from other non-organic mattresses. 

Here comes natural and organic mattresses that are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) verified. These mattresses are made from natural wool and cotton and no synthetic and carbon material are used in these products. 

Our team tested multiple brands like Awara, Green, Birch and Avocado and found more organic and amazing results then other mattresses. These mattresses are more costly than normal ones, and promise you a healthy and peaceful sleep. Let’s have a deeper look at organic and natural mattresses. Are they really worth it?

The Construction Of Organic And Natural Mattress

These mattresses are made from organic wool and cotton and latex to provide the best experience of sleep. These materials are not just enough after the construction process your mattress should also GOTS and GOLS certified, these companies products are based 95% organic. The decomposition of organic mattresses is also eco-friendly.


We got wool from sheeps and it’s hypoallergenic and fire resistant. Wool can provide you warmth when the temperature is low. It’s a natural fiber and can absorb moisture from your skin.

The Latex But Natural

A natural latex is used in these mattresses that are non-synthetic. This latex comes from rubber trees sap, more durable and good not like the other synthetic rubbers. Latex is also hypoallergenic and comfortable like wool and provides an excellent cushion to your body joints.


Cotton is also providing the same standard like wool and natural latex. Cotton is good when your body will overheat during night and it’s also breathable. Rainier areas are good for the growth of cotton, when it is used in mattresses it provides long-lasting, durability and easy to clean properties.

The Importance Of Organic Mattress

There are many reasons that you should buy an organic and natural mattress and do not go for the conventional one. They are healthier, natural and eco-friendly. Read below three many factors of importance of organic and natural mattress.

Better Material

According to experts a human being spends almost 8 hours sleep per night and almost 25 to 26 years in his life. This span of time is important and essential for you so why sleep at toxic items and play with your health and life too. So the materials that are used in these mattresses are toxic free and health friendly.

The Great Lifespan Of Organic And Natural Mattress

Due to its design and construction these types of products can live up to 25 years but with more care and your attention you can enhance it and enjoy it for a longer time too. 

The Chemical Free Property

Organic and natural mattresses are made with natural cotton, wool and latex. No chemical is used in its production, like other non-organic mattresses they used antimony trioxide and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs). This chemical free property is a very important factor while considering a mattress to buy in this polluted modern era.

The Pros Of Organic And Natural Mattress

As you know the awareness of greenery is getting popular all over the world, the go clean and green concept is back. Many peoples around the world are in struggle and in fight to save this planet. You can also make your contribution by choosing the environmentally friendly product and organic and natural mattresses are the one of them. Here I would like to discuss some pros of organic and natural mattresses.

  • According to a survey in the United States around 50,000 mattresses are considered useless and throwaway from home that causes  landfillness. Most of them are made from synthetic materials and causing disturbance for the earth. While an organic and natural mattress will decompose easily.
  • The best combination of supportive latex, and insulative wool provides you the best sleep of your life. Organic fiber allows good air to pass so you will feel cooler in summer and warmer in the cold seasons. A smooth and improved sleep you will experience with this mattress.
  • In their construction there is no toxic element used so organic and natural mattresses provide a healthy free factor also. It sustains and improves your health by maintaining a healthy sleep, it means no allergies and no other irritation you will feel.
  • There is no transfer of movement so you and your partner can sleep peacefully without any disturbance.
  • Organic and natural mattresses are durable then other mattresses.
  • The surfaces of the mattress are pretty supportive for your spine and give you an accurate comfort level.especially for overweight people.

The Cons Of Organic And Natural Mattress

The cons list of organic and natural mattresses are not big; you will rarely find some cons that are worthy and at true bases.

  • The cost of organic and natural mattresses are higher than  other mattresses. You may be charged 2000-4000 US dollars for a Queen size bed. 
  • They are heavy due to its construction and latex material. You may feel some weight than other mattresses.

Be Alert From Scam

Many companies are offering organic and natural mattresses but as you know they are expensive so many brands start doing scams in the name of organic and natural mattresses. So be alert and observe the following parts to get the original product.

Observe The Layers Of The Mattress

There are two types of layers that are generally used, one is Dunlop and the second one is Talalay. So the Talalay required some chemicals in its process while Dunlop does not so go for the Dunlop layers if you want to experience the real organic mattress.

Sides Of Bed

Some brands pretend they are real but they are not. Some mattress support cores contain steel coils which as you know are not organic, and in some cases their only top and side layers are made with organic cotton and wool. Be careful in this situation.  

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ)

What is the lifespan of organic and natural mattresses?

They can last up to 25 years but with more care you can increase their life also. The reason why they last long is due to the organic material that is used in its construction. 

Do organic and natural mattresses have an odor?

No, they did not have any specific odor. You may feel the odor at the time of unpacking after that they did not have any smell.

Should I buy an organic and natural mattress?

Yes, if you want to experience the best and healthy sleep you should buy an organic and natural mattress.

Final Thoughts

The organic and natural mattress can last up to 25 years, it can provide good spine alignment and great sleep. They are environment friendly and improve your health. Sensitive people may experience great sleep if you get easily allergic, you should try natural and organic mattresses because they are chemical free. Hope so you enjoyed our guide about organic and natural mattresses. Are they with it? If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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By Muhammad Asim