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Once Malai said” sleep is the best meditation”. He is right as no amount of chugging liquid or concealer can take the place of a good and sleeper night’s sleep.
Unfortunately a cozy night sleep is not possible with hot flashes. Both men and women suffer from hot flashes but women are prone to this despised situation.

Being a women I know that hot flashes occur due to extra hormone we have in our body, pregnancy, menopause and normal menstrual cycle. These hot flashes keep you awake during the night and prevent you from starting a refreshing and energetic night sleep.

Making thing easy and buy a best best mattress for menopause can help you fall asleep faster and deeper. A best mattress for hot flashes wicks off all the heat and moisture from your body for a comfortable nap.

After detailed evaluation of coaches and users’ reviews we have enlisted the top 5 best mattress for hot flashes that will help you to get out of this uncomfortable situation.

Top 5 Best Mattress For Hot Flashes to buy in 2022:

1.Layla Mattress:

Best mattress for hot flashes

Product Description

Layla mattress is our top pick for best mattress for hot flashes. You will be wondering why it took top place on our list. The reason is that it features copper instead of gel particles. It is scientifically proven that Copper has more thermal benefits and you will notice a great change in your sleeping temperature. This copper mattress effectively diapers heat from your body to keep you cooler and dryer.

Sleepers suffering from hot flashes really enjoy the ventilating and breathing effect of this durable mattress. Additionally it contains a high density memory foam layer that cradles your whole body leaving no body parts out of support.

This America made mattress features a flippable design and highly breathable cover for utmost comfort and coolness. This best mattress for hot flashes comes with 120 days free night trail and 10 years long warranty.

Product Specifications

This best mattress for hot flashes is available in s6 different size which are full(75″L x 54″W x 10.5″T), Twin(75″L x 38″W x 10.5″T), Twin XL(80″L x 38″W x 10.5″T), Queen(80″L x 60″W x 10.5″T), Cal king(84″L x 72″W x 10.5″T), and king(80″L x 76″W x 10.5″T). You can buy it in tight top strikes, natural shade and in medium firm, firm and soft firmness.
Layla mattress is CertipUR US Certified and is free from harmful substances.

  • Flippable between medium soft and firm feel
  • 2 free memory foam pillows
  • Compatible with your foundation
  • A bit expensive
  • Enormous off gassing occur on unboxing

2.Tuft And Needle mattress:

Best mattress for hot flashes

Product Description

Tuft & Needle mattress manufacturer are leading in the mattress world for many years due to their high quality, durable and comfortable releases. One of the best mattress for hot flashes which features a combination of graphite and gel eclectic in with the memory foam for boosting in heat dissipation and improving breath-ability.

It features only two layers of memory that make it neither too cold nor too hot but give a sleeper mild environment for sleeping. Additionally it contains a high density memory foam layer to provide cradling comfort to spine, shoulder and hips for discomfort relief.

It provides an equal combination of contouring and edge support to every sleeper irrespective of their sleeping pattern and body weight. This best mattress for hot flashes is comparable with almost all bed frames, so you don’t need to waste extra penny on a new bed frame purchase.

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Product Specifications

This best mattress for hot flashes is available in 6 different size which are full(75″L x 54″W x 10″T), Twin(75″L x 38″W x 10.5″T), Twin XL(80″L x 38″W x 10″T), Queen(80″L x 60″W x 10″T), Cal king(84″L x 72″W x 10″T), and king(80″L x 76″W x 10″T). You can buy it in a tight top style, white shade and in medium firm, firmness. Tuft & Needle mattress is made in the USA and is CertipUR US Certified.

  • Neither hot nor Cold
  • Sturdy and soft
  • Get 2 standard pillows
  • Reasonable prices
  • Features graphite for more cooling
  • Mild smell on unboxing
  • A little irritating for some sleepers

3.Vibe Gel Mattress:

Best mattress for hot flashes

Product Description

This best mattress for hot flashes features gel infused memory foam that dissipates body heat for a more comfortable night’s sleep. In every sleeping position, the conforming high-density base foam serves to effectively disperse pressure spots by providing surrounding support and responsive comfort.

Additionally it contains Elegant stretch knit cover with quilted fibres, Adjustable Base Friendly and Medium Plush Feel Vibe Gel mattress attributes memory foam, uses a porous, open cell design that allows for greater circulation and complies with CertiPUR-US programme standards for performance, emissions, and durability.

High-quality memory foam conforms to your body while the cool gel regulates body temperature. This best mattress for hot flashes is readily delivered to your door in a box that has been compressed, rolled, and transported for easy setup.

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Product Specifications

This best mattress for hot flashes is available in 5 different size which are full(75″L x 54″W x 12″T), Twin(75″L x 38″W x 12″T), Twin XL(80″L x 38″W x 12″T), Queen(80″L x 60″W x 12″T), and king(80″L x 76″W x 12″T). You can buy it in gel top styles, white shade and in medium firmness.

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  • CertiPUR US Certified
  • Luxurious, stylish and don’t cover
  • Affordable
  • Durable memory foam
  • Not available in narrow queen and split king sizes
  • Unpleasant smell on unboxing

4.Classic Brand mattress:

Best mattress for hot flashes

Product Description

This best mattress for hot flashes features cool hel that adjusts body temperature; open cell , porous design, allows for a greater ventilation and circulation while High-density memory foam harmonizes to your body for pressure relief and comfort.

These two layers provide the ideal comfort and support to go flashes sufferers. Classic Brands mattress provide excellent edge support, motion isolation and firmness to all types of sleeper. Buy it with confidence, as this best mattress for hot flashes comes with a 10 years warranty and 100 days free night trial.

Product Specifications

This best mattress for hot flashes is available in 6 different size which are full(75″L x 54″W x 10.5″T), Twin(75″L x 38″W x 6″T), Twin XL(80″L x 38″W x 6″T), Queen(80″L x 60″W x 6″T), Cal king(84″L x 72″W x 10.5″T), and king(80″L x 76″W x 6″T). You can buy it in tight top style, whit shade and in medium , firm firmness.
Classic Brand mattress is CertipUR US Certified.

  • Adjustable
  • Soft to touch
  • Reasonable prices
  • Not prone to wear and tear
  • Available in 4 different profiles
  • Faint smell on unboxing
  • A bit irritaing for some sleepers

5.PrimaSleep Mattress:

Best mattress for hot flashes

Product Description

PrimaSleep mattresses add great comfort and coziness to night sleep. With it’s gel infused memory foam, this mattress has proven great in hot flashes.  For heat dissipation, ventilation and breathability, this best mattress for hot flashes features gel infused memory foam while for healthy spinal alignment high density memory foam is employed at the base layer.

You can get enough support and coziness from PrimaSleep mattresses irrespective of your body weight and sleeping styles. This best mattress for hot flashes sis made in the USA and is CertiPUR US Certified.

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Product Specifications

PrimaSleep mattress is available in 4 different size which are
Twin(75″L x 38″W x 10.5″T), Twin XL(80″L x 38″W x 10.5″T), Queen(80″L x 60″W x 10.5″T), , and king(80″L x 76″W x 10.5″T). You can buy This best mattress for hot flashes in tight top styles, white shade and in medium firm firmness.

  • Multilayered comfort
  • Affordable
  • Smart shipping package
  • Dira gel infused memory foam layer

  • Only available in 4 sizes
  • Funky smell on unboxing

Buyers Guide:

Each person prioritizes different factors and features in a mattress but the symptoms associated with hot flashes make some features more crucial than others.
Before going through these factors, keep in mind that a memory foam is not at all a good option for hot flashes. Always go for a memory foam mattress that has a blend of latex, gel particles and copper layer.

Ease of movement:

The ability of the sleeper to switch positions may be impacted by which mattresses are easier to move around on than others. Sleepers may feel as though they need to get away from their own body imprints if a mattress is soft, close-conforming, or slow to react to changes in pressure. Due to hot flashes ymptoms, sufferers who frequently shift positions during the night may choose a mattress that doesn’t restrict their movement.

Mattress Type:

The design and components of a mattress affect its overall effectiveness. Every style of mattress has a few features in common that could make it suitable for hot flashes sufferers.

Quality Materials:

A mattress’s performance and durability are impacted by the materials used to make it. High-quality materials typically have a longer lifespan, which can increase the mattress’s useful life. Additionally, several materials have been carefully created to enhance the functionality of the mattress. Got flashers may be especially interested in mattresses that have pressure relieving and/or temperature regulation features.


A mattress contours to a sleeper’s body when they are together. This can reduce pressure accumulation and encourage improved spinal alignment. It may be beneficial for women to have mattresses that conform to their bodies if they are experiencing menopausal-related aches and pains. However, it’s vital to keep in mind that if the materials aren’t sufficiently breathable, some close-fitting mattresses could trap heat.

When choosing a mattress, temperature regulation may be one of the most crucial considerations for hot flashes suffered. The correct mattress can prevent body heat from being trapped against the sleeper’s body while they are asleep.

Some mattresses can also aid in the removal of fluids from the body, keeping the sleeper cool, dry, and cosy. Coil and/or latex-filled mattresses frequently have a chilly sleep temperature. Foam versions have a reputation for being better at retaining heat, although many now have unique features that promote better airflow.

Pressure Relief:

Pressure points may develop as a result of some body parts’ natural tendency to exert additional pressure on the mattress. A person’s hips and shoulders are especially vulnerable to pressure building since they are often bigger and heavier than the rest of their body. Some mattresses transfer the sleeper’s weight more evenly over the mattress surface to ease pressure. A mattress with significant pressure reduction may be beneficial for women who are experiencing hot flashes and body pains.

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Edge Support:

Some mattresses feature reinforced edges to increase the sense of security surrounding the bed. This can increase the amount of mattress surface that can be used by making it easier to sit or sleep close to the edge of the bed. This additional surface area can provide hot flashes sufferers with the room they require to move around to accommodate aches and pains or to cool off during a hot flash.


There is a wide range in mattress costs. While more expensive models can cost several thousand dollars, more affordable options start at approximately a few hundred dollars. Although more expensive options could have stronger materials and more robust constructions, less expensive models might still be cosy. Got flashes sufferers may want to set aside money in their budgets for extra sleeping necessities like a cooling pillow and permeable sheets.

What kind of mattress is good for hot flashes?

Although mattresses can be made of a variety of materials, most models fall into one of the following five categories. Although there may be some differences between specific mattress models, most mattresses in the same category have several features in common.


A variety of materials are used in hybrid mattresses. While the comfort system has memory foam, polyfoam, latex, microcoils, wool, or a combination of materials, the core is formed of coils. This design seeks to combine the advantages of several mattress kinds while minimizing their negative aspects.

Balanced temperature control and pressure relief. Hybrid types typically have substantial comfort layers that offer pressure relief and shaping to aid with aches and pains related to hot flashes. Sleepers who experience hot flushes or night sweats may find that the coil cores of these mattresses allow for sufficient airflow to control the temperature of the sleeping surface.


The sap from rubber plants is typically used to make latex foam, but synthetic and blended varieties are also available. Talalay latex is a popular option for comfort layers since it has a bouncy feel and is typically more breathable. Latex made by Dunlop is often more robust and dense. It can be utilized as a support core or comfort layer.

Without Much Sinkage in the Contour. Because latex has low point elasticity, when weight is applied, it tends to compress over a larger region. Although the manner it compresses minimizes the sinking sensation occasionally associated with all-foam types, it typically conforms well enough for effective pressure relief. This is often compared to floating by sleepers.


The air chambers that act as their support system give airbeds their name. Depending on the model, the chambers may be filled and emptied using a crank, an app, or a remote. For additional comfort and cushioning on the bed’s surface, some airbeds additionally have thin comfort layers.

An airbed’s chambers are typically simple to fill or empty, allowing you to change the bed’s firmness. This flexibility may be appreciated by hot flashes sufferers who are going through physical changes that could alter their preferences for hardness. Couples with varying firmness preferences may be accommodated by air beds since many of them use separate air chambers on either side of the bed.


The two types of foam most frequently seen in all-foam versions are memory foam and polyfoam. Models can be made solely of polyfoam, but for better conforming, many comfort systems add memory foam.

Hug that relieves tension. More hug is typically found in foam mattresses compared to other types of mattresses, particularly those that use memory foam. The close contouring of a foam mattress may be appealing to ladies who experience a lot of aches and pains since it can help disperse the sleeper’s weight to prevent pressure building. Some people also feel comfort in the warm embrace of the foam.

Inner Spring:

The main component of innerspring versions is a spring. An innerspring mattress’ coil core makes up the majority of the mattress, though they may also have thin comfort layers. Mattresses with innersprings are typically viewed as more traditional than other types. They also typically cost less since they have been around for so long.

Because innerspring versions typically have highly breathable coil systems, hot flashes sufferer may be able to sleep cooler at night. Furthermore, comfort layers on innerspring models are typically thin and won’t conform well enough to trap much heat or give off the impression that you’re “stuck in the bed.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a hot flash?

A hot flash is an abrupt feeling of hotness in the upper body, that is most severe in the chest, neck and face. You may feel cold after excessive sweating.

What are the risk factors of hot flashes?

The most common risk factor of hot flashes include caffeine, spicy food, alcohol, menopause, pregnancy, tight clothing and stress.

Does a memory foam mattress lead to more severe hot flashes?

Yes, memory foam mattress leads to more severe hot flashes because memory foam has the potential to trap heat between your body and mattress. According to a recent survey, 15% of users reported that memory foam mattresses cause them to overheat. Therefore one should avoid memory foam mattresses if he or she is suffering from constant hot flashes.

How to reduce heat trapping in a mattress?

Unfortunately we can handle the retention of memory from to retail heat but we can tackle the situation by adding a cooling topper, pad and new sheets.

Let’s Sum up:

In the above list of 7 best mattress for hot flashes Vibe and Layla mattresses are the coolest mattresses that could greatly add utmost comfort to hot flashes sufferer’s.

The most affordable on this list are Vibe Gel and Prima Sleep. In fact, these all best mattress for hot flashes are durable, long lasting, soft, breathable and provide optimal support and comfort to the sleeper.

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