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A hybrid mattress combines the multiple comfort of memory foam layers with traditional pocketed coils for a range of slumbering position and body sizes. Also called combination mattress, include a wide range of materials like cotton, cashmere, gel infused foam, polyurethane foam and latex.

Sleeping on hybrid mattresses gives a totally different sleeping experience than other type of mattresses. You can feel a bouncier feel of pocketed coils along with contouring support of memory foam. This combination of bounces and support make sure that you sleep well and deeper.

There are many hybrids available on the market. Some are of low quality while some are of high quality. In this guide we will go through top 7 best hybrid mattresses under $1000. These mattresses are known for their high functionality, durability, comfort and support. It also becomes very difficult to choose from a wide range of hybrid mattresses. To get you out of this confusing situation we have tailored a detailed buyers Guide Guide to cut down your chase at the end of the article.

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Top 7 Best Hybrid Mattress under $1000 to buy in 2023:

Hybrid mattress is the combination of coils and memory foam layers that are intended to provide a bounces support and comfort. Following are 7 best hybrid mattress under $1000, that are all durable, long-lasting, breathable and studded with excellent motion isolation and edwg support.

1.Lucid Best Hybrid Mattress under $1000:

Best hybrid mattress under $1000

Product Description

Lucid Best Hybrid Mattress under $1000 is one of the leading brands in the mattress. world. It features durable and reliable pocketed steel coils for pressure relief, comfort and targeted support. Natural and high quality mattress is topped with plush memory foam for the perfect combo of sink and spring.

This  is perfect for those who want a hypoallergenic and breathable mattress along with high contouring support of memory foam. Two toned and stylish finish which is taperless. This best hybrid mattress under $1000 is suitable for all sleeping position and body sizes. This is one of the best mattress for body pains and aches. After purchase if you aren’t satisfied with the comfort and support of the mattress, you can return it in 100 days.

Product Specifications

Although Lucid mattress is available in six different sizes but only call king and king falls under $ 100 category All other: twin, twin XL, Queen and full cost less than $ 500. You can buy this best hybrid mattress under $1000 in tough top style, white color, medium firmness and 10 inches and 13 inches profile. The mattress is CertiPUR US Certified and it comes with 10 years warranty.

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  • Free from harmful substances
  • Reasonable prices
  • Soft and breathable
  • Comfort that you can’t resist
  • High quality materials used
  • The mild smell on unboxing

2.Nod Hybrid Mattress:

Best hybrid mattress under $1000

Product Description

Good night sleep is compulsory for physical health. We spend third of our life on mattresses. One should not compromise on his sleep quality. If you are searching for a high quality durable mattress, then Nod hybrid mattress by Tuff &Needle is right here for you.

For utmost comfort and pressure relief, this best hybrid mattress under $1000 feature adaptive foam, slow recovery foam, pocket coils, base foam and luxurious knitted cover. The recovery foam minimize the responsive effect of mattress while the adaptive foam contours sleepers body.

The springs are responsive it not too firm while the foam is supportive but not too don’t. With these features Nod hybrid mattress provide targeted support to each inch of body to relief pressure and discomfort. Additionally it contain gel infused memory foam for enhanced separation and coolness.

The Queen size mattress comes with 100 days free night trail, 1o years warranty.

Product Specifications

Nod matters queen size dimensions are 80″L x 60″W x 10″T. The mattress is available is white shade, medium firmness and tight go style. This best hybrid mattress under $1000 price is $849.9 and it’s ASIN and model numbers are B07RRW4L19 and MAT-NODH-01-Q. Buy it with peace of mind as it is CertiPUR US and Greenwood Certified.

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  • Prevent painting
  • Free shipping
  • Reduce sqeak and motion isolation
  • Lucurios and premium comfort
  • All safe and durable
  • Sleep cooler than ever
  • The mild smell of unboxing

3.Good life mattress:

Best hybrid mattress under $1000

Product Description

Good life mattress by Dr. Oz is also one of the best mattress under $1000. This durable mattress offer responsive comfort and support to every type of sleeper. It features Individually encased steel coils and plush memory foam. Coil and memory foam provide the right amount of comfort and support.

Additionally silver infused bamboo charcoal keeps you cool and fresh. For more cooling effect and dry nights, this best hybrid mattress under $1000 features gel infusion. The gel infused memory foam pulls off all the heat from surrounding and protect you from falling into the breach of sweating. Dr Oz offers 100 days of free night trail and 10 years long warranty.

Product Specifications

This best hybrid mattress under $1000 is available in 6 different styles which are twin, twin xl, king, queen, Cal king and full. Dr. Oz provide 1 inches, 12 inches and 13 inches profile. This best hybrid mattress under $1000 can be purchase in gel hop style white shade and medium firmness.

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  • Sleep cool and clean
  • Infused with silver
  • Premium comfort
  • Hybrid technology
  • It is not available in narrow queen size
  • The faint smell on unboxing

4.Zinus Mattress:

Best hybrid mattress under $1000

Product Description

Zinus is known for its excellent durability and long-lasting comfort. Zinus mattresses come in a variety of options. It is best of all sleeping patterns irrespective of body weight. You can get the utmost comfort and support with reasonable prices. It is also one of the most adjustable beds which is compatible with many bed frames. It comes with 100 days free night trial and 10 years long warranty

Product Specifications

Zinus mattress is available in two, twin xl, king, queen, full, and cal king.

  • Best for all sleepers
  • Durable and reliable
  • Soft and breathable
  • The loamy smell of unboxing

5.Amazon Basics:

Best hybrid mattress under $1000

Product Description

Amazon Basics is the best Hybrid mattress under $1000 that features pocketed coil, gel infused memory again and foam. The Individually-encased steel coils provide a bounce to prevent sinkage in the mattress. While the bel j fused memory form regulates body temperature for cooler and dryer nights.

This best mattress under $100 alleviates pressure pressure points on each inch of body resulting in no body sches and pains. Moreover the Individually-encased steel coils ensures better airflow and edge to edge support. With an excellent motion isolation, you not be disturb by the turning and tossing of your partner.

We highly recommend this best hybrid mattress for all type of sleeper for maximum comfort, support and cool less

Product Specifications

Amazon Basics queen size mattress falls into best hybrid mattress under $ 1000 category. Amazon Basics Mattress is made in the USA and is CertiPUR US certified. This best mattress under $1000 comes with 100 days free night trial and 10 years warrenty.

  • Not prone to wear and tear. suitable for all type of sleepers
  • Soft an sturdy
  • Cooler night sleep
  • Free from chemicals
  • Faint smell on unboxing

6.Signature Sleep Mattress:

Best hybrid mattress under $1000

Product Description

No matter what is your fit, you need a comfortable and relaxed night sleep. This is what Signature Sleep claims. And we must say their claim is right. Signature design sleep mattress provide elegant comfort as support to the sleeper irrespective of their fit.

For a comfortable night sleep this best hybrid mattress $1000 perfectly moulds to your body. For balanced support and pressure alleviation, signature sleep mattress redistribute body weight in eqalual proportions. For motion isolation that mattress core is made of coils that make sure that you can’t be disturb by your partner movement.

With individually encased coils ad premium knitted cover it imparts sleepers that right combination of coolness and berth ability at night. Plus for edge to edge support or features 4blayers high density memory foam. We highly recommend this incomparable and best hybrid mattress under $ 1000 to all of our readers.

Product Specifications

This best hybrid mattress under $1000 is available in king, queen, full and twin. Each size is designed on 12 inches and 13 inches profile. Signature sleep mattress can be bought in gel top style, medium firmness and whit color.

  • Alleviates pressure points
  • Fire retardant barrier
  • Breathable
  • Dampens motion
  • Suitable for all body sizes
  • Shapes to the body
  • Only available in 4 different sizes
  • The funky steel of unboxing

7.Signature Design By Ashley Chime:

Best hybrid mattress under $1000

Product Description

Signature Design By Ashley Chime is powered 13-gauge wrapped coils packed wrapped steel unit for structured support for edge support. Additionally it contains gel infused memory foam for aeration and high density foam base for pressure relieving and support.

You will love the contour, coolness and support of this best hybrid mattress under $1000 whatever your sleeping style and body size is. This mattress provide the best combination of restorative and responsive feel. If you are facing problem in legs, hips, or back, this mattress can really ad comfort to your bed.

This highly durable and reliable mattress use CertiPUR US materials. Signature Design By Ashley Chime comes with 100 days free sleep trails and 10 years long warranty. This best mattress under $ is CertPUR US Certified.

Product Specifications

The King size mattress by By Ashley Chime falls into best hybrid mattress under $100. The mattress dimensions are 75″L x 17″W x 79″T. It is available in Euro top style, white shade and plush and firm firmness.

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  • Fits most of King size beds
  • Pressure relief
  • Sturdy and esfofafive
  • Durable for all body size
  • Breathable and soft
  • Faint smell on unboxing

Buyers Guide:

With false and deceptive marketing content, shoppers often find it difficult to choose best hybrid mattress under $1000for them. Many bedding brands claims that their matters is best for all type of sleeper nd body sites but that’s not true.

To avoid this discrepancy we have mentioned some leading aspects that must be part of your mattress to avoid bad investments

Sleeping position:

Your sleeping position determines how much support as comfort you will get from a particular mattress. Side sleepers are more prone to pressure build up on shoulder and hips so they need a softer mattress while back and stomach sleepers feel comfortable in foam mattress. So many types of hybrids are available so you can choose the ones hat beat suit your personal preference.

Body weight:

Like sleeping position, body weigh also influence the comfort and support you get from hybrid mattress. According to sleep petite sleeper feel comfortable in a softer mattress while heavy weigh people feel cosy in form mattress.


For many people people is the driving factor I mattress shopping. Don’t worry as there many mattresses that falls in low price categories. These mattress are not only affordable bit also provide excellent quality of sleep. Still if you are not in position to but even a cheapest mattress, go for mattress topper

Motion Isolation:

If you are a combo sleeper or sleeps with your partner, then mattress with significant motion isolation is crucial. But a mattress those that have the ability to protect you from the turning and tossing of your partner.

Quality materials:

High quality material mattress are more durable and comfortable than low quality material mattress. High quality translates to high prices. The prices are high because high quality mattresses, pads and toppers features extra and durable material that adds to the price of mattress. These mattresses lasts much longer than low quality materials.

Firmness level:

The level of firmness you need in your mattress all depends on body size and sleeping position. Some people like medium to die mattress while other prefer totally plush mattress. Hybrid mattresses are offered in wide range of fitness levels, so you can easily choose the one that fits your needs.

Temperature Regurtaion:

The ability of a particular mattress do retain or disperse off had depend entirely on it’s construction and the material used.
All hybrid mattresses features cooling technology laws that prevent you from running hot and uncomfortable.

Edge support:

Hybrid mattresses have higher edge support than memory foam mattresses. The structural integrity allow sleepers do get easily in and out of the mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid mattress?

Some of the advantages of hybrid mattress include: reduces motion transfer, promise otes airflow, provides body-conforming, pressure-point relief offer, extra support and bounce, Provides extra support and bounce ,and comfortable for all sleeping positions. While the shortcoming of hybrid mattress are they they are expensive due to added materials heavier and may sag quickly due to tension on coils.

What is the difference between hybrid and Innerspring mattress?

The main distinction between them is of design. Although both consist of coils but Innerspring comfort layer is thinner than Hybrid comfort layer. From head to toe structure of hybrid mattress, it provide more support and comfort to the sleeper. Moreover hybrid mattress are more heavy and expensive due go multilayered designs and use if many materials. Hybrid mattress provide both comfort and contouring support while inner spring is only intended to offer responsive and restorative feel to the sleeper.

How long does a hybrid mattress lasts?

This type of mattress features a comfort layer of latex, cotton or any other material and pockets coils that make it more durable than memory for mattress. Doe average, hybrid mattress lasts for 6 go 8 years. The life soan of hybrid mattress is associated with how it is been used and what materials are employed in the coil construction of the mattress. For example a mattress that is made of high quality material will lasts longer than a hybrid mattress that is made up of low quality materials.

Lets Sum up:

Above mentioned 7 best hybrid mattress $100 are selected for you after 42 hours of research. We not only consider the piece but the conforming and contouring features of each mattress for good investments. The above 7 best hybrid mattress under $1000 got the highest positive reviews on amazon,  and Walmart.

We hardly found any negative review about Zinus and Good life mattress. It means user satisfaction rate is much higher. The Nod mattress by Tuft & Needle is the most luxurious one while the Ashley Chime and Signature sleep are the cheapest ones on the market We highly recommend to but on the best hybrid mattress under $1000 from the above list.
Choose wisely, and leave better!

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