Top 7 Best mattress under $400


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Top 7 Best mattress under $400

Is your mattress old, uncomfortable, creaking, or slumping?

We all want a comfortable and good mattress but at some point, we realize that the best mattress is a necessity and luxury for everyone. Buying a good mattress sometimes seems a hard task but as you know life seems to be tough without no sleep on the bed every night.

You need a comfortable mattress because sometimes the coils inside the mattress may hit and irritate your body while you are sleeping in bed.

It’s not good for your health to sleep on a slumping mattress, so, therefore, you need to buy a killer, nice and fluffy mattress that makes you feel comfortable and satisfied.

It is obvious that nobody wants to spend a big amount of money on a necessary mattress, so you need a good mattress at the best affordable price. For a mattress buyer, the big news is that inexpensive mattresses under $400 do exist.

If you’re searching for a good mattress for your sleep, we have a few good choices for you, but you may be suspicious about their insurance, warranty, construction, or durability.

In such conditions, customers don’t want to spend thousands of money on a mattress that is not beneficial or may become slumped after a few years, also they don’t want a cheap mattress that isn’t relaxed and reliable either.

If your mattress is cheap, old, and slumping, and you are in search of the best mattress under $400, we have prepared a detailed guide on mattresses for different firmness and material description, and specifications so that you can get the one that suits your particular sleep and comfort under $400.

Benefits Of Using Best Mattress Under $400:

Using the best mattress under $400 may be appropriate based on the pros and cons that include this type of model.


If you need to feel refreshed and cooled without strolling around at night, the best mattress under $400 may work well and is best for your needs and satisfaction.

If you are searching for something that can facilitate you to stay cool and refresh all year round, a quality model from this price range should also be adequate for you. Moreover, These mattresses are managed to have a bunch of ventilation which is premium in the summer months.


If you are looking for long-lasting products, it may be worth buying one of these mattresses instead of going for an inexpensive one that will not last for a long time. In addition, many of these mattresses can deliver you nicer support when you are sleeping, so you will not feel the pain when attempting to sleep on the best mattress for a longer time.


If you are worried about how long your mattress will work best then these mattresses are worth considerable rather than just searching out the cheapest ones at your local store and marts. Our mattresses usually come with a five to ten-year warranty which is much more reliable and better than what you normally buy for less than $400.

Top 7 Best Mattress Under $400 to Buy in 2022:

Buying the right and affordable mattress for under $400 can improve a huge difference in your capacity and proficiency to get a better night’s sleep. The right amount of support can avoid pressure points and help you wake up feeling cooled, refreshed, and ready to tackle the day. So we have rounded up the most inexpensive mattresses in our best mattress that costs under $400.

Following are the best affordable mattresses that are best to keep your body comfortable.

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1. Signature Sleep Memoir 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Top 7 Best mattress under $400

If you are looking for a mattress that gives all the satisfaction of a high-quality mattress at a good price, you should consider Signature Sleep’s Memoir 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, which is the best mattress for under $400.

It has two sheets of memory foam and one sheet of help foam. this mattress is designed to give you pressure relaxation and satisfaction so that you can prepare to sleep quickly and remain sleeping extended through the night.


This mattress is brought out of certified foam, that is available for any destructive emissions, poisons, or chemicals. The mattress furthermore appears with a triple-layer material covering, which enhances the mattress’s stability and breathability.

Signature Sleep foam bed is ideal for those of you who are staring for considerable protection without losing any assistance no matter what period of the year it is.


With its responsive memory foam that will fulfill your body’s remarkable structures, you will nap soundly throughout the night without fearing arising in the daylight with a body or short body. This mattress is organized with a smooth and fastened cloth cover and it can give growth to any bed extra safe.

It is prepared without any phthalates, so it is relaxed for you and your household. The assurance on this mattress can work best  for 10 years. All around, this is a pleasant cool mattress that can encourage you to get a favorable night’s sleep.

Product Information

This king-size mattress from the Signature Sleep brand is a Construction Type Memory Foam and it is a firm Item. The thickness of this product is 8 Inches, its weight is 53.7 pounds, and is available in white color.

The Dimensions of this mattress are 80″L x 76″W x 8″ T which is best suited for adults. The model name of this mattress is Memoir 8″ Memory Foam Mattress. The customer reviewers on this mattress are 4.3 out of 5 stars.

  • Encourage your night’s sleep
  • Smooth and fastened cloth cover
  • Soft knit cover

  • No removable and non-washable cover
  • Live And Sleep Classic Memory Foam Classic Mattress

2. Live and Sleep Memory Foam Mattress:

Top 7 Best mattress under $400

Foam mattresses have been a staple in our neighborhood for a long time. It is simple to utilize the regular foam mattress, it is just its relief.

However, if you are gazing for something better, more impressive, and worth your stock, also probably Live And Sleep Classic Memory Foam Mattress is the advantage you’ve been studying for.


The profitable thing about the bed is that it gets a 20-year guarantee where you can refund it if it performs and meets your goals, no problems expected! This is not all – this mattress further enters with a 30-day trial.

The mattress is formulated to be sleep-friendly. When you fabricate down, you won’t think of anything. You will almost feel comfortable and completely relaxed without any pains or discomfort. The smooth foam fabrics conform to the core and give comfortability.


There is a thick sheet of 2.5″ reward Visco memory foam on top which fulfills your body structure and modifies the patterns of your body upon turning in. On prime of the 2″ air-flow instilled conversation foam is a sheet of the high-density help source.

The bed is manufactured with relief and breathability in a sense, so you can determine your body’s temperature and be skilled to sleep comfortably.
It’s so pleasant that you may not just want to wake up in the daylight.

  • High-density foam
  • Manufactured with relief that is skilled to provide comfortable sleep

  • Less thickness
  • Non- washable

Top 7 Best mattress under $400

3. Zinus Ultima Comfort Spring Mattress:

Top 7 Best mattress under $400

If you’re noticing the nicest mattress that won’t crush the mound, then Zinus Ultima Comfort Spring Mattress is an incredible choice.


This mattress emphasizes Pressure Relief Comfort Foam and Coil Stole Springs to give you great comfort and adjustable for all physique kinds while surviving come throughout the full night. This foam is CertiPUR-US Certified, you can relax clearly about its stability and achievement.

This mattress is planned to give you the comfortable sleep you need every night.

It contributes supreme relief by building help for your body, effectively decreasing any tension levels affected by enormous or nodding mattresses. The 10-year insufficient warranty is accurate if you’re anxious about the prematurely severing down of your Zinus Ultima mattress.


Utilizing this mattress’s foam and Coil technique, you can appreciate a motionless sleep without realizing somebody’s action on the distinct side of the mattress. The notion technique will remain strict for years to come and regulate your body arch, providing you with supreme comfort.

Product information:

This is a twin-size mattress with a 10-inch thickness and with a weight of about 76.57 pounds, medium-firm, and available in short queen color. It has a 10 years warranty. The customer reviewers on this mattress is 4.3 out of 5 stars.

  • Developed to maintain your cool
  • Action privacy dominant coil
  • Various help with coil and memory foam
  • Contributes Supreme relief
  • Regulate the body arch
  • Pressure-relieving foam
  • Smartly shipped

  • Not enough thick
  • Non-machine wash

4. Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze 12 Inch HD Gel Memory Foam Mattress:

Top 7 Best mattress under $400


This mattress contains all the qualities that a nicer mattress contains. It has a four-layer memory foam layout, refreshing gel, 20-year guarantee, But what brings it the ruler of mattresses.

It is a kicks mattress all on its own merits, it’s specially composed to help with a flexible source, which is the length of mattress residue. You’re not gonna discover a nicer bed for the rate of just a formal old basis. Expand its capacity to modify (you have to purchase a flexible base separately) and you have a bed that settles the rest of the doubt.


This mattress is a quad-Layered, 12″ Cool Breeze gel memory foam mattress with 3″ GEL memory foam constructed with Sleep Cool Technology Foam. It is a higher-density memory foam for durable base construction that is designed to help with the mattress’s lifetime.

This is designed for awakening, being refreshed, and energized for bright mornings. It is a free standard 1-5 and business day shipping. It comes vacuum-sealed and loaded and shipped rapidly to you for easy and effective setup.

This is a 30 years limited warranty– Mattress only that has four-layer memory foam in all its merit, that keeps your body real and relaxed and is best for your comfortable sleep at night.


This medium fitness which is perfect mattress for the side sleeper, back sleeper, and stomach sleeper.


It has a luxurious cover of white and dark gray, to have that new modern sleek look, fire barrier, zipper cover, machine washable, and is adjustable bed friendly. This Medium Firm body is perfect for the side sleepers.

Product Information:

This full-size mattress is a dynasty mattress and it is constructed with foam. It has a medium-firmness. The weight of the item is 70 pounds and is available in white brown color. Its dimensions are 74″L x 54″W x 12″T. The consumer reviewers on this mattress is 4.3 out of 5 stars.

  • Perfect for back, side, and stomach sleepers
  • Vacuum sealed
  • Covered with a luxurious cove
  • A four-layer memory foam
  • Luxurious white cover
  • Designed with sleep cool technology
  • Machine washable
  • Very firm and fluffy

  • Extremely flexible
  • Produces deep heat

5. Rivet Supportive Pressure Relief Memory Foam Mattress:

Top 7 Best mattress under $400

Career is staring for a mattress for yourself where you care for one under $400, you might be admired to learn the nicest amenity mattress. The issue is not simple to reply to because various numerous kinds of details distinguish the aspect of mattresses.

Anyhow, Amazon Brand – Rivet Support Pressure Relief Memory Foam Mattress is a considerable option for your fund. At initial look, the mattress may notice like any different formal recollection foam mattress.


The distinction is that we’ve organized this for those who need a stronger help technique but need to realize all of the relief that appears with a memory foam organization. This foam has a mid-level of firmness with a type of memory foam.


The foam we adopt to establish this mattress is complete, and it empowers the nation with a middle level of firmness. The two elements function jointly to build the exact variety of softening and help for optimal stress comfort throughout each night’s sleep series. In addition it also is a best mattress for back pain. 

Product Information

This Queen mattress is Type Memory Foam from Rivet. It is medium-firm with a weight of 66 pounds and is available in gray color. The product dimensions are 80″L x 60″W x 10″T which is best suited for adults.

  • Support to lift and align your spine throughout the night and relieve pressure
  • The memory foam layer provides support
  • The fabric features increase oxygen delivery to your cell for a better night’s sleep
  • Experience deep and restorative sleep
  • Help for optimal relieve
  • Adjustable base

  • Extra soften mattress
  • Non-machine washable

6. Revive Series 2 Queen Mattress:

Top 7 Best mattress under $400


We expanded our best-priced series mattress collection so that you should not lose sleep over the price of good sleep.

This limit starts with our simplest series twin mattress and continues with 4 more mattress degrees that include additional assistance, solace, and comfort features all are available at unbelievable and undefeatable values. They come with verification and a warranty that lasts up to 20 years.


This mattress is made from an innerspring that is best for back sleepers as it provides support assistance to your back. It is a firm mattress with no flips.

Product information

The dimensions of this product are 60″W x 80″ D x 7″ H and the package dimensions are 60.0″W x 80.0″ D x 7.0″H with a weight of about 45 lbs. This mattress is queen size with a maximum height of 7.00. It is available in white color with casual traditional style, made from fabric with cotton and polyester blend.

  • Best for back sleeper
  • Inner Spring mattress
  • Certified warranty

  • No adjustable base compatible
  • Cannot be rotated or move
  • Not compatible with adjustable bed frame

7. Chime Innerspring 8″ Queen Mattress:

Top 7 Best mattress under $400


A queen-sized mattress that handily fits standard beds that are designed for conscious sleep with a traditional coil feel. It has a high-density quilt foam for extraordinary comfort that can be quickly and easily set up exactly out of the box. It is a best mattress  for heavier person.

Product information

The dimensions of this mattress are 59.84″W x 79.53″D x 8″ H, and the package dimensions 11.5″W x 11.8″ D x 64.3″H. This queen mattress has 68.8 Lbs weight and an 8-inch height that has a traditional style and is available in white and black colors.

It is made from fabric and foam and is firm 2″ HD foam, 13 gauge Bonnell Coil unit, and HD Pad. It has an adjustable base and is tight with top- tight.


This mattress is a specification that is an innerspring mattress that is recommended for 350 Lbs weight. It can be rotated or flipped that is prepared for mindful sleep with a traditional coil. The mattress ships in a box that takes 48 hours for your mattress to fully expand after opening

  • Easily fits standard beds
  • Produced for mindful sleep with a traditional coil feel
  • High-density quilt foam for great comfort

  • Timely and easy format to set up

  • Cannot rotate or move
  • Not machine washable

Buyer’s Guide

The best mattress is the right option to choose a satisfactory and comfortable sleep for yourself. These best mattresses always come in many various types based on their reliability, firmness, and softness that including memory foam, latex, innerspring, and hybrid.

It needs to be noted that these mattresses are best for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers and last much less time than extra costly models, but they are however eligible to furnish sufficient support for sleepers and provide a nice sleep at night.

Keep reading to discover more about the best mattress under $400, their advantages, specification, benefits of mattress under $400, and things to consider when buying the best mattress for your tight sleep at night in a comfortable condition.


Finding a decent mattress under $400 may not be as difficult as it appears. Our top best mattress can make your search a slight easier. Fortunately, you still have some choices when you’re trying to buy a mattress that will give lasting support without fully soaking your bank account.

The cheap price doesn’t always mean low and cheap quality, but be confident to use the sleep trial and send your mattress back if it doesn’t help and work for you. Whether you need to sleep on your side, stomach, or back; with an elegant cushion pillow top or firmer feel; at room temperature or extra-cool, various choices are awaiting. Shop now and admire the sleep of your dreams once you make your ideal mattress home.

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