7 Best Crib Mattress Under $100


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With a little budget can we buy a budget-friendly, comfortable, and best crib mattress under $100? How much should we spend on the best affordable crib mattress?

All babies spend more time sleeping in bed, mostly 18 hours. For their comfortable sleep, a crib mattress plays an important role. Most mattresses cost over $80 to $600. But if you have a limited budget and are searching for the best crib mattress under $100 then we are on the exact page.

In this well-written blog, we have explained our top best crib mattress under $100 from well-known brands that you can trust. When buying a new crib mattress remember that the price of the bed does not matter the quality yet look for quality, shape, style firmness, and materials.

The 7th selected crib mattress is the most affordable on the list.

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Top 7 Best Crib Mattress Under $100 to buy in 2022:

Our top 7 best crib mattresses under $100 are affordable, skin-friendly, waterproof, durable, firm, comfortable, and highly supportive to your baby.  Along with it, a buyer’s Guide is mentioned at the end through which you can easily find the things that everyone must keep in mind before buying the best affordable crib mattress. 

1.Graco Premium Foam Crib & Toddler Mattress:Best Crib Mattress Under $100



The Graco Premium crib mattress is labeled with a Greenguard gold certificate meaning that it has been tested for more than 10,000 chemicals, toxic, le, a,  and VOCs. Moreover it also got the status of Certipur-US assured crib foam which indicates it has high-quality material, is durable, and emits zero VOC.

The cover of this crib mattress is soft and waterproof. For your ease it is removable and machine washable so you can easily remove the cover for washing. In addition, it offers 6 years limited warranty, a breathable surface, and ideal firmness for a toddler so it will keep your toddler sleeping longer.

Alongside it is preferred to keep your mattress for 72 to expand its full size.  This best crib mattress under $100 is designed in an awesome way that easily fits a full-size toddler and crib mattress frame. Before buying a new crib you must measure your baby’s weight so according to that look for the standard crib mattress.


The size of this crib mattress is 52x27x5 Inch which means a pack 1, dimensions are 52″L x 27.62″W x 5″T, and white in a color foam mattress. This best crib mattress under $100 has 7 pounds weight that is a firm mattress for a baby. This mattress is made by Graco’s brand with the model name Graco Premium Foam Crib & Toddler Mattress. This crib mattress under $100 has 4.8 out of 5 stars customer reviews.

  • GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US assured foam
  • Adjustable to the  standard full-size crib mattress frame
  • Machine washable, breathable, and water-Resistant top cover
  • Packed in a box
  • Ideal firm mattress  for baby

  • A polyurethane foam

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2.Sealy Baby Flex Cool 2-Stage Airy Crib Mattress:


This mattress is the best 2- stage crib mattress for infants, as it provides a firmer side for infants while for a toddler it offers a soft side. Alongside a flexible layer is present that properly contours your baby’s body and provides enhanced support.

For excellent firmness, this mattress has been adopted with high coil counts that are so durable and prevent your mattress from sagging and sinking. Moreover, for proper support to your infants and toddlers, it distributes your baby’s weight to all areas.

It has a soft cotton, waterproof and breathable cover that protects the mattress and keeps your baby sleeping longer. This crib mattress has low chemical emissions, therefore, it has been proved from all the required tests that it uses highly nontoxic and flame retardant materials.

 All foam and mattresses of  Sealy Crib are manufactured and designed in the USA. And fortunately, it offers a lifetime warranty so you can confidently buy it for your toddlers and infants. If you want to enjoy a proper reshape crib mattress then it is good to leave it for 24 – 72 hours. Also, make sure that in summer it quickly expands but in cold weather it will take more time, so keep calm until it fully expands.


It is a two-stage foam mattress suggested for a baby with 51.63″x27.25” size and 27.25″L x 5.75″W x 51.63″T dimensions and white color. It is a memory foam mattress and contains coils. This is a plush mattress that is adjustable for a baby. It is made by Sealy’s brand. This crib mattress under $100 has 4.8 out of 5 stars in customer reviews.

  • Waterproof mattress
  • 2 stage dual air firmness
  • High premium coils
  • 2 stage crib mattress
  • Anti-sag steel bar
  • Lifetime warranty on material

  • Poor packing

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3.Dream On Me Honeycomb Orthopedic Crib Mattress

Best Crib Mattress Under $100


For ideal support, the orthopedic firm fiber crib mattress is the best choice as it has a firm base that is made from fiber core to offer targeted support to your babies. Being a mini crib mattress it comes with Greenguard Gold Certificate to assure that it has passed all the lead, nontoxic, and flammability tests.

This durable and best crib mattress under $100 is designed for the standard crib and portable crib mattress, also keep in mind it is not featured to fit all standard crib mattresses. It is a durable mini crib mattress designed with an instant cover that protects and keeps it fresh. Alongside the cover is removable and machine washable for your convenience.

All mattresses of Dream On Me are manufactured expertly in the USA and contain eco-friendly and safe material. In addition, this mini crib mattress offers 2 years warranty.


This crib mattress is designed for a baby with  Size38x24x3 Inch, dimensions 51.5″L x 27.5″W x 5.5″T, white color, and 2.5 Pounds weight. It is a mini crib mattress that has memory foam construction with extra firmness. This mini crib mattress is manufactured by Dream On Me’s brand with the model name On Me, Sunset 3” with 4.6 out of 5 stars customer reviews. 

  • Waterproof top
  • Mini Crib mattress
  • Green Guard Gold Certified
  • Extra firm mattress
  • Easily clean with wipes
  • A Vinyl Cover

  • Become saggy after use
  • Not designed for standard cribs

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4.Dream On Me 2 in 1 Mini Crib:



This mini crib mattress is a 2-in-1 mattress meaning one side is white and covered with breathable material for infants while the other side is waterproof for toddlers. These two Certi-Pur certified foam layers expertly circulate the air and offer enhanced comfort for infants and toddlers.

This crib mattress has a healthier surface for babies and is topped with vinyl and a waterproof cover that is easy to clean with warm water and mild soap. As it has a 38L x 24W x 3H inches dimension so it easily adjusted to the standard mini crib and portable mattress bed frames.

This crib mattress is proudly designed in the USA and it’s confirmed from all flammability and lead tests that the materials used in its construction are of the best quality. Being a memory crib mattress it is addressed to allow your mattress for  72 hours to reshape and regain its original quality. Also, keep in mind that its expansion in winter might take longer than in summer.


This best crib mattress under $100 has the size 38x24x3 Inch,dimensions38″L x 24″W x 3″T, and white color. It is constructed with memory foam and contains continuous coils with plushness. It is manufactured by Dream On Me brand for babies. This affordable mattress has 4.6 out of 5 stars customer reviews.

  • Easy to clean and wash the cover
  • Fits mini crib and standard size portable
  • Greenguard Gold assured foam
  • Best dog bed
  • Nontoxic and healthy surface

  • Take too much time for expansion
  • Not fitted to all standard crib mattresses

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5.Dream On Me Baby Fairy 5” Foam:

Best Crib Mattress Under $100


The Baby Fairy 5-inch Foam by Dream on Me is the best crib mattress under $100. As this mattress is highly durable and made from good quality material with 52” L x 28” W x 5” H dimensions for babies. Although it is plush yet has a breathable surface that keeps your baby sleeping longer. Being a crib mattress is easily fitted to all full-size cribs and toddler mattresses.

It has a soft waterproof and stain resistance that can be easily removed and at your convenience, you can wash it in the machine too. To protect the mattress from harmful, nontoxic materials and fire it has all flammability and lead tests to assure the surface is safe for sleeping. Moreover, it is also labeled with the Greenguard Gold certificate. For your conscience, it comes with a 7 years warranty so you can buy it with surety. 


It is a 5-inch crib-size foam mattress that has 52″L x 28″W x 5 “T dimensions and a baby fairy dust color. This best crib mattress under $100 is firm, made by Dream On Me brand with the model name Baby Fairy Dust. This 5-inch foam mattress has 4.7out of 5 stars customer reviews.

  • Reasonable price
  • Highly quality foam
  • Easy to wipe and wash
  • Contains fireproof fiber
  • 7 years warranty
  • Contains fireproof fiber

  • Too firm mattress for some babies

6.Delta Children Serta SleepTrue Mini Crib Mattress:


The Sleep True Mini crib mattress is very affordable so you can easily buy it for under $100. It is an ideal supportive crib mattress for infants and toddlers as it contains a high-quality firm fiber base that is manufactured from upcycled plastic bottles to provide a healthier sleeping surface for a baby to enjoy a longer sleep.

Alongside it is manufactured from healthier nontoxic material so it’s 100% free from germs. Being a crib mattress it also has a hypoallergenic, waterproof, easily cleanable cover that is made from durable Vinyl. It is an adjustable mini crib mattress that easily fits all portable cribs and mini cribs but is not fitted to standard bed frames.

This mini crib mattress is known for its nontoxic and skin-friendly material because it has passed all the required flammability, CPSIA, and lead tests. Therefore it is also a labeled with GREENGUARD Gold certificate.


This crib mattress had Size38x24x4 Inch, 3.9 Pounds weight, and 38″L x 24″W x 4″ T dimensions. It is a firm mattress for babies with white color. This affordable crib mattress is manufactured by Delta Children’s brand with the model name Sleeptrue.

  • Premium fiber core
  • Ideal support for a baby
  • Waterproof and hypoallergenic top cover
  • Fits most mini crib frames
  • Greenguard Gold assured mattress

  • The mattress contains PVC.
  • Not designed for standard cribs

7.Dream On Me Carousel mini crib and toddler mattress:

Best Crib Mattress Under $100


The Dream On Me mini crib mattress is the best mattress under $100. It has a stylish cover with taffeta embossing on the top cover which can be easily cleaned with warm water and mild soap. For safety, this mini crib mattress is certified with  Greenguard Gold which indicates it has passed all flammability tests and catches no fire. 

Fortunately, this crib mattress offers 10 years warranty and it is expertly manufactured in the USA. You can buy this mattress for toddlers and infants as it is nontoxic materials and has an excellent base for your babies which is adjustable to almost all standard-size cribs and toddler mattresses.

For airflow and circulation, this mini crib contains pocket coils allowing fresh air to rotate all the surfaces. Moreover, it is covered with a waterproof top for protecting the liquids and stains.


It is a crib-size mattress with 51.75″L x 27.5″W x 6″ T dimensions, white color, and a weight of 6 pounds. This best mattress under $100 is firm that is constructed with foam by On Me’s brand. It is an adjustable mattress for adults with model name6E6CL. It got 4.6 out of 5 stars in customer reviews.

  • Waterproof  cover
  • Offers 10 years warranty
  • Greenguard Gold Certified foam
  • Ideal base for baby
  • Breathable Mattress
  • Affordable crib mattress
  • Firm feel
  • Too firm feel for some babies

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Buying Guide 

Below, we’ve mentioned important factors that you need to consider when purchasing the best crib mattress under$100. These tips will be much helpful in making your decision easier for buying a new crib mattress. 


Although memory foam is a little heavy, it can fill the mattress’s body. Most parents like memory foam mattresses with medium to plush levels. Parents also look for nontoxic materials therefore they prefer mattresses made from organic and natural materials.


Look for a medium to a firm mattress. The crib mattress should be thick and firm enough to support your baby and prevent sinking. 


If you need a waterproof  Crib mattress then look for a mattress that contains nyl or polyethylene on its top area. As these materials are water-resistant to keep the mattress moist and free.

Healthier surface

All organic mattresses have a healthier and hypoallergenic surface. If you are looking for a healthier surface mattress then choose the best organic crib mattress.


Before choosing a crib mattress, measure the size of your baby. Then choose according to your baby’s size and weight. Moreover, the size of standard crib mattresses is 3 feet by 2 feet but first, be sure to buy the one that fits easily in your infant’s space.


To prevent your baby from excessive heating, look for a breathable mattress. The crib mattress must be breathable to maintain the temperature and make the air in and out easy for a baby.

 Safety Standard 

Before buying a crib mattress must confirm it should pass safety standards like the CPSC and ASTM. These standard certificates show the mattress will protect your baby if it deflates.


If you want an affordable crib mattress then look for the best crib mattresses under $100. Mostly cribs cost $30 and $600 but if you are budget conscious then buy an affordable crib mattress that suits your baby’s comfort.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best crib mattress under $100 to buy?

The Best Crib Mattress under $100 are Sunset 3” Mini Crib, Baby Fairy 5” Foam, 2 in 1 Mini Crib, SleepTrue Mini Crib, Cool 2-Stage Airy, Carousel mini crib, and  Premium Foam Crib.

How thick should a crib mattress be?

A standard thickness of a crib mattress for toddler is generally six inches. A 6-inch is perfectly thick for infants and toddlers that provide enough support and comfort. This standard type does not take too much place there if it is easily fitted to most baby cribs. 

How long does a crib mattress last?

Generally, crib mattresses are designed to last up to fit five-five but if you properly care for your crib mattress then it might take a long time to work. Moreover, the memory foam mattresses due to low density do not stay firmer for a long time while the inner springs mattress due to high density works well for many years.


We explained our top 7 best crib mattress under $100 in this detailed blog. A crib mattress is an important thing for babies to sleep on and most babies spend 18 hours sleeping in the bed. Therefore they need a comfortable and supportive bed. If you are also looking for the same thing then scroll upward and choose the best crib mattress under  $100 according to your desire for your baby  These crib mattresses are affordable -friendly, affordable, waterproof, durable, firm, comfortable, and highly supportive to your baby.


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