7 Best Air Pump For Mattress


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Inflating and deflating an air pump for matters can deplete your lungs therefore you are googling for the best air pump that can quickly inflate your mattress.

Well to make your search easier we have rounded up our top 7 picks in this article through which you can easily find the best air pump for mattresses.
The best air pump for a mattress is the best solution for inflating the bed.

It can be used both in houses for overnight guests and outdoor activities like camping and hiking. Some of the mattresses have a built-in air pump and come along with a free carry bag so that after you fully deflated your mattress you could keep it in the carry bag.

So are you ready to go through our top air pump for mattress shopping? The below describes the best air pump for a mattress that has been selected after 10 hours of continuous search on different websites.

 Top 7 Best Air Pump For Mattress To Buy In 2022:

Following are our top best air pumps for mattresses so you can choose according to your needs. In addition, we also have mentioned the specification, pros, and cons of each best air pump for the mattress.

1. Etekcity Electric Air Pump:

best air pump for mattress

If you are searching for the best electric air pump for proper inflation of your mattress then you must read the given description.


This best electric pump for easy deflation and inflation has been designed with sharp-fill and high pressure. For your convenient pumping, it inflates and deflates quickly with the power of 130W and 0. 55 PSI (3800 Pa), which causes higher inflation as compared to other hand pumps on the market.

This quick inflated air pump assumes a long Alternating current power with a cord length of 1.6M/5.3ft and contains 3 different sizes of nozzles that are S (0.28”), M (0.68”), and L (0.71”) which can be easily inflated according to your desire.

It can be also used by kids as it is a lightweight pump that can be easily boxed and shipped in a little size 4. 7 x 3. 7 x 4. 5 inches. For reducing the sound of this air pump it has adopted a wheel design that quickly reduces the sound and it works best even for last-minute mattress setup.

For saving your time and energy this electric air pump quickly operated. As it deflates and inflates the mattress very quickly. We recommend using this Etekcity air pump only for the inflation of the mattress, pool toys, swimming ring,  and not for balloons, yoga balls or tires, etc.


This is an electric air pump that has a black color from Brand’s Etekcity.
It has weight1.05 Pounds and dimensions of LxWxH4.7 x 3.7 x 4.5 inches that contains Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material.
The customer reviews on this air pump are 4.6 out of 5 stars.

  • Very easy to use
  • Best air pump for blowing or polling
  • Lightweight pump
  • Best air pump for matters
  • Easily inflates the air mattress

  • Became hot so quickly
  • So noisy pump.

2. SLEEPLUX Inflatable Air Pump Mattress:


For people who are searching for an air pump with an air mattress. For them, this durable inflatable mattress furnishes a restful night’s sleep. This queen air mattress is constructed with I-Beam having 3 layers which are durable for keeping the mattress inflatable and maintaining the admirable firmness for the whole night’s sleep.

This built-in pump of the air mattress inflates and deflates very quickly without any effort. For perfect inflation, it pumps fully with only a single lift of the button. In addition, the air pump won’t let the mattress lose so sleepers can sleep soundly.

This air pump mattress has a USB port for easy charging of the pump so you won’t need to find the nearest outlet. We recommend keeping your phone charged while sleeping so that the USB works its best.

A super construction of this mattress is a healthier sleeping surface for proper sleeping and spinal alignment so it’s the best mattress for back pain. Because a core of mesh polyester lies in between the PVC durable layer which relieves your shoulder pain and back aches.

This air pump along with an air mattress comes with one year of guarantee and it contains everything that you need for perfect sleep while camping. In addition, one bag for easy storage with one repair kit for rip or accidental punctures is provided for camping. This air mattress is topped with a 76″ x 56″ surface for napping that is designed with one pillow.


This is an inflatable air pump with a Queen mattress. The mattress has a medium firmness filled with Polyvinyl Chloride. This air mattress with pump is made by SLEEPLUX having Dimensions80″L x 60″W x 22″T, a product package weight of 90.7 kilograms. The Model Name of this mattress is ‎SleepLux. It is built with a Queen 22″ AC Pump. This air pump for mattress has 4.3 out of 5 stars customer reviews.

  • Not perfect size foam for some sleepers
  • Provide a one-year warranty.

3. Etekcity Electric Air Pump Air Mattress:

best air pump for mattressDescription

This long-lasting rechargeable pump comes along with an air mattress. The battery of this air pump is long-lasting and performs high inflation. You can easily charge the battery with a 5 V DC type-C USB cable.

Along with that, the matrix can easily be inflated with an airflow rate of 370 L/min and with a pressure rate of 0.6 psi / 4136 Pa, it indicates that you don’t have to wait long for an air mattress.

The air pump contains multiple nozzles such as a small nozzle of 0.27-inch, a medium nozzle of 0.35 inches, and a large nozzle of 0.69 inches that it also has a vacuum storage bag having a 1.3-inch nozzle.

This air mattress has a dimension of 6.0 x 4.3 x 3.8 inches so it indicates that it can be easily stored in the backpack while camping. Along with that the pump easily inflates and deflates your mattress, tools and toys, and many more.

This air pump mattress is very easy to use as it can only put the nozzle on the inflater of the deflator port and just on the pump. We recommend not using this air pump while charging and for product pumpings like balloons and tires.


This electric air pump comes with an air mattress from Brand’s Etekcity. The mattress has white color and the pump contains Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material with an electric corded. It has an airflow of 370 LPM capacity. The customer reviews of this product are 4.6 out of 5 stars.

  • Very easy to use
  • Quickly inflated and defaulted
  • Potable pump for full inflation
  • Easily chargeable

  • Too noisy pump
  • Get hot quickly

4. GoFloats Rapid Inflation Air Pump:


It is a rapid manual inflator air pump that blows the mattress even in a few seconds. The pump has been adopted with dual action performance so it quickly out the air while pumping. As this air pump contains a high air valve due to the presence of four adapters.

This GoFloats Rapid Inflation pump works manually so it is a great product for campers because they need an easily inflated and deflated pump.
This air pump can be easily handled by people of all ages and kids.

Along with that, you can buy this pump and it provides a one-year guarantee.


It is a manual air pump that has Package dimensions of L x W x H ‎18.2 x 11.1 x 4.6 inches, package weight of ‎0.91 Kilograms, and product weight of 2 pounds. It is the best air pump from ‎GoFloats’s brand having red color and down materials with a manual model. The customer reviews on this air pump are 4.4 out of 5 stars.

  • The pump is easy to use.
  • Inflatable quickly
  • Great pump for pumping
  • A handy tool for kids

  • Notch to slide.

5. Intex Quick-Fill Air Pump:

best air pump for mattressDescription

Well if you are searching for an electric pump that can easily inflate the mattress this Intex Quick-Fill is the best pump for your preference. The Intex Quick-Fill Electric Pump is the electric power pump for campers a s both a standard 12V outlet plug and a quick travel plug.

It contains 3 interconnected nozzles that keep this pump compatible. In addition, it has a 12 V DC powerful adapter for charging the vehicles and 12 DC for inflation and deflation of charging.

It has a battery charging indicator that automatically charges the pump and also comes with an easy carry handle. The nozzle can be easily fitted to almost all sizes of valves.

The pump has an Air flow capacity of 650L/min which can be used both for indoor and outdoor activities.


It is a black quick air pump made by Intex’s brand having package dimensions of L x W x H ‎5.75 x 5.67 x 4.96 inches and packages weight of ‎0.5 Kilograms.

It comes with the model name Intex -Quick-Fill™ 120 Volt AC Electric Pump with a product weight of 0.1 kilogram and product dimensions of LxWxH5.6 x 5.6 x 4.9 inches. The customer reviews on this air pump are 4.6 out of 5 stars.

  • No warranty
  • The battery lowers quickly.

6. Active Era Air Mattress with Built-in Pump:


The Active Era air pump mattress has a built pump that can be easily inflated and blown up to 60″ x 80″ x 20” dimensions. For comfort and support, for restful nights the mattress is raised by 17 inches from the floor and it is adjusted with 35 structured coils for air circulation.

For proper comfort and super support, this queen air mattress has an extraordinary 3-inch high-density pillow that will align your spine and will support your neck with a pump within 3 inflating this queen air mattress to its firmness.

The durable mattress design with additional thickness is topped with a water-resistant flocked layer for comfort and durability. As the air mattress contains Vinyl so it can be Automatically stretchable.

The built-in flipping of the switch will quickly deflate the mattress for easy storage and shopping. So then you can store this deflated mattress in your handy bag for traveling.

For protection from scratches and stains, the mattress is featured with 15 gauges of puncture-free material. In addition, For perfect firmness, we preferred inflating the air mattress for a few minutes before reaching its final shape.


It is made by Active Era’s brand, a mattress built-in air pump for Inflation. The mattress is a Premium Queen firm that is made from Vinyl having Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎15.75 x 14.57 x 7.87 inches and a package weight of 7.74 Kilograms.
This best air pump mattress has 4.2 out of 5 stars in customer reviews.

  • Easy to  setup the pump
  • The air pump inflates the mattress quickly
  • Best comfortable mattress for camping

  • Some customers complain the mattress is not the exact size.
  • Only one year warranty

7. EZ Inflate Air Mattress with Built-in Pump:

best air pump for mattressDescription

An inflatable luxurious mattress for camping with a pump, inflated within 2 minutes so you can get to sleep easily. It is also the best mattress camping for a heavy person for camping that can support a weight of 330 Lbs.

This mattress is topped with an excellent soft flock and premium and can be inflated up to 16-deadheads designed. It has a coil beam expertly designed for proper comfort and support so you can enjoy a relaxing sleep as it pumps up the air into your mattress for comfort.

In addition, the mattress is constructed with standard coils for air circulation so that you can enjoy a restorative night’s sleep with the perfect level of comfort and stability.

For prevention of water resistance and air leakage, it is manufactured with a puncture-resistant PVC and waterproof top.

The mattress comes with a free carriage bag for sharp camping and traveling and can be inflated and deflated for camping and outdoor activities which quickly deflate when blown up that measure 76″ x 38″.


This EZ inflatable mattress with an air pump is made with Polyvinyl chloride having Twin size. It is a water-resistant mattress with dimensions of 75″L x 39″W x 16″T which is topped with PVC flocked. The customer’s reviews on this product are 4.4 out of 5 stars.

  • Waterproof PVC top mattress
  • The mattress has a Build pump
  • Super luxurious air pump mattress
  • Puncture resistant PVC
  • Free carriage bag

  • Might rip on the edge support points
  • No valid two-year guarantee
  • Can be leaked easily

Buyer’s Guide

Below are some tips that you should keep before buying a new pump for an air mattress.

Look for the Rechargeable Possibility. Checking for the rechargeable possibility is ideal because most campers do not camp in powered camp areas. Since a rechargeable air pump doesn’t require electricity, a rechargeable air pump is the best option. Most of our top air mattress comes up with a rechargeable pump.

Look for Powerful Beast:

Looking for the powerful beast is a favorable idea. If you are using an air mattress for overnight guests or camping then you must buy a more powerful air pump that can quickly inflate the matter within a few minutes.

Buy a 12 Volt Charging Option:

While buying an air pump, you must check that it has a car charging kit for pumping. Because it is a premium bonus for campers.

Check the Noise level:

If you are looking for the lowest sound pump then an air pump should be your prime consideration but if you like a high noise level pump then buy any accessible pump.

Check the Multiple Nozzle Attachments:

Must check the nozzle. We preferred to buy an air pump that must have at least 3 attachments to catch up to several size air bed nozzles. Mostly all our top picks have three nozzles attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it necessary to switch on the air pump all the time?

After you use the air pump then it must be switched off because it can close the filtration procedure. Because even if it is off its purpose is to only maintain the filter running rapidly so it protects sufficient oxygen in the tank.

Why does the air pump for the mattress make a louder sound?

As we know all air pumps make a louder sound, so the main reason is the worming of the diaphragm. Because after quick pumping for inflating the thin rubber of the diaphragm might start breaking that can lead to a louder sound.

Final Thoughts

From the above-given description, we can conclude that an electric or battery-operated air pump for a mattress can ease your life. Because these air pump mattresses can be used both for camping or hiking and for indoor overnight guests. All built-in pumps are affordable and can be easily handled because they are extremely portable, lightweight, and small.

To know more about better air pumps for mattresses go up and choose the desired air mattress pump.

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